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November 21st, 2011 at 04:17 pm

Thank goodness, I am off the rest of the week plus Monday. I am so happy, and to top it off my dentist office called to cancel my appointment. Yay! I really didn't have the funds anyway.

Today I had homemade breakfast, I skipped lunch because I was so busy, but I did have my lunch for dinner. Therefore $6 was added to my challenge/EF.

In addition, I received my mileage check from November, finally, so I added this to my checking account. This is a plus because being home for the rest of the week means I won't spend a thing and will have a nice amount to add to my challenge/ EF by the end of the pay period.

Since I won't be working I also calculated my mileage for November which totaled about $366 , I'll use this for the BF Christmas gift, not all of it of course. I really need a job where I am not doing too much traveling

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