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Missed you

September 29th, 2008 at 01:21 am

Hi guys
I am still alive, just been caught up in this election. I am 34 and have voted in every single election since 18 even local ones and lately I have been sleeping and eating politics; blogging on In addition, I have managed to rack up my credit card and not save anything towards my house/challenge, falling back into old habits I will post new figures within the next few days. But I must say I miss every one here and I am sure we have some new bloggers as well, sorry I haven't took the time to welcome you so I am say it now WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One thing I can say is that you guys keep me on track and I feel so guilty for back sliding and not posting which I contribute to my back sliding

Miss you and will back real soon


September 8th, 2008 at 03:01 am

I have had the worst week. First, my dad and I have it out because he thinks that I am trying to steal his rental property. It is a long story but basically my dad is an alcoholic and all his life he has thought that some one is trying to rob him and now I think he has early signs of dementia but it doesn’t bother me that he thought I was attempting to steal his property (his new tenant mailed me the rental check in stead of him, and I cashed it the same day and took it to him) but what bothers me is that my oldest brother thought/thinks the same thing. Thank goodness I have other siblings including my uncle who all know better and who called him and gave him (my brother) a piece of their minds. But to make a long story short I will no longer over see his rental property or anything else for him. I did tell my dad but I know by next week he will be calling but the brother who accused me can handle it from here on out and he will soon find that is not an easy job especially when you are not being paid.
Then I spend a ton of money for hurricane supplies, even though the storm is way south of us we should start feeling some strong winds in addition to a lot of rain
And yesterday I went to see a friend and her niece who is also my friend who is a nurse is in a terrible situation. We have to keep in mind that just because it appears as though people are doing well they really aren’t. In her case she has a car in which she has not made a car payment in over a year and will not turn in the car, she has lost her last 4 jobs and now is at another place, in addition to the car she has a ton of other bills
On a different note I watched all my rental movies from the library today, I don’t know why I never picked up movies from their before. I just had a nice relaxing day today.

What a day

September 2nd, 2008 at 02:24 am

Wow I have had such a busy weekend. Today I watched Juno" and " Delores Claiborne which were great. But I had to move my things to another storage, my sister who lost her place told me this week that she was going to move her things to the spare bed room at her new apartment and if I wanted to place my things there I could but once I made it to the storage I decided to place my own things in storage. If she had told me months ago I could have went through those things and got rid of some stuff but oh well. The problem that I had was that I mentioned to her let's just split the bill and she said she would not be able to pay $20 a month well guess what she too has things in the new storage as well as her husband and of course I am footing the bill. The only reason why I am not really complaining is because I did have my things in their garage for some time but I just simply wish she had been honest with me months ago.
Now I did go out this weekend with a few friends which ended up costing me about $30 not too bad but bad enough. Then I gave my uncle $20 for helping move my things at the last minute and I also gave my nephew about $6 . I tell you I can strangle my sister she drive me nuts
Now I have some one who is giving away a queen size bed with box spring on free cycle that I am going to try and pick up tomorrow, since my sister gave my nephew mine and then asked me after she gave it to him.
I also made an attempt to pay my tuition and am having the hardest damn time I am so annoyed because that means I am going to have to make a special trip to the college
Enough with my rant that is it for now