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Love My New Job

August 30th, 2015 at 01:42 am

So I started the new job, and live it. Everyone was so nice, and helpful.

Not sure if you all know, but I'm in HR and on boarding is very important to me. Well let's just say my new company did an amazing job, flowers, lunch etc. it was really nice.

My old boss didn't speak to me the last two weeks I was there, even when she took me to lunch, that only validated my decision to leave.

On the financial front I've slacked a little but nothing over board. Now back on track

I got the job!

August 7th, 2015 at 12:07 am

So I go in for my third interview, and guess what? I got the job, $10k more than what I'm making. The goal is to sick at least 5k away for the year. I'll start on the 24th and give my resignation on Monday. The funny thing is my boss as been extremely nice.

On a different note the BF younger sister passed away the same day I received the offer. He's torn, holding it in but I've been in tears pretty much all day.

That's it so far

Time to move on

August 3rd, 2015 at 12:46 am

Okie dokie we are back from PA. We had my BF family reunion and of course I ended up spending money I should not have.

I asked the BF to move out. Prior to us going on this trip he still owed $120.00 for the airfare, now he owes me $200+ for cable, $75 for luggage and $281 for the rental car. I told him prior to going that I did not want to be responsible for anything concerning this trip. I foot the bill for the Derby because that was something that I always wanted to do, this was his trip. He wants to talk things out, but I'm done, financially, we are not on the same page, and I am tired.

On a different note I am tackling CC4, I caught the devil trying to set up automatic payments of $10 per week but I was able to do it.

I've managed to bump my IRA to $396.71, and still able to add $15 a week to that. Not to mention I signed up for the company's 401(k) at 3% that averages about $33 per pay period.

I was also able to bump my $20/52 Week challenge to $2211.30; I would love to hit the 5k mark by December, but it doesn't look like it unless I get a job paying more.

Lastly, I have been on two interviews with the same company and will be going in for my third on Wednesday. I am pretty confident that I have the job, but I won't post anything until I receive my offer letter.

That's in in a nutshell