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My dad

January 27th, 2012 at 04:14 pm

My mom always says or implies that I treat my dad better than her, but here is why I love my dad.

I am not saying he is the best but, I do know he loves us:
- My dad will defend us to the end, not mom
- My dad will provide for us monetarily if need be, not my mom
- My dad always says, "I love you" my mom has told me this once in my 38 years here on this earth and when she did so it just didn't sound sincere.

Today my dad gave me $20, which I am so glad he did, I spent $20 at the gas station, so this is like a blessing to have the $20 spent earlier pretty much given back to me. But what really made me smile was when I said to him "Keep it I might need it later" he said "No take it" I said "Why are you giving me $20?" he said "Because I love you"

Those simply three words makes a world of difference, I strongly recommend that parents use it as much as possible.

My mom is so caught up in "I did this for you, you treat you dad better" that she misses out on what's important, like showing love. Yes you provided food, shelter, clothing etc. but what are those things if a person doesn't feel love?

On a different note I added the $20 to my EF, tomorrow I meet with the HOA of the new place that I'm moving into Smile
Things seem to be moving into the right direction

5 Responses to “My dad”

  1. LuckyRobin Says:

    I totally agree with you. I tell my children I love them every day (and hug them all the time) because I only ever heard it from my father on my wedding day, and my mother said it maybe only once a month or so (though with her I felt it). I never wanted my kids to doubt how I feel about them. My husband is the same way about showing affection, only he grew up hearing it all the time.

    If a child feels love from one parent and not the other, of course they are going to favor the parent that shows affection.

  2. veronak Says:

    It's strange because my BF likes to hug, and says I love you constantly and yet I find it very difficult but wished my mother had. I guess because my parents were divorced and I spent 99% of the time with mom, who showed nothing when it came to emotions, I find it difficult to show my BF. However, I must admit I am much better

  3. momcents Says:

    I am glad that you have your dad. To feel love from a parent in the non-verbal mode helps develop our sense of well-being and security. Your posts really get me thinking about my own upbringing. Being born to very young parents who were clueless and fought left me as a pawn between them. I do thank God for my grandparents on both sides who loved me like a parent should. Smile

  4. ccraw Says:

    I also grew up with parents who seldom told us they loved us. We knew we were loved but it would have made a world of difference to have heard it regularly. I've always told my kids that I love them. They also tell me that they love me. Even now that they are grown theres rarely a day that goes by that we dont at least text each day how much we love each other. I do the same with my sister and both of my parents.

  5. veronak Says:

    Smile thanks everyone.

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