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September Update

October 1st, 2019 at 05:38 pm

September updates

The following categories decreased:
* Cable by 28%
* Dining out $71%
* Groceries 54%
* Household 94%
* Personal care 82%

Net worth didn’t decrease by much, still negative, but at least there was a reduction.

Overall on my committed expenses (e.g loan, mortgage) I came in under budgeted by $1,103.74 or 14%.

Odd report shows only $50 added to retirement, I need to double check this.

1 Responses to “September Update”

  1. rob62521 Says:

    I imagine if you continue with your decrease in your categories like food, cable, and household, it will free up money and you can put in more for retirement. Years and years ago before I knew about retirement, there was a small bank that I had my Christmas Club in. They let me open a savings account and I could deposit as little as $1 in it here and there. So anytime I had some extra money whether it was $1 or maybe $10, I would put the money in that. When I started my first year as a full time teacher, there was a strike, and I was so glad to have that extra money (it was a few hundred) to pay bills. Once I got through that and could go back to saving, when I finally saved $1000, I opened up a small IRA. I felt like I had at least made a start. So, as good as you have been about getting rid of debt, I bet yo will do equally as well when you free up money and fund your retirement.

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