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Can I Cash This Check?

September 30th, 2020 at 11:07 pm

When my brother and I was going through it, I wasn’t happy with my original attorney, so I sought another one. I thought I had given her a deposit, to hold. $4,000. But I had no record.

Long story short, I’d asked about the money but the attorney said she didn’t have one. Today out of the blue, she called and mentioned she was cleaning her office and found an envelope with my name on it and a note marked to hold. Low and behold it is the check. She said she thought it was strange because normally the funds would go into the trust account. She’s returning to me. It’s a cashier check, I no longer bank with the bank that issued it, my question is, will I be able to cash it?

If I’m able to cash it, the money is going straight to my savings account. My goal is to save 6 month of my take home pay. I’ll continue to tackle my student loans the same as I am currently doing.

Other news, I paid another $320 on my student loans. My total paid for the month I believe is $3,000, I’ll calculate this weekend. I know that I’m just under $3k for my first loan.

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  1. Lots of Ideas Says:

    You have a cashiers check made out to the lawyer? Signed by you?
    I think you need to call the bank that issued the check and ask them.
    If you cannot cash it, then go back to the lawyer and tell them that they need to cash the check and write a check to you.

    The money is yours. No reason to let the bank keep it! This might take a little assertiveness but $4000 is worth it.

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