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Paying down the cc

October 28th, 2006 at 05:15 pm

Well I checked my statements online and the interest on the cc are pain. When you think are making some head way you gwet a bill and there it is the interest. Anyway I paid extra on the CC ($28.24) brining my new total to $2255.91 from $2265.58 all in the game of interest

1 Responses to “Paying down the cc”

  1. ifeel100 Says:

    Yup, those interest charged on us really painful & eyes sore too... I was paying 210, jst 4 the interest on my CC tis month.

    Thanks 4 ur comment, it was nothing. Im Malaysian, RM2k converts to US dollar only 600 bt tis aledi 80% of my salary. 0_o

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