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Cash Envelopes, Software and Other Stuff

August 9th, 2019 at 08:04 pm

Just updated my MSMoney software, added my cash to my envelopes and the only thing left is to meal plan.

I sort of fell off with the meal planning so I’ll be back at it, on Sunday.

I came home tonight and was absolutely overjoyed with how clean 🧼 my patio looked. Everything was in its proper place. Nothing was left out. It honestly made a difference in my mood.

Tomorrow is a busy day, first it’s a hair cut, then brunch and lastly a good friend’s birthday bash. Sunday, it’s back to church and meal prepping.

I tried finishing up my patio pillows tonight but my sewing machine 🧡 started acting up so I stopped. Hopefully I can get these pillows done soon.

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