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Totally Forgot

January 4th, 2009 at 05:15 pm

I totally forgot that my sister asked to borrow $300 for her rent until Friday... she gets on my nerves with that $%%@# gosh. Last month she called and my uncle ended up lending her the money and now she's calling again. Why did she move into a place that she could not afford? Her and my BIL separated and she had been saying for a while that she was going to file for a divorce so why not look for a place in case you have to live on your own in which you can afford? And my BIL he is so pathetic how she ended up with him only God knows. Now he has his things in my storage you think that he would call me and say here is a few dollars? Nope, but the only reason why I have not called him is because before they moved they allowed me to store my things in storage but I have a trick for him. I am going to start buying things for my new house so that when I finally move I won't have to worry about anything and the first thing I am buying is a bed so he can get his crap out

Anyhow went to the gym so a buck was added to my cc challenge

washed my own hair but I have no money to add to the challenge for doing so but when payday rolls around I am adding $35 to the house fund

2 Responses to “Totally Forgot”

  1. Koppur Says:

    Oh Sunshine...more sister finance issues....you hadn't mentioned her yet so I was hoping things were all straightened out... Frown

  2. Aleta Says:

    Your sister does not have an incentive to change because your family is her hind catchers. It is not your problem that she makes these mistakes. It is alright to help someone who is truly in need but not when it becomes a regular situation.

    My husband lent his brother money a few months back and was told that he would get it back the following month. I can't tell you the strain it has put on their relationship.

    If we wanted to help someone out, we have two sons that could sure use our help. The older sons hours just got cut down to 24 and the other son is currently out of work. These are lean times and you have to protect your principal. Meanwhile, you are losing interest on your money every time you lend it out.

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