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No New Watch for Me

February 17th, 2018 at 05:40 am

I'm at work and my coworker is talking about how he just bought this watch (making payments mind you) and how this watch can do everything, you can even have the face, for a price, changed into a brand name item, like Gucci or Louis Vuitton.

Normally, I'd be all over it looking and saying that's nice, even considering buying one but this time I thought how stupid and a waste of money. He even talked about how he had bought a new phone. It took everything in me not to say anything.

Later he brought up the watch again, when it was just he and I, I told him what a waste, you just wasted a part of your retirement and some of your kids college tuition.

The next day, he's talking about this watch trying to justify his purchase, he goes on to explain that men have to have things that make them feel good. I told him, he owes me no explanation and that he can do whatever he liked with his money. I said to him, when you look at how you spend your money, you see what's important to you, and that having nice things, brand names etc are important to him. However being debt free and retiring early are important to me. Neither is better than the other, it's just ones perspective. I apologize and went back to work.

My goal is to pay off two more CCs 💳 and start my 401(k) contributions back up at 8%.

I'm struggling right now because, as soon as I bump my sinking fund, something happens, car repair, tooth and it's back down. I know that I should be using the EF but I just don't want to. I feel good about paying cash for things.

I'll be finishing up my taxes today. I'm looking at about a $1300 refund, I really wanted to throw it all at CC4 but, car insurance is due and my sinking fund is low, so I have to use a part of that money for the car insurance. Plus, I have to fix my tire rod(?) that's another $200 maybe. So all in all I'm looking at maybe just over $700 on CC4. This sucks.

However, I can keep budgeting each month my car insurance, pay $1000 on CC4 knocking it down to about $850 and keep $300 for the tire rod. If I take this route, rather than starting the process of paying the car insurance every six month in April, I'll start in October. I think this option gives me the most satisfaction because I've knocked this CC down, and that's where my motivation comes from, seeing that debt going goodbye.

Oil Change Savings

December 2nd, 2017 at 05:34 am

Budgeted $65 for an oil change, had a coupon for 3k miles for $19, total with disposable fee is $24.03. I figured even if I got an oil change in another 3k miles it's still cheaper than what I would have paid for the 5k mike oil change.

$41 is left over and I know I should be adding all to CC3 but I'm dividing it up three ways, 10% to the EF, the next 10% to the sinking fund and the rest on CC3

Here is the break down
$4.10 EF
$3.69 sinking fund
$33.21 CC3

New balance on CC3 is $960.05. 😊

I know I know but I keep hearing my dad say, "Amber, what ever money you get, put a little up, even if it's ten dollars. Once you see it get to a certain point you're not even going to want to touch it." He did something right, retired early, rental property etc.

Update to this post, ugh.
Just was told that there are a number of things wrong with my car 🚗 . I need to replace the timing belt, gasket, mounts, and some miscellaneous stuff. Total estimate is $1,020.73, over my EF 😡. This I'm sure is accurate I haven't replaced any of the things mentioned before.

I had to take $25 out of another envelope because the place where I got the oil change did not have change. I guess everyone uses credit cards 💳 . Well I went to Walmart to get change for a $100 and was told by the cashier that she could not open her till. I purchased a pack of gum, then returned it so I could get the change and boy was she mad. Oh well no need to spend money on an item I don't need.

I'm putting off the car repair until January. Only reason is that I'm due a two percent raise that will be retro'd back to July, the end of this month, and I should see a couple of hundred dollars. Murphy sucks but hey. Just glad that I will be able to cash flow the repairs vs using a credit card. I've got to look for coupons on the repairs and maybe get an estimate elsewhere. As I'm typing this Jack the mechanic at the shop hands me his card and says he does side jobs if I'm interested. That made me feel a little better but I don't know.

Oh and the $30 spent on the game that the SO was to give me his $15, well he's not going because he's working today and I never got my $15. Lesson learned, get your money up front.

Patience + Budgeting = It Works

December 1st, 2017 at 02:33 am

I'd budgeted $65 for an oil change, glad I waited until the next budget period to do this. Tire Kingdom sent me a Black Friday coupon for $19 plus $3 for a disposal fee. It's 3k but hey, I can add the extra $40 saved to CC3. My goal is to get a job much closer to home so that I can reduce the maintenance on my car.

God is right, patience pays off. Everything I've waited to purchase until I've budgeted for it, the price has reduced. It's hard but I read something that said, stop waiting on the elevator and take the stairs.

DW's Tough Love

November 3rd, 2017 at 07:42 pm

Thanks to DW's tough love I decided not to hit Target up this Sunday. We have enough meat to last this week coming for dinner so no need to go and buy anything. Tomorrow is Saturday so I have nothing planned, I'll create my meal plan based on what I have. Someone mentioned a meatless dinner so I'll be looking for a recipes for at least two nights this week.

I reached out to my insurance company to get basic insurance for my car. It's fairly old but runs really good thank God. I received a quote that will reduce my insurance about $40 a month. I figured I can do this and add this extra savings to my EF (baby step 1) then tackle my debt.

The fiancé wanted to go out to P.F. Chang's after the game tonight. I convinced him not to go. Honestly; I just didn't want to go, I'm tired. When I called to place the take-out order, we were told 30 minutes. He wanted to wait, I said no. First of all for two of us it would have cost at least $60. Secondly, the wait is always long. And lastly the coupon I had for 15% off was for Tuesday, so that's no good. We ended up getting take out for $18 and I made it home to unwind.

As I'm typing this blog I realize there's some household items I'm in need of (e.g. paper towels). I'll have to check prices and coupons.

That's it for me.

Every little bit count

January 30th, 2016 at 06:51 am

I know when I blog I stay on track, I hate when things throw me off, when that happens I stop blogging and start spending. Have to stay focus.

With that said, I'm trucking right along. The BF took care of my car's oil change and filled me up. I didn't ask how much he paid, but I estimated about $60 for everything. So I added the $60 to my $20/52 Week challenge. New total $2,082.26. I'm so happy.

Dad and I will be running errands and he usually give me a $100 on the days we do this. Even though I tell him he don't have to he always do. He says he'll rather give it to his kids than other people who will sure enough take it.

I splurged and had McDonalds for breakfast $3.60 so I paid $3.60 on the BoA credit card, I figured if I have extra to eat out then I have money to pay down debt.

Lastly, we are getting our security cameras installed. It saddens me that we are in an age where Big Brother always have to be watching. Awful


April 10th, 2012 at 05:38 pm

My Neice has been calling giving me an upto date account on my mother's health, not that I care to know, but wish her the best. Anyhow she says she'll keep calling until I speak to my mom, which I do not plan on doing. I advised her not to waste her time.
She says she knows my mom wants to speak to me because she'll say things like " I would ask Amber but she's not talking to me". I simply remind my Neice she is the one who said "Not to talk to her as long as I'm living" and to my knowledge I'm still living.

On a different note I gave my sister $10 last week, she has harassed me every other week for money and no matter how many times or different ways I have said I don't have it, she still calls and harasses me. Ugh!

Now onto me, my dad gave me $50 yesterday so I added this amount to my EF /Challenge. My boss has not signed off on my request for mileage, so my car isn't paid off yet

Next we went looking for beds because the one given to us has caused me some serious medical conditions. It's in pretty good shape, my bf finds its okay, I want to sell it on Craigslist and use the money towards the new mattress, but the BF wants to give it away.

At the cost of mattresses I think his idea is crazy, yes it was given to us but we really can't afford $900+ for a mattress.

Two more...

March 25th, 2012 at 06:37 am

Car payments and I am done! Thank God! I cannot wait until May when I send off my final car payment. The goal is to continue to put aside the money I was paying on my car, well at least a portion of it. I plan on paying down some debt as well.

On the home front, things seem to be going pretty well, no complaints.

My dad offered my someone money to buy the place that I am in, but I really don't plan on doing so until the end of the year but it's great to know he is supportive. My mother would never offer

In the end, things seem thus far to be moving along very well


March 20th, 2012 at 07:15 pm

I finally received my Visa gift card from BCBS in the amount of $200. I was actually planning on using the gift card later on this year, but guess what? It expires 3/12. Are you kidding me? And if I would like a new card with an extended expiration date, there would be a fee.

So I paid my car insurance early $125.63 and tomorrow I will get an oil change. Once I am paid, I'll add the money saved using the gift card to my challenge.

Either way, I saved money


March 15th, 2012 at 03:47 am

$67.69 is what I had left in my checking account before payday today so I added this amount to my challenge/EF; I can't wait to hit the $2000 goal, only a $100 away.

In other news, I'm loving the new place and at the same time not even remotely missing my mother. I am so thankful for being out of such a toxic environment.

It's only been a few days since I receieved notice of my GC being mailed but I'm still anxious.

Today is payday and I am hoping I'll have my mileage reimbursement check as well so that I can get an oil change.

That's it so far.


November 25th, 2011 at 06:38 am

Wondering why is it when I am making some sort of headway Murphy always step in? As you all know, I am trying to sock away enough cash in my EF before I start paying down my CC debt and I am so close to reaching my goal before the end of the year and now I need a car battery Frown

I have a car fund which will cover about $40 of the cost of the battery but the difference will come out of my EF. I really do not want to touch any of that money unless I lose my job or become sick, but I understand that a car battery is a must.

Still feeling sad though Frown

Today's tally

January 6th, 2010 at 04:47 pm

Ok woke up this morning and didnt want to spend a dime but it did not turn out that way so here it is:

Expense Categories

Loan Payment $100.00
Automobile : Gasoline $40.00
Gifts $26.64
Healthcare: Dental payment $10.00
Groceries $7.91
Dining Out $3.92

Total Expense $188.86

$10 weekly deposit to challenge
$100 transferred to EF
$3 paid on CC for dining out

So a total of $13 was added to my challenge Smile

Darn it

March 20th, 2009 at 05:20 pm

I got a call on Wednesday regarding a front desk position, when I called back the girl says to me that T wants you to come in and fill out an application and meet with some one. So I say when would be a good time she says Friday any time between 8:30 and 4. So today I go in at 10:30am only to be told that the office manager was not in and if I can come in on Monday or if I wanted to fill out the application. Basically she wanted me to come back and my response, I'll fill out the application and leave it. If she wants me to come in then she will call. I left my resume again and a few letter of recommendations
On a different note, I decided to go ahead and pay my auto insurance for a six month period since I have the money and have no idea when I would find a job ($632.09)
My classmate called to tell me she was just diagnosed with Lupus, so please keep her in your prayers
Tomorrow if I don't do anything else , I am going to the library

Day 3

March 4th, 2009 at 02:29 pm

Today was my 3rd NSD Smile so I added $2 to the house fund. I also paid an extra $18.71 on the principal for my car (check written yesterday)...the goal is to pay a extra $50 a month
Tomorrow is a big day (Things to do):
* See the dentist (that will set me back about $400)
*See the Gyn ($30 copay)
* Gas ($30)
* Traffic Ticket ($91 Frown Mom actually gave me $40 towards this)
* Buy lotto for work
* Head to the gym
* Pick up a few items at the grocery store for Sunday's dinner and Friday and Saturday night snacks

Hopefully Saturday and Sunday will be no spend days for me, but we'll see

Payday and how the money is spent

August 19th, 2008 at 01:41 pm

Yesterday was pay day so I paid the following:
$1512 on cc (this money came out of my challenge Frown much of it dental work)
$192.04 Electric
$20 Tithes
$100 on cc
$51.03 Water
$53.53 Directv
$25 IRA
$170 EF ($40 of this was from not paying a phone bill for the land line I no longer have)
$10 X-mas fund
$20 personal spending account
$40 Challenge
$20 Tuition fund
$20 Car fund
Not bad, I actually saved $260 out of my check and still have about $400 left after pain bills but it goes quickly. Oh I forgot I added the extra $10 saved on the satellite bill for referring my dad so I actually added $180 to EF saving a total of $270
Anyhow Tropical storm Fay just left Big Grin I am so glad that there was not much damage in our area. My sister lost power for a short while but it came back on. The winds were really picking up and it could have been worst but thank goodness it wasnt.

Not one for change

May 27th, 2008 at 09:45 am

I am so afraid of change and I think that is what holds me back. I have had the loan papers now to refiance my car for a possible better rate and have yet to fill them out and I finally went in to the office today and did it. The loan officer stated that once they are able to verify my employment I wll then be contacted regarding the loan status. My rate is very high and I have since cleaned up my credit paid off a ton of things and always paid my current loan on time and well over the amount due. So keep your fingers crossed.
I also cancelled my land line which I have been holding off on for a while, why I still don't know so that extra $40 saved will be going to my challenge every month. Next I am going to drop off the paper work for the grant. I have filled them out but have been so afraid to drop them off. Why? Change...I really need to over come that fear.
Today was a no spend day thus far Smile but the day has not ended as of yet so I will wait to add my $2 but I will add $2 to the challenge and $2 to the EF for preparing my breakfast

The saga continues

May 16th, 2008 at 06:34 am

I woke up yesterday with the worst tooth ache, I was dying over here. Anyhow I had cancelled my appointment because I was feeling better earlier in the day, luckily I was able to reach the dentist who called me in an antibiotic. When I asked if he would and gave him the number to Walgreens he says to me why don't you go to Publix it's free. Because I did not have the number he looked it up for me and called it in, when I went to pick it up it was free, saving me a $15 co-pay Smile How nice. I woke up this morning and I am a little sore, but I am feeling better. I did not go into work today because if this flares up again I want to be able to go straight to the dentist, it's hard to leave once you are at work. Seems as though the antibiotic is working, wish I had known before I spent $185 the other day
On a different note, today was payday so I checked my balance and found a nice little bonus which I immediately added to my EF Smile
I paid bills today, paid my cc in which I charged my tuition but I still owe about $100 on it. I use it to accumulate points and since I have been under the weather I have not entered all my transactions, must do that today in order to stay cc debt free. I paid the cable and phone bill added $50 to my challenge and paid the extra $50 that I am no longer adding to my IRA but to the auto loan principal in an effort to have that car atleast half way paid off by the end of the year.

What a day

March 3rd, 2008 at 08:10 pm

I have not been blogging like I use to but I have got to start back again or other wards I will be right back in debt. First I want to want you this will be a long blog because so much has happen.
Well I had a great day today until I went to lunch, my mom called me to tell me that the doctor told her they may have to amputate her toe. For months she has been complaining that it was bothering her and I have been trying to get her to switch doctor in order to get a second opinion because he was unable to find anything wrong well he finally decided to do an MRI which found some sort of infection. Well I immediately came home today I know I may have should have stayed at work but I felt like I needed to be with her because she was really upset. I did however, set up an appointment with another doctor in which she still doesnt want to go because now her other doctor wants to take an MRI of her leg as well. Just keep us in your prayers and that maybe some sort of antibiotic will help
Next I don't know if you heard about the shooting in FL, where this idiot opened fire in a Wendy's, well that was near my job and an area that I travel to once in a while. Lord what is going on
It is sad that some one lost their life but I am also glad that not more people were fatally injured
Furthermore, I can not understand my auto loan. I have to call BoA because you would think that since the principal has decreased wouldn't the amount applied to the interest do the same? It seems like it is higher.
WIth everything going on I was able to finally add to my challenge the $26 from the surveys giving me a new total of $7474.22

One of those weeks

January 24th, 2008 at 01:43 pm

Long rant
First I went back to work on Tuesday, as anticipated my coworker left everything for me to do (yep, didn't lift a finger)

Next I notice my car was making a funny noise when I tried to start it (only 6 months since I have had it) to make a long story short, it would not start yesterday or today.
So after a big production on Tuesday trying to get an appointment for an oil change at Carmax I was finally scheduled

Now that I am scheduled, today is the day I take my car in. My uncle jumped my car, so now when I go in I say to the guy I am here for my appointment and in addition could you please check to see why my car is no starting

So he prints out my consent form to service my car only for the oil change, I say to him did you make a note to check why it is not starting? He says yes it s in the computer. Now being the consumer savvy person that I am, I ask him his name and the manager's name because I know that there is a fee for this but Mr. when you walk in the door I am not going to acknowledge you or even look at you for that matter, I guess had no time to enter the information correct. So I give him the key and an alternate number to contact me regarding the status and leave

Now I get a call that my car is ready and it will be $200+ of course I say for what? $54 to check my car $50+ for labor $50+ for the battery, plus my oil change. I say to the guy you have got to be kidding me and I am not paying this (the service for the battery) he says you have to pay for us looking at your car in order to find out what is wrong and that I signed an ok to do so, I say to him, no I signed for a an oil change.

So to make a long story short he says there is nothing he can do about it I say we'll see. Then I called their general manager in addition to the corporate office. In the end I got my oil change for free and picked up a battery from Sam's in which my uncle will put in.

Unbelievable, I guess he figured since I am a woman that I have no clue, guess hes the whose clueless

Oops I forgot I added $40 to my challenge today , new total $7344.65

Payday and broke

January 10th, 2008 at 02:52 pm

Well today was payday from my partime job, $26 dollars went towards the cc, $63 went towards maintenance for my car and $39 went towards my challenge leaving me with a $100 in my personal accout to last me for two weeks Frown

New challenge total $7228.71

$3 for Survey

December 21st, 2007 at 05:41 pm

Got my second check from Pinecone Smile and added it to my visa payment. The goal is the have this card paid off by January 31st. No way am I going back into debt

I also ate out today Frown $8.50 so I added this amount to my challenge, new total $7035.51

Remember that $5 payment on the my auto loan and the girl was laughing, well the check cleared the bank and it is not posted to my account....arrrrrrrgh

You know I will be contacting them first thing in the morning


December 18th, 2007 at 12:26 pm

I went into BoA because I had an extra $5 to pay on my car and the girl had a nice little laugh. So I said to her if I paid $5 extra a day that will equal $25 which is $100 a month and $1200 for the year. Then I took my receipt and left

Sold my car

October 9th, 2007 at 08:14 pm

Yep the car sold today for $300. I wish I could have added this amount to my challenge but I had t pay for the new car (payment)and car insurance

Good news

October 6th, 2007 at 09:16 pm

The girl who called last week about my car called today to say she has all the money and wanted to know if I could pick it up today, but I was on my way to work. So I will pick it up from her on Tuesday, so basically my car sold

Busy little bee

October 5th, 2007 at 07:50 pm

I have been so busy that I have not had time to thnink. Taking 3 classes, working both full and partime has had its toll. I have managed to spend a ton of money dining out because I am too lazy. I have however upped my CC balance (dentist and tuition) but on a good note I added to my challenge bring my total to $4662.99
I had a couple of offers on the car everyone wants it but has not bought it
Frown If it is not sold by Friday next week I am calling a junk yard to come and get it atleast I will get a little something

car for sale

September 23rd, 2007 at 08:21 pm

I just posted my car on craiglist, I hope some one takes me up on it I can use the cash. It's an really old car but very clean, they'll need back breaks and an alternator but I will be happy with $200 we'll see. If not I will call a junk yard to pick it up

Wow, it has been awhile

September 18th, 2007 at 07:53 pm

What I have learned is that if I am not blogging or reading other blogs about finanaces, I fall back into my old ways and that is wasting money. I have been busy with school (3 classes this semester) and have not had time to catch up on my blogging or finances. I have done a ton of shopping Frown so I guess I have fallen off the wagon. It is time to get back on track and make some serious changes.
I paid bills today and made some deposits to my challenge and IRA but my cc debt has risen to about $900 (I will update the total later) but atleast $700 of that is for school
Anyhow, I just wanted to give every one heads up and let you know I am still alive
Added $53 to the challenge
$205 on cc
$143 towards car (saving a little extra towards extra payments)
$30 EF
$10 misc account
$50 for IRA
$44 on water bill
$64 for Cable
$15 for meds
$20 tithes
$35 dentist (had some swelling)
I am still waiting on a check/deposit from Amazon for a book sold which will go towards my cc/school transactions
and I got an extra $5 to for a survey so I am adding this to the challenge as well


August 22nd, 2007 at 07:22 pm

Well I went on a shopping spree and bought 1 shirt and a pair of pants, grand total $164 Frown Of course everything is going back. I don't know what I was thinking, since my old car that I drive around in needs an alternator and back breaks. My mos says I she get ri of it but I like the fact that I can drive this car around and put all the miles on it. But we will see

I also had $31 left over in my bill account, tomorrow is payday from the parttime job, so I put $25 in my challenge home account and $6 in the car fund

BoA what a headache

August 11th, 2007 at 02:19 pm

I finally found someone at BoA who knew what he was talking about. No payments made electronically even with the BoA account will be applied to the principal. I either have to go into the branch, make a payment by phone or mail it in Frown So now I have to close my checking account that I opened with them. What a pain

BoA strikes again

August 9th, 2007 at 05:57 pm

I don't know if you guys remebered bt I ws told by BoA if I had a checking account with them and paid my bills on line then I can not to make all payments to the principal, well guess what, that is not the case. The following is from their bill pay service:
Bill Pay Help close window
Payment Memo Cannot be Sent
Payment memos cannot be sent to payees that accept electronic payments.
What a joke, now I am closing this account this is crazy

$20 challenge

August 9th, 2007 at 05:53 pm

I had abot $50 left in my personal account since my last payday, which is a huge accomplishment for me. So I added $25 to the challenge and $25 to my car account

New total for the challenge $3889.40 Smile
In regards to my car I will wait until I get a statement and send a check for the principal it seems like when ever I pay online BoA has a problem with applying it to my principal in the mean time I willearn interest

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