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$1,000 Payment Held

March 17th, 2018 at 03:28 am

On the 28th of February I paid a $1,000 on CC4. I notice that my available credit after paying it hadn't changed, so I called the credit card 💳 company. Well they were holding the funds.

Why would they hold the funds? Well I found out that if you make a large payment they hold your funds. This to me is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard of. I paid it and it should be processed. Well they finally processed it yesterday, two and a half weeks later. Smh

I've updated my side bar, things are looking pretty good. As you all know, I'm not going on the vacation but I'm saving now for a laptop. I probably could have purchased a refurbished one this budget period but I decided to wait, it's not a must. I do like the idea of putting money aside so when I want a big purchase such as a laptop 💻 that's not an emergency 🚨, I can simply just purchase the item. Or maybe one day I can treat myself to a fabulous lunch, and a little shopping that's credit card 💳 free. What I've found is that this program works but for me I need to do something nice once in a while or at least know that I can. Though I haven't done anything foolish since I've started, just knowing that I have the $100 to blow, if I get a crazy urge, makes me feel good. It's a process. Who knows, I may use this money to pay my CCs, that seems to give me the most pleasure. Who would have thought that paying down debt, gave you a natural high lol 😂 too funny.

I know Dave says to save a $1000 for the EF and then tackle debt. But my car is old with over 200k miles. I drive about 60 miles round trip each day for work. So for me, I think I need to budget funds for the EF, even if it's $20. I want to have at least $6k 💵 saved in case I have to buy another car 🚗. I'm happy that I was able to throw an extra $54 at it. This may slow me down a bit, but if my car breaks down rather than financing I'll have good ol sweet cash 💰.

Sinking fund, well this was to be for car insurance, car maintenance 🚗, Christmas 🎄 gifts and sorority dues; unfortunately I've been using this account strictly for car repairs. I'm glad I have the money 💰 but I was really hoping to be able to pay my car insurance for six months. I have one more item to fix on my car, once that's done everything else should be good and come October I'll be able to pay the six months.

Oh SO, has challenged himself not to spend any money, seems like last week he did pretty good. I didn't ask but I'm happy he's at least trying.
That's it for now.

2 Responses to “$1,000 Payment Held ”

  1. creditcardfree Says:

    Uh yes....paying off debt is a high! And eventually when you have no debt savings can be a high as well...although it's different for me at least. That's awful they (Target?) held a payment! Another reason to be on top of your debts and check for full payment processing a day or two later.

  2. LuckyRobin Says:

    Holding a payment because it is large? That is the most bizarre thing I've ever heard of. I have never had a company do that and we regularly make large payments. Maybe it's because it is a store card, but that just smacks of idiocy to me. Like they are trying to not pay it so they can charge you more interest or something. At the most it should only take 3 business days for it to be cleared through. There is absolutely no reason to hold it. Did they give you a valid reason for it or just say "we do this" because we do?

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