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Crack Tooth

July 15th, 2018 at 09:33 am

Well when it rains ☔️ it pours.

Yesterday I was eating breakfast 🍳 and cracked a tooth. Smh.

I’m not scheduled to see the dentist for a cleaning until next month but now I have to get in earlier than expected. I’m really hoping this crown isn’t expensive. Thank goodness I’ve been socking away for an emergency 🚨 as well as medical expenses.

So far I have about a $100 in the sinking fund for medical expenses so I’m sure I’ll deplete that. What sucks is I also have an eye appointment on the 30th and that’s $110.

Prior to the crack tooth, I’d paid $200 on CC5 💳. Had I known I would have not made the payment.

Though I’m upset about having to spend the money, I’m glad to have the cash 💰.

Always Something

July 13th, 2018 at 03:42 am

Always something. I was really hoping to knock 🥊 CC5 out today.

But, I had to budget for contact lens ($150). I wear my glasses 👓 90% of the time but with those special occasions I like to have my contacts. Many reasons why I’ve started a medical fund. I also have to pick up my meds, that’s $27.99. So about a $180 on healthcare that could have went to debt. I know I shouldn’t complain because any other time I would have to use the CC 💳.

I was able to pay at least half the balance on CC5 bringing the total to $225, yay. I’m still on track to have four credit cards 💳 paid off this year.

One thing I’m feeling good about, well a couple:
* Today was pay day and all bills for the month are paid, in advance mind you
* Extra was paid on the credit card 💳
* I cash flowed health expenses
* I was able to also save
* And I love my new job

Though I’ve been on the job just over a month, I’ve been able to make some traction, and my boss is amazing.

In other news, I see things getting worst with the SO and his daughter being pregnant. He’s making things happen and of course it frustrates me because as usual things are late here at the house. What frustrates me is, he’ll make sure the money is available for her but when it comes to the house it’s a different story. I just have to keep reminding myself that one, I’m paying down debt, two once the house sells I can move on, three this is just a minor setback.

Live and learn

Feeling Sad

July 4th, 2018 at 03:29 am

I’m a conservative, republic on paper. I believe in little to no government interference, I’m pro choice, pro gun and at one point, pro immigration, meaning send folks back. Border wall was and still is not an option for me. I also believe that church and state should be separate.

With that being said, honestly I am so afraid of what I’m seeing/witnessing in this country. The Republican Party that I once knew seems to be no longer. Our national debt has hit 26 trillion dollars for the first time. I’ve been trying to save, because I’m so afraid of what might happen.

The topic of immigration has been on every single newspaper cover and every station for months now, daily. Though my family traveled to this country over 50 years ago, “legally,” I felt as though everyone else should or send them back. I was born here.

Some where down the line over the last few months my heart has definitely softened. What if my dad hadn’t decided to come to the US, what would my life be like? He wanted a better life for his family, what’s wrong with that? Who wouldn’t risk their life for their children? I have no kids, and yet, I’d give up my life for my 5 year old nephew. It breaks my heart, to see people treated so badly, simply because they’re immigrants or thought to be. The comments on the news blogs are just outright disgusting

Being African American I’ve been turned down for promotions, paid less than my colleagues with less education and experience, followed while shopping, harassed by law enforcement because I look suspicious, asked deeming questions about being black, and you know what it hurts. It hurts really bad.

I read posts and people say, “get over it slavery ended years ago.” Well honestly it didn’t. Everything I listed I’ve been through and more is a part of the slavery mentality, away to oppress a group of people. I just can’t imagine what the Hispanic population must be feeling and experiencing right now.

I know that these blogs are about money but for some reason, I’m extremely sad today.

Independence Day is a day for us to celebrate our freedom and yet so many of us are still in bondage.