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Mid Month Check In

December 15th, 2023 at 11:34 am

Great news! 

With today’s payment of $300.27 ($85.27 applied to interest) towards my student loan, I am finally able to get this loan under $30,000. My new balance is $29,985.00. Of course within a few days it will creep back up to $30,000, it just feels good to see it under my goal amount, even if it’s just for a few days. 😀


I made my first mortgage payment for 2024, adding an extra $60, the new loan balance is $106,083.00. My escrow balance is $676.65, given that I have a positive balance, I’m going to assume that there won’t be an increase in payments but a slight, and I do mean slight decrease in my total mortgage for 2024 after my escrow analysis. I’ll continue to make the same payments even if the decrease occurs. 


I managed to increase my credit card balance, the good news is there is no interest. I’m planning my 50th birthday, which has become costly, I didn’t realize how quickly things could add up. I also did some things around the house, such new curtains, rug, tv, throw pillows, iRobot 🙄😩. I really have to sit down and determine what my triggers are. 


I also bought things when I was having trouble with my arm, new desk chair, keyboard, ergonomic mouse etc. This arm was killing me, I had to see my doctor. I think I figured it out, it’s my desk. I purchased this desk back in March and then boom here comes the pain, six months later. It was so excruciating, that my hand became numb. I added a pull out keyboard tray and it appears to have worked. I still have pain but not like it was. The chair is uncomfortable so I’m returning it. 


Christmas is all cash, my nephews are older now, so no toys. I have extra in my Christmas fund account so I’ll be throwing the remainder of that money at my CC, to cover all the home stuff purchased. 


I don’t know if I shared or not but I paid off the Home Depot card. This card was used to take care of the kitchen last year, I had zero interest until January, and since January is right at my back door, I used my bonus to knock it out. 


Lastly, I received a notice that my HOA will be increasing to $353 a month,  a few months ago, ridiculous if you ask me but here we are. 


I’m so glad, after receiving the notice, that I bumped my bi-monthly savings by the $10 increase. By creating a sinking fund I was able to save my HOA fees for the entire upcoming year, 2024. 


I would not have been able to do this in the past. Though I have periodic set backs, I’m still able to save. I normally pay the HOA every quarter, but for 2024, I’m going to pay the entire year. I’ll keep contributing to my sinking fund though. 


Oops I almost forgot, I have decided to use the first month pay increase to throw at my debt then after that the remainder will go towards my 401(k). I’ll be 50 next year and I really need to get aggressive with saving for my retirement. 


That’s all I have for now as it relates to my finances. 


December 7th, 2023 at 02:50 am

In the midst of financial activity, my AC set me back $250, and grout cleaning estimates ranged from $330 to $680. Opting for a DIY approach, I spent $21 on cleaner and a brush. It's time-consuming but rewarding.


On a positive note, I got a 2.55% raise. While grateful, I'm torn—should I boost my lagging 401(k) or tackle my student loan with the increase?