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July 9th, 2022 at 03:16 pm

Just wanted to share that I landed a mid-level contract on Thursday and a lower-level one on Friday, both are remote.  So I should be able to net about $3500 a month. 


I also had an interview for a full-time remote position on Friday that went well and I’ll be moved to the second round, just waiting to hear from the recruiter, regarding scheduling. 


I’m also scheduled for two additional second rounds with two other organizations. One is in person $100k a year the other is remote $85k full benefits, honestly, I’ll take the remote job over the office, it’s not about to pay for me. It’s more so my peace of mind and the $100k role sounds toxic, I’ll explore and see what the CEO has to say. 


In other financial news, I’ve been able to make about $400 in gift cards submitting content for HR professionals. This has allowed me to significantly decrease my grocery, household, and personal budgeted line items. I wish I could use it for gas, but I’ll take this. 


I also had to pay close to $700 to get my car fixed. I’m glad I have the money in both my car fund and baby EF. I paid using my credit card for points and will pay the bill today.  I’m disappointed I had to tap into the funds though. I think I’ll take the funds from the baby EF since my six-month car insurance renewal is coming. 


Tonight is my class reunion, so I washed my hair and colored it, saved me $55 I’m adding this towards my EF. My goal was to get to $20k this year, and I’m $3k away. 


Lastly, I paid an extra $50 on the student loans. I’m praying I get one of those remote gigs because if that’s the case I can pay number 3 off next month 

7 Responses to “Mini-Update”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    That's great on the contracts.

  2. DW Says:

    You’re doing good, just don’t give up.
    Once you get the EF 1 fund to $20000, then pay loan 3 off, then get EF 1b to 5000 to give yourself more of a cushion. Then whatever you pay to loan 4 , apply 25% of that amount to EF 1b. For example
    if you have $2000 to apply to loan 4, apply $1500 to the loan and $500 to EF 1b. This will help you grow your cushion (if Murphy decides to revisit you), but you will also make progress on paying off your loan.

  3. Turtle Lover Says:

    that's great news! πŸ˜€

  4. Lots of Ideas Says:

    Look at you - I put it on the credit card for points -
    Did you ever think you’d get to the place where the credit cards were paying you to use them rather than soaking you for unbelievable interest rates?

    You are doing great!

  5. rob62521 Says:

    Good news indeed!

    To only be $3K away from your $20K goal is marvelous!

  6. crazyliblady Says:

    Congrats on the contract!

  7. GoodLiving Says:

    You've done some amazing progress, it just impresses me so much! What are you going to do to celebrate when you have paid off all your student loans?

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