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Student Loans

October 29th, 2021 at 01:30 am

Great news, my payment from my second client came in today, just over $8100. Well, $4900 of that will go to paying off my second student loan. I’m so thankful that I can scream. These last six months has been great, I feel truly blessed. 


Last month when I received their payment, about $8600, I paid all my bills through December. So this month was earmarked for the student loan. 


I also picked up another client today, well we started today, and I will average about $8000 a month with them. I opened a business account and will be paying myself through payroll. Since I paid all the bills through December, my payroll won’t start until January. 


I’m still waiting on the $5-$10,000 from my first client. Prayers that they pay what is owed. 

Roof Update

October 27th, 2021 at 12:00 pm



Praise God, the roof contractor shared the inspection notice for my roof and it indicated my roof had about 5-7 years left. I shared it with the HOA, they accepted it, removed the violation and I do not have to replace my roof. 


This would have cost me almost $10,000. That’s literally almost my entire EF. I’m so thankful. 


Now I’m waiting to hear back from my lawyer regarding payment from a former client. My fingers are crossed and I’m definitely praying for a positive outcome. 


October 19th, 2021 at 02:03 am



Since June, I have been trying to file an unemployment claim. This nonsense that people are receiving unemployment funds so they do not want to work is just that nonsense. I haven’t received a thing in four months. 


I’ve tried calling the office, only to be disconnected. You’re unable to send an email. I can’t imagine what families are going through who are desperately in need of these funds. It’s absolutely insane. 


So today, I decided to write my state legislator, hopefully I’ll get some answers. I’m owed about $3000 and that money can go towards my bills. 

New Gig Alert

October 18th, 2021 at 10:58 pm

Great news, today I landed another contract, averaging about $8k a month. Thank God! 


I’ll admit, I was a little nervous with all that is going on; however, today I landed another gig and I’m so thankful. 


I’d interviewed for the role and really hit it off with the hiring manager. She liked myself and another candidate, went to her manager about budgeting for two roles vs one and it was approved. 


You all have no idea how thankful I am. This will be a big help. I’ll be able to pay off my second student loan. 

I’m also thankful because I think with me picking up these gigs, I’ll be able to kick things off with my business. 


I’m so thankful to God for this opportunity, journey that I’m on. 

Update - Lawsuit

October 14th, 2021 at 01:36 am

Well I don’t know where to begin. I’ll keep it short. 


I was so excited for my new contract, and ended up hiring legal to obtain my outstanding payment. 


Long story short, company signed a contract for services (their contract not mine), both parties agreed, the company wanted me in the office, basically full time, as a contractor. This was not apart of my contract/agreement. I actually warned them about hiring contractors to work as an employee. The company was to provide me 30-day notice, I’m okay if they didn’t but pay me for my one month of service at least. They chose not to pay me for the month, now I’m asking for the 10k that’s owed to me, at the advise of my attorney. 


I hate suing people. I probably wouldn’t if I didn’t need the money but right is right and wrong is wrong. Honestly if they’d paid me the $5k even though the contract called for an additional 30- days, I would have been happy. 


Next I’m dealing with a roof debacle, HOA is trying force new roofs that technically they’re required to pay. I can’t get a roofer out her to give me a quote. Found one and he wants close to $9k that I do not want to take out if my savings. I ended up hiring an inspector who stated based on his expertise the roof is not over 20 years old so now I’m fighting with the HOA. 


I received payment from another client, $8600. I took this money, paid my mortgage, HOA and COBRA through December, next payment isn’t until January. 

I charged a few things on my CC, mostly for the business (e.g. insurances, software) so $3k will pay off the card. 

All in all, I haven’t touched any of my savings. 


Some days I just want to cry but I’m still pushing.