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Not Every Discount is Worth It

March 3rd, 2018 at 06:26 am

Thank God for a sinking fund. Took my Camry in for a tire rotation, balance alignment and repair of the right tire rod. The car 🚗 is paid off with 222,356 miles.

I met a mechanic at the shop the last time I was there, who told me he did side work. But when I called him he wanted me to come in on a day that was slow, and his bosses weren't in. I'm thinking, I thought 💭 you did this at your home? Though I contemplated taking my car to him to save money 💰, I knew it was wrong. This is stealing, and God has been too good to me, so I took my car in for service and am prepared to pay what it costs in cash 💵

Hopefully the service isn't more than $400, because that's what I have in my sinking fund. I'm just waiting for a call back with the estimate.

Next, I was approved for the loan of $112k, closing must occur no later than June. I can't wait to sell the house and pay off my debt. I'm so thankful because, after paying off the debt, I'll still have money 💰 (20%) for the down payment. As well as a pretty decent EF. I can then get rid of the SO, my mortgage is estimated at about $350 less than rent. I'm going to cut the cable off, and start saving and living like no one else 😊.

This next pay period CC4 should be gone and then it's onto CC5. I'm so glad I started this debt pay off, that way I'm not using all my money from the sale to pay off debt. Feels good to finally see some progress.

On a different note, this month's book 📚 is "Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck" and I absolutely hate it! I'm almost done, I hate starting things and not finishing. The author encourages use of credit card and a line of credit, absurd. If I'm living check to check, that means one have not nipped their behavior in the bus and you're recommending credit card 💳 use, ridiculous.

4 Responses to “Not Every Discount is Worth It”

  1. CB in the City Says:

    I think credit card use is fine as long as you pay in full every month. It's the revolving credit that is the problem. I get cash back bonuses on my credit cards, so they're worth using. But I never fail to pay the total bill each month and I never pay interest.

  2. creditcardfree Says:

    I thought you were denied a mortgage loan and decided to wait?!

    We use credit cards like debit cards...they get paid off twice a month. They are NOT bad if you are living within your means and taking care of retirement and other savings needs. Where are you getting these books? Free self published type online? I've never heard of that one. Maybe you need to look at the library!

  3. DW Says:

    I use a rewards credit card too. I treat it like a debit card. My credit card allows multiple payments, so I pay it off everyday I use it.
    Credit cards to me are not evil , but it takes extreme discipline to use them.

  4. veronak Says:

    CCF at the time I'd applied with two lenders, trying to see who would give me the better rate. One denied and the other approved. My goal is to wait until June, I'll have my raise and pay off most of the debt from the raise vs the selling of the house. I was told not to pay off debt completely but I'm going to knock them all down until I close then pay them off and close them.
    I had a Kindle gift card and had being using it to purchase books online. This particular one had five stars

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