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Hurricane Ian - I'm Safe

September 30th, 2022 at 12:45 am

Thank goodness the storm passed us by, we had a few tornadoes and a ton of rain with fierce winds; however, our west coast friends did not do much. 

There is massive damage on the west coast. I’m thankful it didn’t hit us but I’m also sad it made landfall in another area. 


Keep Florida in your prayers. 

Work, Hurricane and Student Loan

September 26th, 2022 at 01:39 am


Well prayerfully we won’t get hit with a storm. 


I literally just got an estimate on hurricane shutters, $6k for all windows. The good thing is I won’t have to run around trying to get plywood, nails and someone to put them up once they’re installed. Not to mention, I think I also get a decrease on my homeowners insurance. I’m thankful I have the cash to pay for it. 


With the storm approaching I’m also thankful I locked in my price prior. Things tends to go up around here once there is a hurricane. 


Last week at work was much better, I’m still looking for another job though. I decided to put my foot down and not let that nitwit administrator run my department. S/he’s an idiot, and is now officially on my documentation list. I shared with my assistant that s/he isn’t to have one conversation with him/her without me as a witness and vice versa. I hate when things comes to this, especially since I’ve only been there a month, but this individual is trouble so I need to cover my 

a🤬 until I find another job. 


Everyone complains about this individual, but won’t share with the executive. I’ve shared my concerns with my executive and it’s whatever, well at least it appears that way.


Other news, I’ve applied to consolidate my student loan today. This will give me more bang for my buck if I am eligible for the loan forgiveness, it will allow for the full $20k pay off.  I’m just shy four years for 100% loan forgiveness, I worked at a nonprofit for about 6 years total 

Work Chaos Is Impacting My Health

September 18th, 2022 at 05:53 pm

I started this job and it is complete chaos. I really want to quit but I have nothing else lined up. 


First, the so called training was inadequate. Next I didn’t have access to things I needed to get my job done, then they hired an assistant for me, one who has no skills in the profession or even computer skills, so not only am I learning my role but I’m also training someone else on HR and computer things such as Adobe, Excel etc. don’t get me wrong, I really like my assistant, however, I need someone who has some bit of knowledge. 


Its grand central station, even with a sign that reads do not disturb meeting in progress hanging on my door people will knock at the door until I answer. There is one deadline after another. Its crazy. This place, though they’ve been around for years, is like a startup on steroids and I’ve had my share of startups. Noting compares to this. 


Friday I left early because my blood pressure was sky high and I had a nose bleed. SMH 


Needless to say that after 30-days of working there I am back on high blood pressure medication. 


My predecessor lasted four months and his/her predecessor lasted a year. 


I am going to take a look at my finances. First I have to consolidate my student loans, that way I can reap the benefits of the full 20k forgiveness. 


Next im going to have to find out the cost if health insurance. Now that I am back on meds I can’t go without. 


I hate this. Weird thing is something told me not to take this job. 

Loan Payment

September 9th, 2022 at 10:40 am

Just dropped $500 on my student loans. If feels good to be able to start this back up aggressively paying it off after a few months hiatus. 

Though I’d love to see my lower balance loan knocked out, it makes more sense financially to tackle the larger loan since there is interest involved, and payments will resume in January. I’m still hoping I see some forgiveness but if not at least I know I’m working on it 


I wish there was a change in the repayment practices though. It makes no sense to make payments for years only to see the loan increase. Ridiculous 

What should I do?

September 3rd, 2022 at 09:55 am

I'm confused about which student loan to tackle. 

student loan 3 has a balance of $7700 with no interest. Student loan 4 has a balance of $27,600 with interest. 


I don't think I'm eligible for the loan forgiveness and I'm not upset about it. However, my dilemma is whether should I pay the loan that has no interest or the one with an interest balance in hopes that I do get forgiveness. 


Another part of me is telling me to knock this $7700 balance out quickly