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Thus far

January 15th, 2007 at 07:16 am

I was reviewing my spending for the month, once again I am over on dining out and clothes Frown

Other Income
Other Income - Unassigned $22.21
Total Other Income $22.21
Refund $151.97
Wages & Salary
Wages/Salary Unassigned $1,295.20 1,295.20
Total Wages $1,295.20
Total Income $1,469.38 $1,469.38

Gasoline $58.08
Maintenance $222.58
Total Automobile $280.66
Cellular $75.52
Online/Internet Service $60.52
Student Loan Payment $56.00
Total Bills $192.04
Charitable Donations $21.00
Clothing $98.71
Dining Out $43.54
Books $92.25
Supplies $5.77
Tuition $357.70
Education - Unassigned $1.97
Total Education $457.69
Gifts $15.00
Groceries $62.58
Dental $11.65
Eyecare $11.94
Prescriptions $15.00
Total Healthcare $38.59
House Cleaning $5.14
Total Household $5.14
Job Expense
Non-Reimbursed $10.25
Total Job Expense $10.25
Newspaper $2.25
Total Leisure $2.25
Miscellaneous $149.11
Personal Care $47.51
Sales Tax $20.07
Snack $0.60
Federal Income Tax $117.06
Medicare Tax $18.79
Social Security Tax $80.30
Total Taxes $216.15
Expense - Unassigned $14.14
Total Expenses $1,675.03

Income less Expenses -$205.65

The totals are in

December 31st, 2006 at 06:39 am

I just went over my spending for December I was a little afraid but here it is...way too much on clothing,gifts and dining out, not to mention taxes. But at least the cc's are paid off and I can really start saving. Next I will look at my spending for the year also my misc. expenses are high because I had to lend my sister, friend and nephew some money
Category Total

Income Categories
Other Income $30.21
Refund $426.52
Reimbursement $200.00
Wages & Salary $4,222.50
Income - Unassigned $1.55
Total Income Categories $4,880.78

Expense Categories
clothing/accessories $30.58
Automobile $132.00
Bank Charges $10.48
Bills $488.78
Charitable Donations $50.00
Clothing $328.00
Dining Out $135.13
Gifts $350.98
Groceries $99.63
Healthcare $26.65
Insurance $207.44
Job Expense (non reimbursed) $3.73
Leisure $2.50
Miscellaneous $532.06
Personal Care $162.43
Sales Tax $51.27
Snack $0.99
Taxes $842.36
Vacation $100.00
Total Expense Categories $3,555.01

Grand Total $1,325.77

Month o date spending

December 11th, 2006 at 07:41 pm

I have not done too well this month and I have not even came close to my X-mas shopping here are the totals:

gas $27
Cell $68.15
internet $60.42
tithes $20
dining out $47.67
gifts $63.83
car insurnace $207.44
misc $173.43
personal $4.65
sales tax $10.66

Tally is in for November

December 1st, 2006 at 06:20 pm

I did ok for the month of November other than eating out and clothing, I did a little better:

Category 11/1/2006 -11/30/2006

Income Categories
Wages & Salary 2,076.40
Refund 23.97
Income/Interest 0.52
Income - Unassigned 1.61
Total Income Categories 2,102.50

Expense Categories
Taxes 345.47
Sales Tax 19.31
Personal Care 69.58
Miscellaneous 224.38
Loan 40
Leisure 14.5
Job Expense 2.19
Household 9.08
Healthcare 32.03
Groceries 153.34
Gifts 24.17
Expense - Unassigned 115.77
Education 5.66
Dining Out 106.28
Clothing 223.26
Charitable Donations 40
Bills 495.02
Bank Charges 35.68
Automobile 108.92
Total Expense Categories 2,064.64

Grand Total 37.86

Monthly Spending

October 29th, 2006 at 05:23 pm

I decided to review my spending for the month and it was not good. I really splurged this month and we still have two more days to go

CC Interest: $48.87
Cellphone $172.90 ( replacement phone)
electricty $162.87
Internet $23.41
Student loan $40
Telephone $39.31
water $43.08
Tithes $40
Clothing $85 (bookbag)
Dining $92.15
School Supplies $1.57
Gifts $28.62
Groceries $170.55
healthcare $51.65
Home supplies $9.90
misc $241.80
Personal care $28.81
Job exp (non refundable) $2.99
leisure $66.89 (software)
sales tax $7.29
Federal, SS, Medicare taxes: $456

Total $1966.09
Total income: $2826.34

Oops I forgot I paid a total of $1458.31 towards my cc

Mid Month Update

October 14th, 2006 at 08:45 am

went through bills and balanced out my account and notice I forgot to transfer some funds to the challenge Frown But that is ok because I did find my errors and balanced my accounts. However, for the month I went crazy just spending...looks like I am slowly but surely going back to my old ways in which I need to address ASAP especially since I was doing so well all year with minor errors.
thus far this month:
Misc $133.85
Gas $43.34
Cell: $120.55
Water $43.08
Groceries $64.99
Dining Out $49.61
Tithes $20.00
Extra on Student loan $20
Credit card payments: $217.26
Leisure $63.89 ( Norton Software)
Sales tax $3.32

End of the Month Tally, not too good

September 30th, 2006 at 03:38 pm

Car Maintenance: $300
Electricty: $163.28
Student Loan: $28.00
Auto Ins :$207.43
Cable: $65.87
Cloting $33.98
Dining Out:$41.06
Gifts: $47.77
Personal $26.59
Cleaning Supplies:$14.10
School Supplies: $19.16
CC Payments:$383.65
Job exp (not refunded)$18.38
Sales Tax: $65.86
Interest on CC: $58.34

Well I did get my notenook, which did it in for me regarding miscellanous spending and going back and forward to school boost my gas spending. Overall for the month I spent a lot more than anticipated I'll have to be really frugal for October

Spending thus far

September 16th, 2006 at 05:05 pm

I am checking my mid month total and it is not too good but not too bad either:

Gas: $57.00
Groceries $98.01
Cleaning Supplies $14.10
Car Maintence $300
Clothing $33.98
Dining out $29.90
Gifts $24.41
Health care $22.64
Misc $817.03 (including notebook)
Personal Care $5.92
sales Tax $58.65
Total $1460.74
The misc items $600.00 of that was for a notebook it wasn't a need so I included under Misc

Monthly Spending

August 29th, 2006 at 06:10 pm

Ok it is the end of the month for me so I have to tally up all my spending and savings. We did get our pay stubs today, my check won't be deposited until Thursday but I prepaid everything online for Friday's date 9even bills due next month) to be on the safe side. I am just looking at transactions that are important to me so here we go:

Total wages for the month before taxes $3626.27 and after taxes $3326.65 (?) this is what my MS Money shows

This month and last Month
Gas: $136.65, $121.05
home Exp: $894.49 , $188.98
Tithes: $60.00, $21.00
Clothing: 00.00 , $9.50
Dining Out: 36.07 , $43.81
Education: $874.48 , $00.00
Gifts: $11.35 , $33.10
Groceries: $192.29, $207.31
Healthcare: $129.98 , $221.65
Cleaning Sup: $25.60, $.87
Misc: 22.05 , $45.49
Personsl: $35.60 , $43.36
Leisure: $4.75 , $8.24
Hurricane Sup:00.00 , $9.88

CC debt: $1324.21
total savings$450.00

8 more days to go

August 23rd, 2006 at 06:52 pm

Until the end of the month that is. I was looking at my total spending and I am a little surprise but here we go:
Gas: $107.69 down by $13.36
Car Maintane: $3.19
Cable: $91.74 up $51.74
Celluar:$159.54 Frown
Electricty: 167.43
Home phone:$41.45
Water & Sewage:$40.39
Charitable donations : $40.00
Dining out: $19.71 Smile
Groceries: $169.76
Personal Care:$35.60
Leisure: $3.50
Sales tax;$8.40
Can't wait until the end of teh month to see how I do

$1099.04 thus far in Expenses

August 11th, 2006 at 05:40 pm

Gas: $35.00
Water & Sewage
Tithes: $20.00
Dining out: $19.71
Education/tuition: $370.10
Groceries:$39.28 Smile
Cleaning Supplies: $5.25
Job Exp:$.89
Misc: $3.10
Personal Care:$7.65
Sales tax: $2.74
Total: $925.18

Federal Income tax:$97.41

I am very pleased thus far with the grocery bill

End Of the Month totals are in

July 31st, 2006 at 10:58 am

Today is July 31 and I must say I think I did pretty good this month, here are my totals:

Total income $1829.58

Bank Charges: $133.00 my mistakes Frown
Interest Paid (cc) $77.33
Fixed Bills:$118.98
Charitable Donations:$21.00
Clothing $9.50 Smile
Dining Out $43.81 Wink
Groceries:$207.31 ;( I did not use coupons
Healthcare/insurance: $221.65
Household Cleaning/laundry:$18.70
Hurricane Supplies:$9.88
Job exp (non Reimburse) $5.99
Leisure: $8.24
Misc: 30.54 this is way down
Personal Care $43.36
Sales Tax: $9.52
Federal Income tax: 164.32
Medicare: $25.64
SS $109.66
Total: 1482.58

Income VS Spending Difference: +$397.08
So some things I went over but a lot of things were cut. Atleast I have funds saved Smile

July 31st is almost here

July 24th, 2006 at 06:04 pm

looking at my spending habits it seems a though I get really lazy at the end of the month and start dining out a lot more, but so far I have done pretty good for this month:
So here we go:

misc: $20.5
personal care:27.10
home expenses (cable,phone etc)$145.90
Gas: 77.04
Dining out: 30.23
Groceries: 149.98
Gifts: 33.10
Healthcare: 221.65 (100.00credit)
Hurricane Supplies: $9.98
I think I did really well this month, especially with the dining out. I still have a few bills to pay but I am happy

End of the Month

June 29th, 2006 at 11:48 am

I am so glad the month has ended. Bills are paid and I was able to send off another extra $125.00 on CC 2 Smile
I also added about 16.00 to the challenge today bringing my new total to $220.80(I met my $100.00 goal this month . Taking a look back I was able to cut down on eating out, that is always good news.
As I look back I did pretty good this month, 3 cc's paid off and 1 student loan

Student Loan: $280.07 (paid in full)
Groceries: $162.79
Gifts : $67.08
gas: $50.01 Smile
HUrricane Supplies: $41.39
Home bills (cable, Cell, etc) $509.84
Tithes: $60.00
Dining out $91.80
Healthcare: $21.65
Personel: $69.26
So all and all I did pretty good

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