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Juneteenth and Father's Day

June 19th, 2022 at 03:15 am

Tomorrow is Juneteenth as well as Father's Day. My dad never celebrated the holidays, and I miss him dearly. I would still visit with him on this day, I’d do anything to talk to him again. 


I decided to treat my ex-fiance to lunch/brunch. He has had a rough 2022, the poor guy is literally in tears almost daily. Since it was Juneteenth and I also wanted to support Black-owned businesses, I thought, why not brunch/lunch? I can kill two birds with one stone, take him out to get his mind off things, and support a small business owner so it worked out. 


He finally realized he needs to get his crap together and that the mother is toxic. I heard him snap at her, sadly rightfully so, something he never did. Even his daughter says the mom is toxic. 


In other news, I haven't heard a thing from either of the companies I interviewed with, I have been ghosted, I absolutely hate that. I was hoping to get some idea of my status before my trip and nothing. Not taking any chances, I paid myself for July. Paid my tithes, mortgage, a $100 on the student loan (boy do I wish I could do more), and my internet bill. I hate not being able to throw more at this student loan. Interest will start up again in August, which sucks. 


I also applied for another remote-jobs, hopefully, something will come in before August. 


Yikes, I forgot. I finished up three articles for $300 in gift cards. I can use this for gas and groceries, hopefully I'll be published this week so that I receive payment. 


June 15th, 2022 at 11:59 pm

I'm so glad that I had the free at-home COVID test. I've had a headache for a few days and that's a symptom of COVID. I was able to take an at-home test and I'm glad to say it's negative. 

I've gotten a little lax with my mask and numbers in Florida are on the rise. This is a reminder to take the necessary precautions 

Potential Job, What’s Your Thoughts?

June 15th, 2022 at 10:13 am

I have the potential to make $150k a year with a recovery center, the position is on site and three miles away. I provided a range of $120-$150)


My issue is that I do not want to work on site but the money looks good. 


I have about one year of expenses saved, my only bills are my house, student loans (currently paused) and every day bills such as electricity and water. 


The interview process is moving quickly, things seem chaotic and the recruiters can’t answer any of my questions. 


I’m thinking if offered, should I take it for a year then quit? By this time I can knock my mortgage down to half and pay off my last two student loans. 


On the other hand I’m interviewing for a job that’s 100% remote, all benefits are paid, salary max is $85k to start, I’ll get a stipend every month for office supplies and my internet paid for. The position is what I’ve been looking for 


What’s your thoughts? Do I keep looking for a job similar to option two ($85k) or if offered and I’m almost certain I will be take option A ($120-150k)? Thanks

Great Week, Landed an Interview

June 11th, 2022 at 03:53 am

This was a pretty good week, here are my wins. I finished another article for $100 in gift cards, just waiting on the editor to review. I still haven’t received payment for my last article which is weird so I’ll reach out to them. I’m trying to complete as many articles as possible so I don’t have to use cash for anything.


I removed and trashed a few items from the attic. I’d put this on hold because I’m so disgusted. My sister has a bunch of crap on my attic that she needs to come and get. Pretty soon I’m going to take it to her. Get rid of it, you’re not using it. 


I also made $75 in credit card cash rewards that I added to my EF and I landed my first job interview. 


I’m so excited for this interview, it’s everything I’m looking for, 100% medical and dental, monthly office allowance, internet bill paid, fully remote and professional development. My only drawback is max salary is $85,00, I’ll see if it’s negotiable. In addition to all this, it’s the role in looking for. I’m over HR and want to move into the technology side. I’m speaking it, I’m getting this job! 

oh and a contract that was renewed was extended until next month. 


Positive Net Worth

June 8th, 2022 at 04:27 am

Finally closed my books and I was right, I went way over in the travel category last month due to poor planning. I can't beat myself up over spilled milk, I just have to make adjustments, primary adjustment, be involved in the planning whenever there is a trip. 

Other than that, I either broke even or came in under budgeted. There were a few unexpected home repairs, it happens and I was able to pay all expenses  in cash. 

I decided to run a few more reports and found that in October of 2021 was when I hit a positive net worth. I never really looked at this number, disgusted I guess, but now more than ever I'm so interested in tracking. It's a goal to get to six figures, just as much as it is to pay off my debt. 

As of today, my net worth is $39,799.17 with a credit score of 845, and total available cash $41,852.90. I would have never thought I'd see this day, never in my life I could have imagine a thing like this. Wow! 

I am going to keep pushing, my goal is to hit millionaire status  one day and I think I can do it.  

Rain Barrels

June 8th, 2022 at 01:45 am

Over the last few days we got a ton of rain. Just so happen I had a bucket out side and water was collected. I’ve decided to use this to mop my floors. 


I’m thinking about getting a rain barrel to catch water. 


Anyone have one? 

Planning for My Trip

June 6th, 2022 at 09:50 pm

Super happy. Though I have some items to complete to ensure that today was productive, for the most part it was a good day. 


I went ahead and booked my Photoshoot for my upcoming trip. I noticed that my BoA is offering 20% cash back for booking so that’s a savings of $44. 


This trip I took the bull by the horn and made sure that I planned for those things that I want to do. By preplanning, I will save a ton of money. Last time everything was fly by night so we spent way more. 


Day 1 I already listed and mapped the places I want to see. I’ve secured a driver, and his rate. $30. The sites I'm going to, are free. 


Day 2 is an all-day tour, that include lunch, caves, plantations and beaches, pick up, drop off and ferry rides to two other islands  $260. 


Day 3 beach day and photoshoot, with a little shopping, $179. I might make this day an all day beach day and skip the shopping. 


Day 4 beach day and relaxation. I may toss in a massage but I'm not sure yet. 


My goal was to spend $500, I'll have to bump this a little because of food, and souvenirs. I already identified the souvenirs (and cost) I want. Silver necklace ($60), and a beach bag ($20). 


I think this will be a much better trip. Though I'm flying in and out with others, I've planned for myself to do what I like and am interested in. 


By the way, though I used the CC to book, I paid the bill immediately, so cash πŸ§  was used to foot this bill.  

Amazon Split

June 6th, 2022 at 03:59 pm

Just curious, anyone pick up a few shares of Amazon (AMZN) after today's split? 

Financial Bullying

June 4th, 2022 at 10:14 pm


I found this new podcast and the first episode that I listened to was about financial bullying. I had no idea that, that was even a term or how to describe what I feel when I say no to others, or how others feels about my journey. 


The podcaster discussed how others try to make you feel a shame or guilty if you don’t do things a certain way (insert Dave Ramsey) or say no to activities. 


I immediately thought about the many times I said no to things because it wasn’t in my budget and friends would give me looks, roll their eyes, make comments. Listening to the podcast I also thought about  the many times I’ve been asked when was I going to do my kitchen, remodel etc? I always felt bad or ashamed. After listening to this podcast I actually got angry. People actually do this crap, rather than encouraging each other, we beat folks down was my thought. 


Fast forward to today. I was chatting with the ex and shared that our dentist had sold his practice and that he should have started the much needed dental work he needed,  especially since the dentist discounted cost drastically. His response was “well I don’t have money like you.” I was furious when he said this,  so I responded, “this is your health, rather than getting new seats ( re reupholstered) for your car, you should have gotten your teeth fix.” 


Well I soon realized we were both engaging in financially bullying. Me, making him feel bad that he hadn’t gotten his teeth taken care of  and taking advantage of the discounted cost, and him being upset that I’ve managed to save and am comfortable. 


What I’ve learned is that everyone’s journey is different, we are only responsible for ourselves, and this is okay. Next time he complains about money, my only response is, only you have the power to change your situation. 


Different news, I polished my nails and toes today, saving close to $50. Even though I’m not a nail salon person it’s still nice to know what I saved. I also paid $31.41 on my mortgage principal because I had odd balance and  I rounded down to the nearest 100. 


Went to Walmart for a few things, it was raining so I couldn’t walk. I used a gift card but ended up going to Publix and having to spend cash because the shelves at Walmart were empty. 


I also booked my day trip/excursion. I used the CC for points but will pay that off tonight. I’m such a nerd, I’ve calculated everything down to the souvenirs I want to buy, I searched online and got estimated costs, lol. I didn’t ask my family if they were interested. I’d previously shared the info, no one responded and I didn’t want to harass someone in spending money they don’t want to. 


The financial journey is all about behavior change, one thing I do agree with Ramsey on 

I made It!

June 3rd, 2022 at 10:50 pm

Wow time flies. Today marks one year since I left my job. I took a leap of faith, I had no plan, and no job, all I knew was I was sick of being emotionally abuse and risking my health. One year later, I know that this was the best decision I’ve made in a long  time. 


Over the year I’ve managed to decrease my blood pressure, later getting off high blood pressure meds, pay off two student loans, bump my savings, drastically, because I was literally able to bump my salary almost 100%. 


Took a few vacations and basically put me first. I’m thankful and I know that it’s only by the grace of God that I survived. Was I nervous, scared etc? Hell yeah, but I made it. 


In financial news, I picked up a few more index funds after adding to my IRA. I’ve applied for a ton of gigs, I got one hit and this weekend I’ll submit a few samples of my work. I was also able to get some work in for client, about $900 this week and $500 last week. The good thing is my monthly expenses are $1300, so this covers July and I won’t need to touch my savings πŸ˜€. I was so worried when I lost my big client but things are working out. 


I also picked up another article so that’s $100 in gift cards. 


All in all, all is good. 




Increased Gas = More Walking

June 2nd, 2022 at 03:55 pm

Well gas in my area hit $4.75, I’m not complaining because in other areas it’s way more, I am simply turning this negative into a positive, so I walked to the grocery store, a mile each way. 


By doing this I got my cardio in, saved on gas and saved on groceries because I’m limited to what I can pick up. I also took another route which was a little short but more challenging, this helps with preparing for my upcoming trip. I’ll be doing a lot of walking on a ton of hills. 


I’m happy to report the roof issue is cleared up. 

Tuesday Wasn’t So Bad

June 1st, 2022 at 12:19 pm

I decided to go back to using my planner and yesterday, with only five hours in, I was super productive. It’s amazing how one small change can be a game changer. 


I completed everything on my to-do list except two items. I’m feeling great!  

Those two items, call Apple because I had a $.99 recurring charge and to call Priceline for a refund of about $150 that was not credited to my card. 


I also had followed up with the HOA “again” regarding my roof. I received another letter, smh. The manager informed me months ago that he had my inspection now he claims he doesn’t have it. So I sent the original email with the attachment that approved the delay of me getting my roof done. I haven’t heard back that he received it, so I’m calling today for confirmation. This is ridiculous 


I’m thankful that an old client brought me on again. Yesterday I made about $500 for a few hours. This week I’m projecting about $1500. πŸ˜€. This will cover my monthly July expenses. 


Today, I get to sleep in a bit but it’s still a busy day. 


I’m thankful for every opportunity God has given me.