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Back at it

August 8th, 2008 at 07:49 pm

I have fell off the wagon a number of times since I have not been posting regulary, but I plan on getting back on board.
Any how I returned a pair of $123 jeans that I did not need and a $22 dress that was not needed. In addition, my hair expense sky rocketed so I have got to go back to every other week. Here is what last month totals and I am not happy Frown

Expense Categories
Gasoline $286.54
Cellular $80.52
Charitable Donations $20.00
Clothing - Unassigned $176.63
Clothing : Acessories $59.99

Dining Out $71.31
Education:Supplies $1.49
Gifts $12.75
Groceries $201.90
Dental Care $800.00
Hobbies/Leisure $97.00
Household: Supplies $4.84
Job Expense : Non refundable $25.50
Loan - Unassigned $194.31
Miscellaneous $261.88
Personal Care Unassigned $10.87
Personal Care: Dental Hygeine $7.67
Personal Care: Products $34.42
Hair Care $278.97
Snack $0.25
Federal Income Tax $266.74
Medicare Tax $36.30
Sales Tax $31.84
Social Security Tax $155.21
Cable/Satellite $43.53
Electrcity $142.22
Water & Sewage $89.68 (prepaid for August)
Grand Total -$3,407.36

On a different note I got an "B" in my accounting class Smile I was so excited because I could have sworn that I was hanging on my a thread

No computer again

June 23rd, 2008 at 02:36 pm

I just purchased this new laptop and now I can not log onto the internet Frown I have to check all my emails at work which sucks. Took it into to Bestbuy whose Geeksqaud has no clue. I told the guy it was the drivers and I was afraid to delete anything but he wanted to do it his own way cost me $53 and they still have it, he told me to give him 30 minutes (yeah right). Thank goodness it is still under the manufacture's 30 day warranty. Can you believe he wanted me to take it home, what and it is still covered and when I still can't connect pay you $100, I don't think so
I did not eat out today so I added $4 to my EF and another $35 because I washed and colored my own hair. Not sure what the balance is but will double check later
On a different note I added $3 to my challenge from Pinecone
New total $4404.42
Oops I forgot I got a "B" in that marketing class, thank goodness. It was going to be the death of me

not much

June 14th, 2008 at 11:03 am

Well my brother called to borrow $500 so I loaned him the money. I have no problems with him reimbursing me; my sister is a different story
I also checked to see if grades were posted for my online class and again the professor still has not posted them but he changed my grade on the first assignment giving me an extra 1.5 points. Why I do not know, but I am happy


May 17th, 2008 at 08:16 pm

I finally built up the courage to apply for the $50k grant for first time home owners, well printing out the paper work and filling it out. It is just a matter of turning it in on Tuesday, since I work all day Monday. Even if I do not get the full amount I would be happy with anything.
On a different note I am little annoyed I ordered one of my books on half.com that stated soft cover and it came today but was the international version. When I emailed the seller she said soft cover meant international which is not true, I have ordered and bought soft cover textbooks both on line and at the college bookstore that were not international and now I think she does not want to give me a refund, but I am waiting for her response and if she doesnt she will definitely get a negative feedback. She should have noted that the book was an international version like every other seller
Furthermore, the swelling from my tooth has not gone down and I have been on antibiotics since Thursday, now I can say I am still experiencing pain but not as much as before. I don't know if this is from the pain meds or not but what I can say is I AM SICK OF THS &*%%& TOOTH ACHE!!!!!!!!!

Not much to report

May 17th, 2008 at 02:59 pm

I still have a tooth ache so I won't be going to the baby shower, nor will I be going to help set up for the Cystic Fibrosis walk. I have been in the bed pretty much all day, but I need to head out to Publix for bread and o.j. I was able to complete my assignments for my marketing class but need to start reading the next two chapters and I just don't feel like it. But I'll see how I am feeling later

$10 JC Penney coupon

May 10th, 2008 at 09:44 am

I used my $10 JCP coupon to buy a babyshower gift and only spent $5. I am so upset because I forgot to order the gift card from mypoints that way I would not have spent a thing, but I guess $5 is better than $15. Either way I saved money. So the $10 saved went to the challenge. I have not been adding like I use to and want to get back on board with that.
I used the cc today to pay for my tuition and payday is next week so I will pay it in full then. I basically wanted to use it to redeem the points. I also bought my textbook for the second accounting class that is needed Frown (accounting is a lot of work) but any way the book only cost me a total of $8.09. $4.10 for the book and $3.99 for shipping. I am so glad that some one informed me about these different website that sell textbooks I saved about 90% on books each semester using these sites
Seems like it is a good thing I did not get into the summer practicum because I just reviewed the course syllabus for the account class and there is a lot of work, I hope I get my book next week so I can get a jump start on the assignments; classes start the end of June. For the marketing class I will start reading today at work

I did not get in

May 9th, 2008 at 06:39 pm

To the summer practicum that is (intership).So now I will not graduate until the spring of 09 Frown I am so ticked off because I have been working on getting things set up for the summer and started on my intership well before the summer, but since I am not in the program then there is no need for me to work so hard.
I won't stress as much to finish so I will take two classes in the summer, two in the fall and then two in the spring and graduate then. At first I was a little upset (ok a lot) but then I thought about it and said things happen for a reason. The woman who was over seeing my internship really did not know what she wanted me to do and I really did not care for anyway plus after I completed my internship I would not have a job so it's best that I intern at a place in which I could land a job
On a different note I got $3 from pinecone and added that to the challenge.

Another A

May 7th, 2008 at 09:36 am

Yep I got another A, I am like jumping for joy. I got the A in accounting and mind you this was the third time that I have take this course. Yesterday's final I got an 92. I am soooo happy. Now I am reading for my summer intern and I am a little nervous but hopefully all will be well


May 6th, 2008 at 05:43 pm

I was shocked when I saw my grade for a course I am taking ( Planning and Organization in health care) I got an A- I could not beleive it because I did not do too well on the tests. I am waiting on my final grade from the accounting class, I am positive I will have an A in that class as well, but we'll see

Great day again

March 31st, 2008 at 06:10 pm

Two days in a row I have had a great day. Today was a no spend day other than gas of $30 which I do not count. I got up early enough to make breakfast, took my lunch and snacks for work; in addition; to having left overs for dinner Smile
Then I headed to the library because I was having some problem with my accounting, I was able to complete chapter 10's homework Smile other than the hand out in which I will tackle tomorrow but it felt good to be able to understand what I was doing wrong. I also had $7 left over from last pay period in checking account 1 so I added that to the EF and looks like I will have $85 left from last pay period in checking account number 2 on Thursday so that will be added to my car/tuition fund


March 27th, 2008 at 07:36 pm

well I got the intern position. I will be pretty much working as th director of activies. Which is fine with me because I can pretty much work my schedule as I see fit. And since I already work at a senior facility, I can use some of their ideas and incorporate that with my internship.
In regards to my part-time job I got a call from my boss' boss assistant to set up a phone conference. I thought a phone conference you have got to be kidding me, you are too busy to meet with me or my concerns are not that important that you can do a quick conference call. I was so annoyed I just left her a message that I did not want a phone conference and to forget about the entire thing

More good news

March 24th, 2008 at 06:40 pm

I may have a summer intern at a senior living facility Big Grin My major is health administration and I had 3 choices 1. department of health 2. hospital and 3. nursing facility. I really enjoy working with seniors that is why I am still at my part time job,and the only reason. Any how my professor gave me a contact name of some on who runs an assited living facility and she contacted me for an interview on Thursday she was so excited but I became more excited when I look them up on the web and found out it was a senior living facility I got so excited. Keep your fingers crossed
I am soooooo excited

Wasn't too bad

March 23rd, 2008 at 07:52 am

I went in yesterday to my part time job they actually had some one on call in case I did not show...like I would really not show. It wasn't too bad but I did let one of the residents know what was going on and she was just as upset as I was but oh well. I figured they will be trying to get rid of me real soon so I will just stick it out and try and sock away my checks until they do. I finally applied for a summer intern, I have definately got to get on the ball with that...but haven't heard a thing
I was also able to get some studying in (accounting)and I have still not tackled my taxes Frown I have no idea why because I am due for a refund
For the last week I was able to add $8 to my challenge and $8 to the cc for brown bagging it, unfortunately I had to buy buy breakfast because my uncle managed to eat an entire half loaf of my bread with his dinner. But I will not go there regarding that


March 11th, 2008 at 12:02 pm

Very slowly I am getting back on track. Today I made my breakfast so $2 went to the challenge and I also had luch at home and $2 was paid on the CCs. I got about 20 minutes of studying in and will be heading to class later, just happy that I was able to complete my assignments

Much better today

March 10th, 2008 at 07:51 pm

Today was a much better day. I did not eat out at all so $2 went towards the CC and I got a $6 check for a survey that I must have completed in which I totally forgot about but was happy for. So I added $6 to my challenge
I still have not heard a word from that idiot boss of mine, maybe she is thinking of a way to fire me.
I finally sat down and did my homework for accounting since class is tomorrow, I feel comfortable other, than a few questions but other than that all is well on the home front

Well I am still alive

February 28th, 2008 at 05:25 pm

I am still alive, I know it has been a while but I have been so busy with my accounting class. I actually got an 89 on the second testt Smile so I am really excited. And you guys will be proud I managed to pay off another cc ($475) and add to my challenge and not eat out for two days. I think this is great especially since I have not been blogging for a while
New total for the challenge $7454.54

Busy and sick as a dog

February 16th, 2008 at 11:29 pm

I have been so busy with this accounting class that I forgot about everything else.
As you all know this is my third time taking this class Frown but it looks like I just may pass it this time. I got a 100 on both quizzes and 80% on the test in addition to 8 extra credit points. But as far as my planning in health care class goes, I bombed that test I had no idea what was on it; I guess I have been too focused on the accounting.

Anyhow I have not been adding to my challenge, I guess because I have not been blogging like I usually do and that means additional wasteful spending. I don't know what it is but if I am not blogging and making myself accountable I am spending

And this weekend I was hit with the flu. Friday two of my co-workers called out sick and one went home early and by lunch time my throat was so sore and red, by time I got home I was sick as a dog. I had some expired Theraflu and took my chances (I do not recommend this to anyone) but by Saturday morning I was feeling a little better. But low and behold it struck again this time by my chest was included and I was all congested so I got up want to CVS with my windows up and no a/c on, thinking if I sweat enough it may help . This was not a bright idea because by time I got home I felt like I had a hang over. Anyhow I bought everything you can think of for the flu including more Theraflu which is a God's sent because after I made it home, and slept for hours I felt better to go to work. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal

Just when I gave up

January 15th, 2008 at 07:23 pm

I am so excited, I thought that I would only have one class this semester and a professor that I emailed last week just responded and stated he would make an exception for me to attend his class Big Grin Now I am back on track to graduation, I just have to get 3 classes in for the summer and 4 for the fall and I am done Smileor vice versa. I can not stop smiling

First day of class

January 8th, 2008 at 08:15 pm

...went very well. Thank God, this is my third attempt and I definately need this class for graduation. I was a little upset that I could not getanother class in but i looks like it is for the best

What a day

December 10th, 2007 at 05:54 pm

First I have it out with my co worker. Since she has started the only problem I have with her is the gum. She shares my desk with me, and chews gum, then takes it out of her mouth, leaves it on the desk (unwrapped), touches every thing then puts it back in her mouth and again touches evey thing, mind you she is not washing her hands. Then she puts it back in her mouth and starts the whole process over. This drives me crazy because we share the desk and I do not want to touch anything she touches. The problem is she sees nothing wrong with this, and we work in a health care facility.

On a good note, I got a "C" in the class that I was worried about. Only 1 point away from a "B"

So I got 2 "A" and 1 "C"

Got home today and received my first check from Pinecone ($3) so this was added to my challenge


December 9th, 2007 at 07:15 pm

So far so go I just checked my grades for two of my classes and here they are:

Technology in health care 98.1% Smile
Health Research 97.28% Smile

However, my third class the one from Hell which had nothing to do with health care but should have been classified as a psych course, I am not sure of. Last I knew I had a 71% Frown and a paper as well as a final due. I am pretty good with the papers that I am not worried about but the final I am. I did study but his questions are tricky with a word like "and" you could choose the wrong answer only because of "and" or "or"

It is funny grades never was worth 2 cents to me in high school now I freak out, I guess because I am paying for it now and appreciate it more

Getting a jump start

December 9th, 2007 at 02:34 pm

Because this is my 3rd attempt with the accounting class, I have decided to study my butt off for the next three weeks, at least I will be ahead of the class and can ask any questions that I am unsure of. Right now I seem to have grasp the basics which was not the case earlier (keep your fingers crossed) I am hoping to get through chapters 1 through 6 or 7 that way I am way ahead of schedule and at least will get good grades on the first two tests


December 8th, 2007 at 08:36 am

This is my first week with out any real studying or writing a paper. I am out of school for holiday break and I am bored. I think I will be one to be in school the rest of my life. I know once I receive my BA I will go on to obtain my masters and then my Phd. I think I will start studying for my accounting class being that this is the 3rd attempt

Graduation party

December 7th, 2007 at 08:35 pm

I have decided that I want a graduation party. I have worked my behind off. Going to school part-time and some semesters full time, paying my way through college and not only that I am now working a part-time job, working full time and this last semester I went to school full tim

So my challenge for next year is to save for my graduation party in addition to my house. If every thing goes as plan and I can handle the course load I will graduate next fall and will be the first in my family to earn a BA degree so this is a big accomplishment

Doing Great

November 28th, 2007 at 04:57 pm

I just checked my grade for the research class I was taking and got an "A" I am so happy, that class really stressed me out, I know I will have "A" for the technology course, now I am just studying my butt off for my management class, that is the class that I really did not apply myself but I got an "A" on my paper, plus he gives 25 extra points in addition to the 9 points extra for the final paper. I am pretty sure I will get an "A" on that but I definately need an "A" on the final in order to pass the course so I am not out of the woods yet. I also added $25.59 to my challenge because that what was left in my personal account for misc. stuff

New total $5112.85

Work work work

November 10th, 2007 at 04:43 pm

I am referring to school, this semester has driven me crazy. I just finished up one paper, well not really finish I have to complete my conclusion (1-2 pages ) but other than that it is all finish all seven pages. This is the class that I am not doing to well in I have failed all my tests (2) but have gotten a 100 on my first paper. Plus he gives us 25 points just for showing up and I know my second paper will be fine so I should at least get a "C" in the class. My research class is just what it is research, I have computed so many graphs that I want to jump out of a window but at least I have an "A" in that class. Then I am taking an internet course and more writing

Going to school full time and working full time in addition to part-time is tough. Next semester I am only taking 2 classes I need a break

Team work? yeah right

November 7th, 2007 at 07:25 pm

I hate team work , my instructor suggested that we team up and was really encouraing it. Any way a classmante that I have had in my class for a while we decided to team up ( I thought this was a great idea) She actually teamed up with another classmate on the last assignment and was upset because she stated "she did all the work" Now I am starting to wonder. I thought we would both type up an essay about what we thought about the assignment and combine the two, wrong. She basically took over, I sent her my work and her comments were "it is all right" All right I worked my butt off not to mention I am the one who greated the graph for our assignment that she will be using. Grant it she has a high grade in the class and I have an "A" so why is she so dead set on not incorporating my work? I am PO'd
I think she did the same thing with her last partner who did not mind, but I want to learn, I want to know if I am interpeting the graphs right

Busy little bee

October 5th, 2007 at 07:50 pm

I have been so busy that I have not had time to thnink. Taking 3 classes, working both full and partime has had its toll. I have managed to spend a ton of money dining out because I am too lazy. I have however upped my CC balance (dentist and tuition) but on a good note I added to my challenge bring my total to $4662.99
I had a couple of offers on the car everyone wants it but has not bought it
Frown If it is not sold by Friday next week I am calling a junk yard to come and get it atleast I will get a little something

Pulling my hair out

September 23rd, 2007 at 06:45 am

I have been so busy, that I have not had time to think,save or anything else for that matter.

I am taking a research class Frown and it is the class from Hell. It may not be has hard as I think but it is a lot of work and rather than the instructor lecturing in class about the assignments he talks about other stuff and makes a video that he posts on his website in which he lectures about the assignment Frown

I have no clue what I am doingI sent him an e-mail to see if I was on the right track of course he has not responded

I have been eating out because I have been to busy with this assignment to even want to cook, so there as been a lot of money spent

On a different note I added $35 to my challenge since I did not go to the hair salon this week
New total $4206.97

Busy Busy Busy

September 9th, 2007 at 07:24 pm

This has been a weekend in which I did nothing but a %%$# paper. Sorry, but I am a little upset. I started this paper over 2 weeks ago and the professor stated if we e-mailed him what we had, he would look it over and send back. Well when did I get my response? FRIDAY and of course it was all wrong. The topic was adverse selection, but I wrote the paper in essay format which should have been in a type of research format with an intro and hypthesis, tables, etc. I was up until 1am Friday and 2am Saturday and I just finished sent it to my friend who will proof it and if it is wrong then so be it. Then I let a classmate borrow a book for a different class, she was to return today but I won't see her until Tuesday....arrrrrgh!!!!!

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