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No spend day

January 21st, 2008 at 04:53 pm

Today was a great MLK day, I did not leave the house and just slept, read a book and watched a bunch o old movies starring Sidney Poitier who is one of my favorite actors. In addition, I paid $2 on the cc.
There was no mail today and I was waiting on a check from the college for $400 refund which I need to pay on the CC, hopefully it is there tomorrow

He only thing I can complain about is that I can not wait until I move into my own place for just a little I mean just little privacy. My mom gets in her moods where she just opens my room door and it bugs me, not only that I wanted to try and study today and she sits in the living room which is near my room on the phone and that drives me crazy. No matter how many times I ask her not to that, she as this thing that this is her house and she will do as she pleases

I am praying that this is my year that I am able to buy

4 Responses to “No spend day”

  1. MarianneJ Says:

    I'm with ya girl! We live with my parents also and are dreaming of a place of our own! Smile
    The good news is that we are able to save a ton now because they do not charge us anything to live here (we buy groceries and make dinner, do our own laundry, etc). ..and they are on vacation for 3 weeks so we have the house to ourselves!

  2. Nic Says:

    Maybe you can rent until the day comes when you're able to buy. I understand the privacy thing. My SO and I never invite adults to stay w/us. Yet,we love having our teen and pre-teen nieces and nephews spend time with us.

  3. veronak Says:

    Nic I thought about renting except that it will set me back a little towards home ownershipFrown I do live here free; just pay the light, cable and water bill so the money I was paying for rent I normally add to the challenge/debt and since I bought a car last year to add to my troubles... I want to get that debt down as well
    I guess I should not complain beacuse it could be worst

  4. Aleta Says:

    I know that it is difficult but that could be your incentive to save more. My son used to live with us and I know that it was difficult. It's good for you to speak out on these issues because I'm sure that there are alot of parents here on this forum that need to hear what its like for children to live with them. Thanks for sharing.

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