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Off to a great start

January 3rd, 2012 at 05:24 pm

It was a really good day today, I added a ton of money to my challenge. A total of $99.89, whooo hoo Smile

Here is how it breaks down:
-$2 Breakfast (Added to the challenge/EF)had breakfast at home
-$2 Lunch (Added to the challenge/EF)packed my lunch
-$2 Dinner (Added to the challenge/EF) had left overs
- $9.18 (Added to the challenge/EF) because I received my mileage check and I am going to always add 10% to my challenge/EF
-82.71 (Added to the challenge/CC) this was added because I received my mileage check and decided that I want to pay off CC1 before January 31st

I can't wait to get the money back for my for my new
glasses I will pay off CC1 because I'm paying interest and will take my time paying CC2 because its interest free for awhile and I can focus on those which I am paying interest.

1 Responses to “Off to a great start”

  1. ccraw Says:

    You are off to a great start for the year! Go Amber Go!!

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