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Shopped My Closet

January 26th, 2020 at 01:33 pm

My glasses and contacts were $340, I had $230 in my HSA account. The difference for me to pay is $110. I’ve got to bump the dollar amount of my contributions.

Well I actually had selected enough but the payroll team keeps screwing up. I’ll reach out to the controller tomorrow. For some reason the amount is always less.

Last night I attended a dinner event, hosted by one of the fraternities. I’m so proud of myself because I shopped my closet vs going out and buying something. The old me would have bought a new outfit for the event.

Lastly, I completed day 26 of no dining out, feeling great!

Retiring this site

January 25th, 2020 at 05:08 pm

I think I’m ready to hang up the towel on this site.
Can’t post, comments, or pictures. It like every other month there is a problem

Credit Card Tracker

January 25th, 2020 at 12:22 am

Paid another $157 on my CC and the balance is now $5,314. Next week I’ll be able to add $500 to it. I can’t wait.

This recent payment allowed me to fill in three squares on my tracker.

But now that I think about it, the new billing cycle should start tomorrow and I’m sure the balance will be higher with the interest.

Well winter was one day for us I guess, we are back in the 70s 🤷🏾‍♀️

I’ tried sharing my tracker with you all, thanks for the tip, but was unable to.

Raining Iguanas

January 24th, 2020 at 12:53 am

Freezing. Tuesday we were told to buckle up and watch out for falling iguanas. Well yesterday it was in the 40s 🥶 and the iguanas 🦎 were everywhere 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

Having been born in Florida and lived here my entire life, 40s is like below zero for me. However, I put my PJs on, loaded my bed 🛌 with blankets and guess what? I was okay. I thought I’d wake up freezing and too nervous to get out of bed to turn the heat 🔥 on, but I didn’t.
The blankets definitely kept me warm. If I can keep this up, my electric bill should be really low, like $40 bucks.

It’s been a game for me to keep my electric bill down, I love the challenge of getting it lower, I average about $10 less each month.

Other news, day 23 and I did not eat out, not even a soda 🥤. I’ve been doing very well, I’m striving for 31 days.
I’ve also had about 21 days of not spending money as well.

Today I received my reimbursement of $160 for my professional certification, I’m so exited. I can officially stop this sinking fund now, I’ve met my goal of $500. The $25 I was throwing at this account will go to the car fund since I literally cleaned it out last month with close to a $800 repair.

Tomorrow is pay day and I came in under budget by $87 with my cash envelopes. I transferred $41 to my challenge envelope for January, brining my total cash saving for the month so far to $94.

Oops lastly, I decided to create a few charts to track my payoffs, thanks for the tip everyone. I’ve also decided to use undebit, I’m feeling excited about it.

How Do You Stay Motivated?

January 20th, 2020 at 02:12 pm

So far this month I’ve paid off $664 on CC10, things are really moving along in the credit card 💳 front.

I’m also participating in a few saving challenges, word of the month, no dining out and, 52 Week Challenge.

Basically the word of the month, you select a word and the corresponding letter of the word in the alphabet you save. For example your word is save. S is the 19th letter, A is the first, so I’d save $19, and $1.

For each day I do not dine out, I add $1. I’m taking the funds from my cash envelopes ✉️ , forcing me to try and come in under budget.

I’ll admit, it’s been tough but I’m liking it, the challenges that is.

However; I have a question, how do you all stay motivated? I’m so tired at times. Though I’m paying off debt, my student loans continue to grow, and on paper the debt seems to not decrease. Last year was the year I was to begin to tackle the student loans, then I got hit with the lawsuit. At times I feel defeated. I know I can do it, but lately I’m just bummed about it.

Rolled Coins

January 19th, 2020 at 12:59 pm

Rolled my coins and I had a total of $29 dollars, not bad.

I can never understand why people take their coins to a coin machine to count and pay a fee. It took me just a little time to do so. Even before I was living a frugal life style, I never did this. To each it’s own.

The $29, went towards the remaining credit card debt. 😀

Friday is payday and I’ll be adding an extra $157 dollars to the credit card. I think by doing that, I’d pay an extra $800 this month towards it. I can’t wait until Friday so that I can take care of it, and calculate my MTM total.

My top priorities for the first quarter of the year, boosting my EF, paying down/off the CC and paying extra on my mortgage. The extra on the mortgage is a must for me, I feel disappointed/depressed for some odd reason when I don’t.

Once the CC is gone, I can go full throttle on the student loans, averaging about $600-$800 extra a month on it. I can’t wait.

Birthday Shenanigans

January 18th, 2020 at 08:42 pm

Thank you all for the birthday wishes, I greatly appreciate it.

Yesterday was a very low key birthday celebration. I took $50 out of my slush account and bought two pairs of earrings, my last pair broke.

Then the SO insisted on taking me out for breakfast 🥞 so we did that. Next after breakfast I headed over to the used appliance store, in search of a dryer. Well I found one for $180. I was a little nervous but decided to purchase. As I was heading to over to pay, the SO decided to purchase as a birthday gift. No complaint from me. Saved me $180. I have an account for home repairs and was thinking I should take the$180 and add to CC but it’s best to just leave it.

I pretty much stayed home yesterday, that was my birthday celebration. SO gave me $20 for dinner, I put the money in my cash envelope and ate what I had.

I got a quote on the hurricane shutters yesterday, $3,000. I was actually expecting less. This is the guy who did a friend’s home, at half the price. I’ll call around and get at least three more quotes, and set up a sinking fund for this as well.

Lastly in financial news, the CC was knocked down to $5,500, I’m hoping to have this card paid off by April/May.

My electric bill decreased by about $20 but the water went up $10 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. I had a running toilet 🚽 that I believe caused the bill to increase; however, I finally got it fixed.

Birthday Blues

January 16th, 2020 at 11:13 pm

Well it’s been a pretty good week. Tomorrow I turn 46, wow.

I feel somewhat down because I feel like I haven’t gotten myself together financially; however, I’ve made some progress.

Rather than focusing on the negative, I’ll focus on the positive.

Today, I paid an extra $453.78 on CC10 knocking the balance down to $5,500. Tomorrow’s billing cycle ends, so I’ll be hit with interest 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. I did look at transferring the balance to a zero interest card but the fees to transfer wasn’t worth it. I’ll have the card paid off in a about four to five months.

I also added $50 to the EF, $50 to the IRA account.

This month I have not eaten out, 16 days. Wow. I almost gave in yesterday, it was the sorority’s Founders’ Day and I really wanted to hang out with my girls but paying the credit card 💳 debt was the best decision. I’ve saved a ton by not eating out.

Tomorrow I’ll head to Sweet Tomatoes for my free birthday dinner.

Lastly, I decided to get the quote on the hurricane shutters before the season rolls around. It’s so difficult for me to find some one to come and put the plywood up. I wish I could find a decent handyman. I’ll apply for the city grant for reimbursement

Year is Off to a Great Start

January 11th, 2020 at 12:43 pm

So much has happened this year, on a positive note, and I pray it continues.

First, I can’t believe it but I’ve had 10 days in that I have not dined our, not even a soda or chips. It’s been tempting but I’m determined not to eat out this month.

Next I dropped an extra $200 on the credit card and an extra $100 on the mortgage.

I’ve decided it’s no rush and to hold off on the dryer, not to mention my toilet is running, so that’s a priority. Thankfully my uncle has plumbing skills so I’ll have him to take a look at it.

Then there is the big news, my brother had to drop his lawsuit. I wanted to go out and celebrate, not to mention cry, when I got the news. I’m still on this I can’t believe it, but I knew it, kind of a high.

Apparently after my attorney laid into his with the facts and ensured his attorney we were prepared to go after him, the attorney, if he moved forward with his frivolous lawsuit, they had a change of heart.

The sad thing his; I honestly think his attorney knew all along but because my brother is greedy, and he saw a money pit, he moved forward. To go through this process, I’m sure it cost my brother at least $10k

I’m due a refund, but will use the money to finalize one last item with my dad’s estate and then get whatever the difference is back. I’m estimating about $1500.

I’m just so thankful that this is over.


January 10th, 2020 at 02:44 am


My attorney stated she’s been trying to contact me with no luck, and wanted to let me know my jerk of a brother has decided to drop the lawsuit.

Thank you Jesus !

I just wanted to cry

Laptop and Side Hustle

January 7th, 2020 at 04:07 am

The best thing I could have done was purchase a laptop for my side gig.

Sometimes sitting at my desk can be daunting.

I was able to knock out three policies, attendance, over time, and holiday pay, all while in the bed. I sent the company the new W4 for 2020, made the recommendation that staff completes the form (it’s not required), and provided a copy of the new Florida minimum wage poster to be placed in the break room.

I also sent reminders regarding items I’d sent out last week. I feel like I made progress.

Tomorrow I’ll log onto the desktop, it’s where my MSMoney is housed. I really wish I could get this thing on the laptop, but it’s discontinued. I use MSMoney to track my time and invoice the organization. I’ll have to note the hours spent creating policies.

In financial news, day 6th and I didn’t dine out. I did buy a red vase for the house,$10.68. It’s not a need but a want. I’m having a little buyers remorse and will more than likely return.

I’d signed up for Pandora music, free trial, and cancelled today. I really don’t listen to music where I should be paying for it. I’ll take the commercials.

Changing plans, dryer must go on hold. I’ve got to get the hurricane shutters for the house. Tomorrow I’ll check the city’s website for grants and get a few quotes. The shutters that I’m considering, I believe will be less than $2,000. Fingers crossed 🤞🏾.

Lastly, in fitness news, today make day six in that I got cardio in. I’m hoping I can continue with this.

Have a great night

Cash Back Rewards

January 5th, 2020 at 04:29 pm

Due to auto pay and using my credit card for gas, I earned $39 this month in cash back rewards.

What I did was, I signed up for autopay for variable expenses such as internet, and car insurance. I use the card to pay for gas, and before leaving the parking lot, I pay the bill. When I had the car emergency I used the card and paid it off the same day.

I’m excited about earning the extra cash and not having a balance, this is CC9. The cash back isn’t too bad. I’ll throw the cash back at CC10

The Dryer Saga Continues

January 4th, 2020 at 11:45 pm

And the dryer issue continues.
I called a second electrician come out and check the electric, I’m just paranoid, and he said all was fine. He didn’t charge me a fee for coming out so I tipped him $20.

The second dryer I receive was used and the other one was over 10 years old, so it must be the dryers. All in all this has been a headache.

Though I have the funds in my home repair account, I’m going to try and pay with cash using the money from the side gig to purchase the dryer. I was hoping to throw that money at CC10 💳 but Murphy decided to visit. These last two months I’ve shelled out a ton, but I’m thankful I have the cash. My washer has been on the brink as well, it’s not draining some times, fully. It’s over 10 years old.

After reviewing the budget, I have about $900 extra. I’ll use this to get the new dryer and washer. I was going to buy used, but I’ve had nothing but problems with this last dryer.

I need to save the money in the home repair account to get the shutters placed on the villa before hurricane season kicks in.

The electrician did tell me to keep the plugs for the appliances because now when you buy any appliance the plugs don’t come with it, 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄 what a rip off.

I ended up decluttering and throwing out some things in the laundry room. I found a ton of paper towels 🧻 and plates. I’ll throw them in my hurricane supply container.

Day 2 and No Spending

January 3rd, 2020 at 02:53 am

Great day today.

I had the boys and they were pretty good. We made homemade pizza 🍕, and completed a few home work assignments. They opted to watching a cartoon/movie on Netflix. So that was our day.

I ended up not having a spend day. After the boys left, I finished up putting away a few of the Christmas items, straighten up the closet in the spare room, and moved the elliptical in my bedroom. I figured having the elliptical in my bedroom I’d be more likely to use it while watching tv 📺. I cleaned my bathroom, totally forgot to take care of the guest bathroom 🚽, so that’s on my to list this weekend.

I transferred $1 to my cash envelopes ✉️, for not spending any money 💰 today.

Tomorrow it’s back to work. I can say this week that I’ve been off has been AMAZING. I’m fully rested and ready to make 2020 one of the best years ever.

January 1st

January 2nd, 2020 at 03:49 am

January 1st and it was a no spend day for me.

I also marked some things off my list, like weighing in, journaling, walking, drinking more water, reading a little, and dumping four chairs, decluttering.

Because it was a no spend day, I added $1 to my January challenge of no dining out. I also added $1 for this week’s 52 week challenge. All the money saved this month will be added to the snowball.

I had a scratch off and won $2, this will be added for next week’s 52 week challenge.

Tomorrow I have my great nephews, I have a few board games that we can play, we will make pizza at home for lunch. I refuse to spend any money. I did get them zoo passes for Christmas, that might be something we can do, we will see. However; I wish it was a little warmer, I’d take them to the pool.

I’m in south Florida and we don’t have much of a winter, but I can feel the temperature dropping a little. I decided that I will not turn the heat on, unless it drops below 60. I can’t stand the cold. The blankets that I have and PJs should keep me warm. My electric bill is slated to be less than $60 this month, and I’d like to keep it like that.

That’s it for now, hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.

Happy New Year 🍾🥂

January 1st, 2020 at 05:48 pm

Just wanted to wish the best financial blog group ever a very Happy New Year 🍾🥂