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End of Month Spending/Savings

May 31st, 2006 at 05:59 pm

Dining out:$182.64
Clothing:$236.23 Frown
Auto Maintenance:83.61
Personal Items:$26.04
CC Debt:$265.00
Home bills: $
-phone $110.16
-celluar $221.05
-water $43.08
-cable $140.62
-uitlity $117.38

3 Responses to “End of Month Spending/Savings”

  1. boomeyers Says:

    How many cell phones do you have? Do they have free long distance? That seems very high to me.

  2. veronak Says:

    I have two one my sister never oaid her balance on and the other I can talk all I want but if I leave a certain area like going morth of the county I live in when it doesn't work

  3. Joe W Says:

    I see room for a lot of improvement, especially if you want to save for that new car (though I'd go for a cheaper "used" car) a lot quicker. Right now you're plodding along and hamstringing yourself.

    These areas need to be addressed:

    (1) Cable: $140 - I'm assuming this price also includes high-speed internet access - if not, shame on you. $140 is just too high. Cut back to regular cable and one (1) premium movie channel. FYI: All the premium movie channels have one new movie premier that they show every Saturday night - that's 4 new movies a month for $12 - you're throwing your money away. Trust me on this you won't miss them and your bank account will thank you. You can cut this charge down to $60 and still pay for high speed access at $45 (total of $105) which means you save $35 a month or $420 a year!

    (2) Telephones: $110 on top of $200 for cell phones - that's over $3600 a year. You should either cancel the home phone/land-line and just go with the cell phones or just go with the home phone/land-line. (If you must have a cell phone make it only one.) You'll save hundreds each year. Trust me before cell phones you and the rest of the world survived just fine.

    (3) Groceries look O.K. but could be better for only one person. The $180 a month on eating out is too much. It's not like buying a physical asset you can use over and over again and eventually sell to recoup some of the cost. Once you're done with a meal that's it....

    Sorry if this sounds too harsh but I just hate to see someone who is trying her best to save for a car/house/pay-off debt sabotage herself with the cable bill etc.

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