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God works in mysterious ways

February 10th, 2012 at 06:35 pm

Okay I was a little nervous about withdrawing the $950 for the deposit on the new place, I really didn't want to empty my EF that I worked so hard to build up since November. Actually I was trying to wait closer to the date to move in and when my tax return was to be deposited but I said to Hell with it and took the money out .

I'm glad I did, for one my landlord/friend was really happy. Two, I got my keys early so I'm able to clean the place and clean out my storage early. Lastly, I was able to talk to my friend about keeping the electric and water in her name that way I wouldn't have to pay a deposit.

The reason why I said God works in mysterious ways is that, I receieved my mileage check today ($290) and deposited it right into my savings. Usually it takes close to two weeks for me to receive my check but this time just a few days Big Grin so rather than my EF being more than less than half of what I started with this year its about half that amount and once my tax return is deposited I will be a little bit over than what I started with.

Unfortunately it will take me a little longer to pay off CC1 but that's okay

On a different note my crazy mother had my sister to call me to ask if I paid the electric and water bill. My sister was like "y'all need to stop that" I said to her she needs to stop because I'm in the next room from my mother and she is the idiot for making the phone call.
Thank God I'm getting from out of here

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