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April 30th, 2008 at 06:34 pm

Today was payday and I paid my cell phone, car note and internet bill; and it seems like I am broke again. Cell phone was extremly high because people keep text messaging and I have asked that they not do that so I am going to have to take action and have them blocked. I paid an extra $100 on the car, I figure if I do that I can get the principal down before I apply for the home mortgage. I am also going to apply for refinancing today to try and get a much better rate. $30 went to EF, $50 to house fund, $50 to IRA and $10 misc. account
This months spending...really bad this month
Expense Categories
Automobile : Car Payment $276.78
Automobile : Gasoline $171.10
Automobile : Maintenance $55.00
Automobile : Supplies $11.90
Bills : Cable/Satellite Television $71.53
Bills : Cellular (May included) $175.53
Bills : Electricity $118.19
Bills : Online/Internet Service (May included) $122.03
Bills : Telephone $41.23
Bills : Water & Sewer $44.84
Charitable Donations $60.00
Clothing $46.48
Dining Out $68.30
Education : Supplies $0.80
Gifts $9.13
Groceries $149.61
Healthcare : Eyecare $106.99
Healthcare : Prescriptions $15.00
Household : Furnishings $4.99
Household : supplies $6.87
Leisure : Books & Magazines $14.00
Leisure : Newspaper $1.25
Miscellaneous $431.27
Personal Care Unassigned $19.28
Personal Care: Dental suplies $8.97
Personal Care: Feminine Products $9.66
Personal Care : Hair $85.00
Sales Tax $10.91
School Supplies $4.08
Taxes : Federal Income Tax $429.67
Taxes : Medicare Tax $62.14
Taxes : Social Security Tax $265.67
Total Expense Categories $2,898.20

7 Responses to “Payday”

  1. treasureinheaven Says:

    Bravo to you for having so much self-discipline to stick with your plan.

  2. orchid Says:

    Just have the text messaging feature removed from your plan. That's what I did. It really adds up.

  3. boomeyers Says:

    They should'nt call it payday, they should call it "gone in 60 seconds!!"

  4. reflectionite Says:

    does it cost for people to text YOU? in australia we only pay to send them.

  5. SkyeBlue Says:

    I'm not a habitual user of my cell phone and I use a "pre paid plan" and at .15 for each message, plus the $1.00 fee per day when I DO use my phone it was really eating up my time when people (who I had asked many times not to text me) would text me, since you can't tell who they are from til you read them. I've just gotten know where I ignore them then delete them en mass.

  6. koppur Says:

    I hate that with the text messaging. I have text on my phone included in my plan, but most of my friends don't, so I just make it a point not to text them. Can you remove the texting feature all together on your phone?

  7. veronak Says:

    Yes Boomeyers it cost m e to receive text message and I have placed a call to cancel that service

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