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Quit My Job

June 13th, 2021 at 08:42 pm


Well I decided to leave my toxic job. I’ve never done anything like this but my peace, and health was more important. 


I witnessed a ton of abuse, as well as illegal activities, my blood pressure skyrocketed and I had anxiety as well as insomnia. I really want to report them but but doing so will blackball me. 


Thank God I started paying down this debt,  saving money and refinance my house. Without doing so I would have had to stay in that environment. 


I had a few interviews last week and I’ll be applying to a few more. I have about 8 months worth of expenses save. 


Saw the doctor and now that I’m gone from that place, my pressure decreased and the doctor said she may can take me off. Just waiting on my blood work to come back. 


I’ll be applying for unemployment. I also still have my side hustle so that will pay my mortgage every month.