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All expenses paid

June 28th, 2006 at 05:39 pm

Ok just entered my paycheck into my register not including the part-time job'spay and paid all bills even extra on the cc's. So here we go

$75.00 EF
$30.00 Misc Account
$20.00 Personal Account
$20.00 Eduction account
$20.00 IRA
$25.00 Challenge/New home account
$134.54 lights
$40.00 water bill
$20.00 Tithes/offerings
$40.22 on CC 1 ( bal: $1944.32)
$40.00 on CC 2 (bal $871.00)
$40.00 C-phone #1
$52.00 C-phone #2
$39.85 Cable

Previous balance on CC:$2895.54

1 Responses to “All expenses paid”

  1. arg1211 Says:

    So you paid all your expenses this month with the income from just one of your jobs? Congratulations! That's awesome. Big Grin

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