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Finally payday

August 17th, 2006 at 12:13 pm

Finally we got paid I had to add the C-phone and cable bill to cc in order to make one transaction.

So here we go:
paycheck (after taxes)899.29
Deposited the following:
$75.00 EF
$30.00 Misc
$20.00 IRA
$50.00 Personal Acct

Paid the following:
$65.87 Cable
$64.32 C-phone1 (paid in fulls, 1st time in a while)
$270.10 CC1
$20.00 Offering to church

Difference $304.00 in which I added to checking account 1 for any misc bills that may come up, that way I do not have to use the CC or transfer from EF

2 Responses to “Finally payday”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Weren't you going to pay off your school charges plus some extra on your CC? You paid $270 and your books were over $300. I'm not mad, just trying to hold you accountable. I want you see you pay off that CC!! You can do it. That $500 in your EF is great!!! Maybe for awhile it can just stay at that amount...unless there is a real emergency. An extra $175 that you put in all those accounts would sure be helpful to pay towards that CC. Just thoughts. Good luck, Amber!

  2. veronak Says:

    Yeah you're right Creditcardfree, but CC1 is at 33% and the other is 14% so I figured next next month when the bill is due I will pay it off (the books) in the mean time pay down the high interest card. Again I thought about not adding to my EF account but I just so nervous about that, since I racked up cc debt when I did not have money set aside. Thanks for the post...I am think about what you said

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