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CC5 Down to $500

June 18th, 2018 at 04:08 am

Yay final check hit from my previous employer. Of course I paid my tithes $78.06, myself $100 (EF), knocked CC5 💳 down to $500 and kept $100 in checking as a buffer.

I know some of you would say why not pay all to debt? Well because God has been way too good to me, for me not to give Him what belongs to Him first. I’ve learned over the years, that while paying down debt, if you don’t pay yourself first, Murphy will hit and hit hard. Plus this teaches me to live on less than I actually make.

I think this is the Great Depression syndrome. People who’ve gone through the depression tend to save no matter what for a rainy day.

Right before the Great Recession of 2008, I’d paid off my debts and saved a nice chunk of change 💰. Well the recession hit, I wasn’t worried, I was able to stay home, finish college, take trips and enjoyed my summer while all my friends worried and couldn’t find work. I also ended up back in the mess I’m in after this, by not staying true to my values 🙄, lesson learned. So for me, I never want to be in a position where I can’t afford to stay home if the worst thing happens.

I think that’s why I’m saving. Though I’m what one might call a moderate Republican, I hate government interference, I’m pro gun and pro choice, and I don’t like what I’m seeing. Home 🏡 prices are slowly creeping back up, people are frantic about buying a home (me included), jobs are steady but lay offs are happening and gas ⛽️ , well that’s up and down. Plus the markets has been way too good. I always say, what goes up must come down. Maybe I’m overly cautious but I’d rather side on the side of saving than not.

Oops, it wouldn’t be a post without SO drama. His daughter who is pregnant went to the movies with cousins. Apparently one of the cousins decided to head out the theater early. Well this cousin, who just turned 18 gets into a fight with a 16 y/o and ends up in jail. 🤦🏾‍♀️🙄
I’m not sure why the daughter was at the movie 🎥 she should be in stork mode getting ready for a baby 👶🏾 but of course the grandmother 👵🏽 allowed this foolishness. 🤦🏾‍♀️ unbelievable. SO is another reason why I’m saving and paying down debt. He has too much drama, I need to move or get him out of here. I can’t afford to live on my own with debt and no savings

Just Sucker Punched CC4

March 30th, 2018 at 12:39 am

Just paid over $300 on the Target 🎯 bill, my new balance is $349.61. I should have this sucker paid off by the end of April, thank you Jesus.

I pulled my credit score with Transamerica and it was 698, not bad. Think my high score was 702. I noticed that as I pay these suckers off it's creeping back up. The jump is due to the decrease in high balances.

Back to Target, I'm going to be really annoyed if my payment isn't posted right away. They have a tendency of holding high payments. They actually suck, you can only make like two payments in a 7-day period, you can't add decimals. For example, I'd budgeted $348.76 but had to round up. No big deal but I like a balanced budgets, no over budget items just under. And lastly they hold large sums of payments. They make it extremely difficult to get your balance down.

It's 3:29 am and I've already spent the following:
* $196.08 Tithes - not negotiable
* $20 vacation club (savings)
* $211 JCP - minimum payment that include my AAA purchase
* $349 Target - debt snowball

Though a lot has gone out and I haven't cut the rent check yet, I'm thankful because one, I never thought in a million years that I could and would be faithful with my tithes. Secondly, with my raise and paying down debt, I've freed up over $500 a paycheck. Right now all you see are the payments but I'm about to add a total of $107 to my savings. All I think about is, when CC4 💳 is gone that will be another $50.

I'm so overwhelmed with mix emotions. I'm upset that I'm on this journey once again and I'm glad that I'm doing what it takes to no longer be slave to the lender.
I know it takes time and that I'll get there


March 18th, 2018 at 12:30 pm

I had budgeted $110 for the optometrist. Well for some reason, things just didn't sit right. I had scheduled my appointment but something kept nudging at me to call them. So I did and found out that my renewal is in July.

I ordered my contacts, that came to $34.99 and canceled my appointment. I'm going to pay half of what's saved to the CC and put the difference in the EF. But a part of me is saying add the entire $75 to CC4. If I did this it will bring the balance to about $658.


$1,000 Payment Held

March 17th, 2018 at 03:28 am

On the 28th of February I paid a $1,000 on CC4. I notice that my available credit after paying it hadn't changed, so I called the credit card 💳 company. Well they were holding the funds.

Why would they hold the funds? Well I found out that if you make a large payment they hold your funds. This to me is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I paid it and it should be processed. Well they finally processed it yesterday, two and a half weeks later. Smh

I've updated my side bar, things are looking pretty good. As you all know, I'm not going on the vacation but I'm saving now for a laptop. I probably could have purchased a refurbished one this budget period but I decided to wait, it's not a must. I do like the idea of putting money aside so when I want a big purchase such as a laptop 💻 that's not an emergency 🚨, I can simply just purchase the item. Or maybe one day I can treat myself to a fabulous lunch, and a little shopping that's credit card 💳 free. What I've found is that this program works but for me I need to do something nice once in a while or at least know that I can. Though I haven't done anything foolish since I've started, just knowing that I have the $100 to blow, if I get a crazy urge, makes me feel good. It's a process. Who knows, I may use this money to pay my CCs, that seems to give me the most pleasure. Who would have thought that paying down debt, gave you a natural high lol 😂 too funny.

I know Dave says to save a $1000 for the EF and then tackle debt. But my car is old with over 200k miles. I drive about 60 miles round trip each day for work. So for me, I think I need to budget funds for the EF, even if it's $20. I want to have at least $6k 💵 saved in case I have to buy another car 🚗. I'm happy that I was able to throw an extra $54 at it. This may slow me down a bit, but if my car breaks down rather than financing I'll have good ol sweet cash 💰.

Sinking fund, well this was to be for car insurance, car maintenance 🚗, Christmas 🎄 gifts and sorority dues; unfortunately I've been using this account strictly for car repairs. I'm glad I have the money 💰 but I was really hoping to be able to pay my car insurance for six months. I have one more item to fix on my car, once that's done everything else should be good and come October I'll be able to pay the six months.

Oh SO, has challenged himself not to spend any money, seems like last week he did pretty good. I didn't ask but I'm happy he's at least trying.
That's it for now.

Sold 🎾

February 18th, 2018 at 10:13 am

Finally sold the tennis hopper and balls 🎾

I'm adding the $15 made to the EF, I've decided that no matter what, I'm going to add to my EF each pay period at least 2% of my net income, and what ever else I sell will go to the EF.

I remember my dad saying once that if you put $10 out of your check each pay date and save it, pretty soon you'll have so much money that you won't want to touch it. Since I lost my dad, I've been determine to make him proud about what I've done with my money. I want to save and be generous just like him.

Hopefully I can sell some more items. I'm

Upped EF

January 13th, 2018 at 11:48 am

I was able to cash the check, thank goodness, this was a nightmare (see Sprint post) and glad it's over.

After paying my tithes from the check received, I can add about
$190 to the EF bringing the total to about $994 just $6 away from my mini EF.

I was so stressed out last week about taking the money out of the EF; however, I'm a true believer that it was all God. I made it a point to pay my tithes with every extra income I had received and though I'm upset for a few minutes when things occur, a calmness then comes over me. The only thing I'm anxious about is getting out of debt and saving money.

Today we're having a chapter meeting and was asked to provide non-perishable items. Normally I'd go out and buy items, I simply took what was in my cabinet that I have not used and don't plan on it any time soon, and bagged it all up. Loving this being intentional with your money concept.

This Year Has to Get Better

January 12th, 2018 at 05:20 pm

Annoyed as all get out.

My boss has not said one word to me about my salary, I was suppose to know something last week.

I finally received the Sprint check for the full refund, they did not charge a restock fee but it's written to my middle name. Hopefully the bank will cash it. I can throw this money in my EF and that will put me back at the $1,000.

Today was payday, and I was planning on paying off CC3 but since the whole break thing, I couldn't, so I'm bummed about that.

I realize today that the woman never called me back about the plot, so it's on my to do list.

So that's it in a nutshell, hopefully things will start to look up.

Murphy is Super Busy

January 11th, 2018 at 03:12 am

Murphy hit yet again.

After getting the brakes repaired, I realized my tooth is cracked. I'd eaten a piece of candy and thought it was that but no it's my tooth.

Then the SO and I went off to the basketball game Sunday. I'd told him weeks ago that I did not want to go, but he claimed that our friends purchased the tickets for him/us since they'd owed us a favor. I think deep down he really wanted to go.

Anyhow we go down to the game. Then we end up having dinner. I'd told him prior to leaving that I was not spending any money. Not for parking, anything. And I didn't.

So we are on our way home, he's driving and we stop for gas long story short, he hits another truck. Jumps out the car and guess what he has no license. I can't continue to live like this. The only good thing about this entire situation is that the driver of the other vehicle had no license either. Smh 🤦🏾‍♂️

He kept apologizing, and I'm like enough already. We have talked about this crap since August and I just can't believe you have not taken care of it. Not only that, you're calling your mother now to bill clients so that you can repair the car. Are you serious? Why not just take over the business from her? What pisses me off is that he's saying the other driver hit him, if that's the case why is bumper damaged and not the front end? Who knows. My disinter looked at the car and said that the other drive hit us but can't do a thing because he has no license.

Then we come home and the cable box is out, I think lightening struck it. Can't call the cable company because once again he has not paid his portion of the cable bill and normally they want their money before any repairs. Smh
Long story short I was able to log in And schedule a maintenance call. The technician came out and we're all set.

In the meantime I did buy a little $15 antenna it works pretty good. I'll return it though for one of the better ones that was out of stock. Once I do that, I'm cutting the cable. He can pay for it if he wants.

Fast forward I wanted to walk out of my job yesterday. That place is a joke! I realize that I never want to be in a position in that I do not want to leave, well can't leave a job. I took another look at my budget. Cut some things and tomorrow I should be able to add $379 back to my EF. I'm annoyed because that money should be going to CC3 to pay it off but I have to beef up the EF since I used the money for breaks. Hopefully I'll have the Sprint check soon, and that should put me back at $1,000.

I got the first estimate of my car $800, I'm thinking they'll reduce if I pay cash who knows. I'm going to try two other places and then put it in the shop. I'm almost certain that this will be an expense in that I occur, SO never has his share for crap. Though he did say he would and so he should, pay for it. I'm not holding my breath.

Next month we go to court, hopefully we can get this house sold and behind us. I can pay off debt and then buy a small one bedroom condo that I can pay off in a few years, rent and then move into a two bedroom villa or something

Ugh I Hate Emergencies

January 6th, 2018 at 05:14 pm

Ugh I'm need of brakes, total will be $467.85, this includes fluid, disc, rotor etc. I have the EF but I really don't want to use it for that. Next Friday is pay day, I can throw about $200 of this towards the brakes and take the remainder out of the EF. Only drawback is that I won't be able to pay off CC3.

I do have a $10 coupon so that will be a bit of a savings. I'm hoping to have the check from Sprint but then, then that way I won't have to touch the EF. 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️

Upped Baby Step 1, and I'm excited

November 10th, 2017 at 01:18 pm

Though I'd love to sock the $500+ bucks to CC2, I'm going to take the advice of Dave Ramsey and everyone here and knock out baby step 1 and fund my emergency fund. Next, I'll be tackling the debt.

In a previous post some of you commented on the wedding fund. I hadn't noticed that the fund was still in my side bar, lol. Honestly, I forgot about this account and haven't added anything to this account since I opened it. I actually had $80.88 in this account and transferred that money to baby step 1. Not sure what happened with the $20. Until the fiancé is onboard with his/our finances there won't be a wedding. New balance for baby step 1 is now at $624.21 😀

I'll still be able to add close to $200 to CC2, so I'm okay with that.

I've decided to remove the salon 💇🏽, $45 , as a line item on my next budget. This is going to be hard because this means that I won't go to the salon except once for the month. My hair is horrible to manage but I'm going to try.

For those of you who follow me, my last post for charitable items were funds that was given to church (God), my tithes. I'm definitely going to continue with that. One, I know it's the right thing to do, two, Dave Ramsey has said it's the right thing to do, lol and three my SA family has also said it's the right thing to do. But seriously, I've always given to church but not my 10%. Our church has a 3:10 challenge. Meaning for three months you donate your 10% to church, any church, or charity for 3 months and if God does not work miracles and bless you, they'll give us our money back. What I like about this challenge, is that they simply encourage us to give and it doesn't have to be to my own church. 3:10 is from Malachi 3:10, in that God says to "test Him" with our tithes, the only scripture in the Bible in that God says to test him. I can say, since I've done this, I've seen a difference in how I feel about my job, I'm no longer worried, tossing and turning at night. And by mid week next week my EF will be funded until I can hit baby 3, to fully fund it. It's strange because now every extra dollar I get, I take 10% off. The fiancé gave me $45 and I took $4.50 off top.

It's a progress but I enjoy telling my money what to do and it not telling me what to do.

No contacts, upped baby step 1

November 9th, 2017 at 05:18 pm

I'd budgeted $35 for my contacts but since I didn't order them I put this money towards baby step 1 (EF) bringing the total to $548.33.
I've been wearing my glasses 👓 to save money, until I can knock a few things out of the way.

I'm a little annoyed because I got suckered into a Thanksgiving lunch at the office, costing me $12. One, I don't want to spend the $12; two, as you all know I can't stand my boss' boss ( along with everyone else on the floor); and three, we're down two people and I don't have any help with a bunch of work. Though I'm thankful for my job, this is just the wrong time.

Today was the first time in a long time that I did not have to spend a dime, so I'm excited about that.

Tomorrow is Veterans Day and I'm off. I haven't told a soul because I don't want to be aggravated. I'll wash my car, paint my toes and just relax. I'm really looking forward to this time.

Lastly, I needed some facial wash and moisturizer. Normally I buy the expensive stuff, Sephora or Clinique but I opted for good 'ol Nuetreogena this time and for the two items the cost was $11.95 vs almost $50 bucks. I ordered via iBotta for the 2% cash back. Why not? Sales tax here is 7% so at least I can save on that. Something is better than nothing.
Hmmm just thought about it, though I ordered online, I still spent money. Lol so no spend day for me.

Gazelle Intensity - Thanks

October 7th, 2017 at 07:31 pm

I love this site. I feel like I can share things that I can't share with family and friends when it comes to my finances.

Everyone here has something to offer whether you've always gotten it right or trying to get it right when it comes to finances, you all offer sound advice without judging and I love it.

Earlier today I posted about not spending $80 that I'd budgeted for a bill I had already paid. Well Credit Card Free reminded me that I need to be gazelle intense while tackling baby step 1, so I added the $80 to EF account. SNAFU suggested that I review my gifting for the holiday season last year so I'll be taking a look at what and who received gifts last year and making some adjustments.

Honestly, I'd really like to stay away from the gift exchange at the office. I'm going to review my zero balance budget for the next period to see if I can start earlier (wish I'd started earlier) socking away for Christmas. I think $500 should cover everyone. Maybe less, we will see.

Thanks everyone, I really appreciate all your help.

Decisions, decisions, decisions

April 9th, 2015 at 08:21 pm

At the start of the year, I said any extra money I receive, I would pay half on the CC debt and the other half towards my $20 challenge.

I received $200 from my brother today. I tossed and turned, trying to decide if I should pay this entire amount ($200) on the CC or half. I initially said I was going to pay down CC debt when I received the money but it really bothered me that I wasn't adding anything to my challenge. So with that, I took half and paid the CC and added the rest to the challenge.

Part of my goal is to save $5000 for the year, (that will give me about 6 months worth of expenses saved) and to pay off two CCs. I must say my methods are working, I should have about $1500 saved by the end of the month, if not more, and three credit cards paid off. With three CCs paid off I can save $75 a month. Smile

Just hoping I made the right decision

What's happening today

July 16th, 2014 at 04:09 pm

Great day today. My new manager is attempting to teach me everything benefits so that I can be the next benefits administrator. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.

While in grad school benefits/compensation wasn't my favorite subject, even when I was studying for my PHR, I hated it. But when I say for the exam, I did very well, so go figure.

I'm hoping to be with this organization for the next five years, they're growing and I'm learning.

Today was a good day as far as spending goes. I had breakfast at home, packed my lunch, and dinner is made, so I'm add $6 to my challenge/emergency fund.

I almost forgot, my BF who held the fort down while I was unemployed for eight months, had the nerve to ask me to finance a $8,000 lawn mower. My answer was NO!

Lastly, three things that I'm thankful for:
• My friends here on Saving Advice. The support I receive here whether it's on my finances or my personal life means so much to me. I am truly thankful
• My car. Thank God I have reliable transportation without any car payments
• My BF mom is out of her coma and is responding

That's it in a nutshell

What's happening today

July 16th, 2014 at 04:09 pm

Great day today. My new manager is attempting to teach me everything benefits so that I can be the next benefits administrator. I'm a little nervous and excited at the same time.

While in grad school benefits/compensation wasn't my favorite subject, even when I was studying for my PHR, I hated it. But when I say for the exam, I did very well, so go figure.

I'm hoping to be with this organization for the next five years, they're growing and I'm learning.

Today was a good day as far as spending goes. I had breakfast at home, packed my lunch, and dinner is made, so I'm add $6 to my challenge/emergency fund.

I almost forgot, my BF who held the fort down while I was unemployed for eight months, had the nerve to ask me to finance a $8,000 lawn mower. My answer was NO!

Lastly, three things that I'm thankful for:
• My friends here on Saving Advice. The support I receive here whether it's on my finances or my personal life means so much to me. I am truly thankful
• My car. Thank God I have reliable transportation without any car payments
• My BF mom is out of her coma and is responding

That's it in a nutshell

$20 challenge

July 7th, 2014 at 07:22 pm

Blogging keeps me honest. Even though; we don't know each other personally, I feel as though we're family and I owe to you all (and myself) to be honest while staying on too if things.

Now that I'm back working I'm also back to blogging. I really need to stay on top of this if I want financial freedom. I've done it once so I know I can do it again.

With that being said, today I made breakfast at home, so I deposited $2 to the EF. I also packed my lunch, so I added another $2 to the EF. But I ended up purchasing dinner for two for $12, adding $12 to my challenge

All in all I socked away $14 extra dollars Smile

Tomorrow I receive my final check with Target so I should be able to put away about $55

Time to start back funding the EF

June 28th, 2014 at 06:16 am

Time to start back funding the EF. I was unemployed for about eight months and pretty much depleted my savings. Now it's time to get things back to what they were.

So with that, I received my first check from Target and deposited 10% of that to my EF. It wasn't much but hopefully I can get back to where things were before my lay off.

EF Replenishment

$20 Challenge

52 week challenge (starting backwards to catch up)

Checking in

May 5th, 2013 at 04:32 pm

Hi all!

I know I am not blogging as much but just know I haven't charged anything on the CCs.

Even though, I am not blogging I am somewhat hanging in there with my finances.

I am on week 23, of the 52 week challenge, trying to stay ahead. I also made a $5.00 contribution to my IRA. I usually contribute anywhere between $20-35 a week but last week was the first of the month and so many bills are due; however, I wanted to make sure I deposited something vs. nothing.

I am hoping with the extra money, from my most recent raise that I can pay off CC4. My student loan disbursement should be received and if it is what I am thinking of I will pay off CC4, 5 and 6 socking away the remainder to my EF. Starting next month even though I am not schedule to start repayment of my loan until September, after graduation, I will make $25 a week payments to my student loan. I figured that would be about $250 paid on the principal. My employer mention paying off my student loan or a portion of that, so keep your fingers crossed.

Other good news I have managed to sock away $6000 to my EF, I'm hoping to have this up by $2000 in June Big Grin

In addition, I love my new job. There is just one-person who drives me crazy, but I think he means well, I just have to figure out how to deal with him.


March 6th, 2012 at 05:38 pm

It's been about two weeks, and I am loving the new place. It's funny because I hardly ever think about my mom, but I will say this, when it comes to cleanliness, we are just alike.

Other than my BF daughter, things seems to be going well. I'm definitely going to have to work with her and her cleaning habits

I've still kept track of my spending but haven't really been able to sock away anything. When I get my mileage check, I'll add the $114 to the EF

Oh, I almost forgot, I really need to set up a grocery budget, things are getting out of hand. I find myself at the store every week and I really want to go twice a month ( each pay period). So we'll see


February 21st, 2012 at 04:17 pm

I haven't given up on saving but I've been so busy. A ton of money was spent on household supplies for the new place (i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, shower curtains, trash bins).

I did receive my tax refund and was able to sock away $1000 into the EF

The date to move in is next Wednesday, but I must say, I have moved 95% of my items. I'll be done Friday.

God works in mysterious ways

February 10th, 2012 at 06:35 pm

Okay I was a little nervous about withdrawing the $950 for the deposit on the new place, I really didn't want to empty my EF that I worked so hard to build up since November. Actually I was trying to wait closer to the date to move in and when my tax return was to be deposited but I said to Hell with it and took the money out .

I'm glad I did, for one my landlord/friend was really happy. Two, I got my keys early so I'm able to clean the place and clean out my storage early. Lastly, I was able to talk to my friend about keeping the electric and water in her name that way I wouldn't have to pay a deposit.

The reason why I said God works in mysterious ways is that, I receieved my mileage check today ($290) and deposited it right into my savings. Usually it takes close to two weeks for me to receive my check but this time just a few days Big Grin so rather than my EF being more than less than half of what I started with this year its about half that amount and once my tax return is deposited I will be a little bit over than what I started with.

Unfortunately it will take me a little longer to pay off CC1 but that's okay

On a different note my crazy mother had my sister to call me to ask if I paid the electric and water bill. My sister was like "y'all need to stop that" I said to her she needs to stop because I'm in the next room from my mother and she is the idiot for making the phone call.
Thank God I'm getting from out of here

Not so bad

February 9th, 2012 at 05:41 pm

Today wasn't a bad day, I went to Target to earn my ShopKick points. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have enought points to earn a $25 gift card which I plan on buying some paper towels, soap etc. with the gift card.

My coworker gave me three brand new shaving cream because she no longer has hair since her chemo, and she also gave me a small thing of unopened butter. I figured, total this stuff would have cost me about $12 so I'm going add $6 to my challenge/EF and the other $6 to my challenge/cc account.

Currently I'm still waiting on my BCBS gift card ($200), I plan on paying my cable and cell phone with this and adding what I would have paid to my challenge/EF. But right now I'm in wait mode.

I cannot wait

February 8th, 2012 at 06:12 am

To move that is. My mother is an evil and spiteful woman. She walks around the table so she doesn't pass me by or she'll hold onto her dress so that the tail of it doesn't accidentally hit me. For real? She is really a sick woman

Then my sister comes by and ask me again for money, really? What has changed since Saturday to Tuesday? Nothing! I'm sorry I do not have any money that I can afford to lose at this time. I think she asked again because my BF was there and probably was hoping he would have provided it to her but we have had a discussion about him spending money foolishly.

On a different note I think my BF will have the new job, the gentle who he spoke with wife called back and asked for a written estimate. Roughly the job will be about $1775, with $700 of it being our take home pay Smile perfect for the move. Oh BF does landscaping.

Today I added $3 to my Challenge/EF and another $3 was paid on CC1 brining that total down to $144.35. I can't wait until this is paid off.

My dad

January 27th, 2012 at 04:14 pm

My mom always says or implies that I treat my dad better than her, but here is why I love my dad.

I am not saying he is the best but, I do know he loves us:
- My dad will defend us to the end, not mom
- My dad will provide for us monetarily if need be, not my mom
- My dad always says, "I love you" my mom has told me this once in my 38 years here on this earth and when she did so it just didn't sound sincere.

Today my dad gave me $20, which I am so glad he did, I spent $20 at the gas station, so this is like a blessing to have the $20 spent earlier pretty much given back to me. But what really made me smile was when I said to him "Keep it I might need it later" he said "No take it" I said "Why are you giving me $20?" he said "Because I love you"

Those simply three words makes a world of difference, I strongly recommend that parents use it as much as possible.

My mom is so caught up in "I did this for you, you treat you dad better" that she misses out on what's important, like showing love. Yes you provided food, shelter, clothing etc. but what are those things if a person doesn't feel love?

On a different note I added the $20 to my EF, tomorrow I meet with the HOA of the new place that I'm moving into Smile
Things seem to be moving into the right direction

I can't believe it

November 30th, 2011 at 07:09 pm

I can not believe it. First I made a special trip on my way home from class to Best Buy in order to earn 225 points just for walking in, and of course my ShopKick is not working properly Frown

Next, I go to my dad who has told me since October that he was not interested in changing his Medicare part D prescription drug plan (which I advised him to since his meds were not covered under his currently plan) but low and behold 7 days before enrollment period ends and my second day back to work after a week vacation, he wants to change his plan. Arrrrggghhh Frown

Then I make an attempt tp pay my Target bill online and was told I was only allowed two payments with in a seven day period, what! Now I have been using my Target card to earn the 5% discount and as soon as I get home I pay the bill. Well, looks like I have done so twice this week Frown Good thing my minimum payment isn't due until the 6th so I was able to schedule a payment.

Finally on a good note, I still had about $11 left in my account before payday so I added this amount to my challenge/EF. In addition, I paid bills today and every bill due with the exception of one, I over estimated the total amount due Smile so I added another $115 to my challenge/EF. Also I packed lunch, had breakfast at home as well as dinner so $6 added to my challenge.

I had class tonight, so I did not make it to the gym and I am not adding $2 the challenge, this was a good reason not to head to the gym but I'll be back tomorrow.

Total saved $132


November 16th, 2011 at 02:53 pm

I was so tempted to buy a snack today but opted out since I am back to blogging or what I call accountability.
Today I had breakfast at home so $2 was added to the $20 challenge and I packed my lunch so another $2 was added, bringing my total to $4. Yay! More than likely I will be adding another $2 for having dinner at home

Whew it feels good to be back!


April 28th, 2011 at 03:51 am

Blogging for me is a way to save money. It's a competition, it's also accountability coupled with some form of embarrassment if I do not save or pay down debt. So just a little thank you to SavingAdvice.
Okay yesterday I bought dinner, cost $30 so I split what was spent on dinner was also spent on saving so as follows: $15 CC, $5 towards EF, $5 towards challenge/home fund and $5 towards my personal spending account. It's funny because I have close to $200 in my personal spending account to do what ever I want and I don't want to touch the money.
I also found $10 in my room so this was split 4 ways as well. $2.50 to EF,CC, challenge/home and personal account.
Tomorrow is payday and CC2 will be paid in full Wink

moving right along

April 27th, 2011 at 06:09 am

Feeling great, I feel like I'm making progress. Yesterday I paid an extra $100 on CC number 2 and today an extra $14 on CC number 3. Friday is payday so CC 2 with a balance of $500 will be paid in full Smile I'm so excited. Then school is out and I should be reimbursed for my tuition in which CC 3 will be paid off with those funds. I'm also almost at my goal of $1000 for the EF.

Is it pay day?

March 31st, 2011 at 09:35 am

Well today was payday and after paying all my bills with exception of one( have to pay when I get home) it doesn't feel like pay day. I was however able to transfer $ 25 to my EF Wink an extra $2 on the cc balance and $2 for savings toward my challenge, so not too bad.


March 28th, 2011 at 05:56 pm

I absolutely hate going to the store with other people or letting anyone know I am at the store. First I'm with my boss at Target who convinced me to pick up things I did not need (I have a hard time saying no). Any how after I ditched her I put all the unnecessary items back. Then I call my BF who asked me to pick up something for him, when I ask what he says anything uggghhh. Lately he's been making little comments about him always buying me stuff and I don't ever buy him anything, well I'm in the world of debt which is no ones business. I'm simply not spending money. Long story short I spent $4 Frown so because $4 was spent foolishly I will add $2 to the EF and $2 to CC . I plan on informing him from here on out we will go dutch. I have no problem with him paying for his stuff and I do the same

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