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Proud Aunt

August 29th, 2008 at 11:53 pm

I am proud of my nephew, he just left today to help out with the storm. Last year he graduated from firefighting school but haven't landed a job yet due to budget cut and job freezes; however, he is working as a medic. Anyhow I am a little worried but it will be a great experience for him.
On a different note I decided to volunteer for the Department of Aging since I am scheduled to graduate next year and want to work in the same industry, so this too will be a great experience. Unfortunately I am only taking one class this semester so next semester it is going to be tough so I better enjoy my little break
I also added $3 to my challenge, this was money earned from Pinecone

Friend? hmmmmm I do not think so

August 29th, 2008 at 03:10 am

Sorry long post
Ok I met this classmate a few semesters ago and what I notice with her if you got a 90 she got a 93, if you had 86 she had 90 and so on but she will never tell you her grade first she always ask you. However over the summer we took a marketing course and she asked me again what my grade was and I told her but she never told me and I did not ask. No mind you she says she did not answer the last question on the final which was worth 10 points but yet she got a 100 and there was no extra credit. So over the last few weeks she has mentioned how she needs to register for the marketing class, but of course I did not say anything because I figured if you took the course and passed then there was no need to register...I guess she forgot
Anyhow we have a mutual friend who was register in my Thursday night class that I did not attend tonight because I wanted to watch the DNC (being that history is being made today whether I agree with Obama or not) so she calls me up to see how the class is going and says to me A is dropping the course because the instructor is a jerk (that I already knew) but the point that I am trying to make is that I asked her for A's number to see if she wanted to commute to another campus together and of course she says to me she did not have the number (God forbid if A and I take a course and move closer to graduation with out her) So I am thinking if she just called you on your cell wouldn't the number appear? In addition, in the past when we all have taken courses together she has whipped out her phone and looked up A's number with out any problem and now today you no longer have it hmmmmmmm. I know some may say well maybe she doesn't want to give it to you. Well she has in the past and unfortunately I missed placed it and she was to call me just the other day because A has a book that she was lending me and this so call classmate was going to give me her number to get the book, now she no longer has the number. Yeah right?
The point is, if she thinks that you are doing a little better than she is she is not happy with it and she knows that if I complete this semester I will be graduating in the spring. I am just so annoyed because I have caught her in so many lies, one minute she will say I do not need to take the accounting class because I already have then she'll say oh I registered for that online. blah blah blah I wonder why
But when she calls I am just going to tell her what I think and cut her loose because friends like that who needs enemies

So in the end I am only taking one class but I am meeting with the HR director at the Agency for Aging to do some volunteer work since that is the place that I would like to work after graduation, in addition giving me a little break

On a different note, my uncle called today to borrow $800. I will lend it to him because he has never asked before and it must be serious if he is asking
My beautician called as well she needed to borrow $20 now I have been going to her for about 15 years and she has never asked so I gave it to her and when I went in on Wednesday we called it even

No spend day

August 24th, 2008 at 03:02 pm

I have had two no spends days (Saturday and Sunday) I have stayed in all weekend not even moving my car Smile
Today I did laundry so $3 will be added to my EF (goal is now to get to $2000) because I line dried 3 loads. In addition, my co-worker on Friday gave me a gift card for Sweet Tomatoes ($10) so I added this to my EF as well.
New total $1554.05
On a different note, I finally got my bridge in on Thursday which cost me another $450. I wasn't expecting this I thought when I paid the dentist $800 the last time that, that was it but I guess not. So $450 was deducted from my EF
So far this year I have spent $3270 on dental work and I have not even started the implant as of yet

Just staying in all weekend

August 24th, 2008 at 01:11 am

I planned on staying in all weekend, so I hit the local library on Thursday and picked up 5 movies to enjoy over the weekend and thus far I have watched two out of the five and finished up a book I was reading. What I have found is that sometimes being single can be tough but if you get out and do things it's not so bad and I am enjoying my "no spending money" weekend Smile
School starts up Monday and can you believe I have not paid my tuition or did any price comparison for books nor picked up any supplies and most importantly informed my boss I have to leave an hour early on Mondays, I guess you can say I am really not into it this semester. I am burned out but I need to get over this, real soon and get the ball rolling
In addition, we have a serious problem with ants, they are even in my bed and I do not eat at all in my room. Where are they coming from? I dropped some ant kill but can't seem to get rid of them. I had to trash a brand new bottle of pancake syrup because of them...arrrgh

Giving thanks

August 21st, 2008 at 03:30 am

We must all give thanks and be happy for what we have. I say prayer every night thanking God for the things I have but I never really considered how Blessed I truly am.
Today I spoke to a long time friend who I have not heard from in a long time (via email) and she has been through Hell and back it seems. First her mom died, then her sister was just killed and prior to that she was diagnosed with HIV leaving 6 small children behind and then her grandfather passed away with pancreatic cancer. I can’t even go into more details because the stories behind these deaths are so traumatic and heart breaking. I just ask that you guys keep B in your prayers because she really needs it and remember when you think things are bad for you there is always someone else with far more troubles than yours
Here is my list of things that I am thankful for (not in any particular order except for number 1) what about you?
1. God watching over me
2. a roof over my head
3. transportation to get to and from
4. a job
5. my family and friends
6. my education
7. my health
8. Clothing on my back
9. food
10. running and drinkable water
11. electricity
12. a nice comfortable bed to sleep in
13. funds saved for a rainy day
14. this forum, which helps me to cope with a lot of things happening in my life
15. my sanity- Lord knows at one point I almost lost my mind
16. making it through yet another storm
17. waking up this morning
18. getting to and from today safely

Payday and how the money is spent

August 19th, 2008 at 08:41 pm

Yesterday was pay day so I paid the following:
$1512 on cc (this money came out of my challenge Frown much of it dental work)
$192.04 Electric
$20 Tithes
$100 on cc
$51.03 Water
$53.53 Directv
$25 IRA
$170 EF ($40 of this was from not paying a phone bill for the land line I no longer have)
$10 X-mas fund
$20 personal spending account
$40 Challenge
$20 Tuition fund
$20 Car fund
Not bad, I actually saved $260 out of my check and still have about $400 left after pain bills but it goes quickly. Oh I forgot I added the extra $10 saved on the satellite bill for referring my dad so I actually added $180 to EF saving a total of $270
Anyhow Tropical storm Fay just left Big Grin I am so glad that there was not much damage in our area. My sister lost power for a short while but it came back on. The winds were really picking up and it could have been worst but thank goodness it wasn’t.

No to bad

August 15th, 2008 at 02:06 am

Wasn't a bad day today. First I had breakfast at home so $2 went towards my cc then I worked a half day so lunch was also prepared at home (another $2 towards the cc). Took a short nap and then hit the dentist, I can't wait for all this to be over. I had to be fitted for my permenant bridge and the next visit should complete everything.
After the dentist I hit the library, I was unable to locate my library card so it cost me $4 to replace and $2.40 in late fees Frown I am always late on my returns and I do not have a good reason as to why. Be that as it may I rechecked out the book I did not finish reading and two movies for the weekend


August 13th, 2008 at 02:37 am

I received our electric bill today and it was $197 Frown and my mom had the nerve to say " did you see how much the electric bill was?" I was so annoyed. Because she is the one that falls asleep with the TV on, leaves everything plugged in and is here all day with the a/c on. But what can I do other than pay it
On a different note I had breakfast at home so $2 went towards the CC and then I had McDonald's for lunch so $3.31 went towards CC.
I tried hitting the beach but once again as soon as I pulled up the rain began shortly after
And last butnot least $3 went towards the challenge, earnings from a Pinecone survey

Not to good

August 11th, 2008 at 12:53 am

I had planned on hitting the beach early but my plans got all screwed up. The dentist called stated she would see me at 11:15am but when I called back to confirm no answer. So I stuck around for awhile and still no response, her husband called and stated he would meet me if she did not respond. So on my way to Blockbuster's(after no response) to return a movie for my uncle she calls but guess what she did not have a key to the office...hmmm
Anyhow to make a long story short I have to lose an hour from work tomorrow to go to the dentist. I can't understand why this temporary keeps coming off, I don't even eat on that side.
Anyhow I finally made it to the beach only to be there for 30 minutes and have the skies to open up. Then I could not close my beach chair, can you stand it? So now I am carrying all this stuff in this thunder storm along with an open chair that I had trouble getting into my car


August 10th, 2008 at 02:13 pm

Te dentist finally called me regarding my bridge so I am meeting his wife at 11:15 today. I prefer her but I think she is no longer working any more which sucks. He's a nice guy but I think nice simply deosn't cut it.
Any how I a plan on hitting the beach today and spending my entire day there. Thursday I was there all afternoon and had the best time


August 9th, 2008 at 03:30 pm

I am very nervous, I am having all this dental work done and my bridge is costing me about $2500. It has fallen out three times all on a weekend. Now I know this is a temporary but I have had work done in the past and the temps never fall out. A call was placed to the dentist and if I dont hear from them by noon, I'll call the emergency number. No way am I going all weekend with missing teeth

Back at it

August 9th, 2008 at 02:49 am

I have fell off the wagon a number of times since I have not been posting regulary, but I plan on getting back on board.
Any how I returned a pair of $123 jeans that I did not need and a $22 dress that was not needed. In addition, my hair expense sky rocketed so I have got to go back to every other week. Here is what last month totals and I am not happy Frown

Expense Categories
Gasoline $286.54
Cellular $80.52
Charitable Donations $20.00
Clothing - Unassigned $176.63
Clothing : Acessories $59.99

Dining Out $71.31
Education:Supplies $1.49
Gifts $12.75
Groceries $201.90
Dental Care $800.00
Hobbies/Leisure $97.00
Household: Supplies $4.84
Job Expense : Non refundable $25.50
Loan - Unassigned $194.31
Miscellaneous $261.88
Personal Care Unassigned $10.87
Personal Care: Dental Hygeine $7.67
Personal Care: Products $34.42
Hair Care $278.97
Snack $0.25
Federal Income Tax $266.74
Medicare Tax $36.30
Sales Tax $31.84
Social Security Tax $155.21
Cable/Satellite $43.53
Electrcity $142.22
Water & Sewage $89.68 (prepaid for August)
Grand Total -$3,407.36

On a different note I got an "B" in my accounting class Smile I was so excited because I could have sworn that I was hanging on my a thread