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Stipend received

April 12th, 2009 at 03:41 am

Ok I receieved a check (partial) from the stipend that I am doing with a local organization in the amount of $500 Smile It was a nice surprise because I thought I would not receive this money until the end of the project. The rest is due to come at the end of the stipend.
Of course my mom checked the mail and the first thing she said was here is the check you've been watining on and me not thinkng opened the enevlope and said oh this is from P then her response was how much did you get. I ABOSLUTLEY HATE IT WHEN SHE ASK ME ABOUT MY ^&((&^$ FINANCES. So because I am caught off guard I say $500, her response oh you can take me to lunch tomorrow. When in Hell was the last time she has taken me out to lunch even on my birthday I paid for us to have dinner. She knows I am not working and every penny that I get I put in my EF to pay my bills. It just really ticks me off that she always has her hand out. I pray that I can finish school land a job and buy me a house to get out of here.
However, the check that I am expecting from another company still have not come Frown Sorry to vent but I was so upset

hmmm money as a gift. I'll take it

April 10th, 2009 at 09:13 pm

I printed out some business cards for my brother who sent me $20 and my mom gave me $30 about three weeks ago. I have been holding on to these $30 until the water bill came which was less this month ($48.01) so with the money that my mom gave me as well as the money from my brother I wrote the check today for the water bill Smile this was really nice since I am watching every dime.
On a different note I did a temp gig last week and was to receive a check of $90 this week and I still have not received it Frown I am annoyed, even though I really don't need it at this very moment but I would like to have it earning the small amount in interest. In about two weeks I should be receiving a check from the internship that I am doing with an organization in the amount of $1000 Smile I plan on paying down my BoA cc with those funds

Offered a job

April 7th, 2009 at 01:55 am

I was offered a job today and had to turn it down, had she called me last week I would have accepted. But I have since registered for school, found an internship and committed to it. Some times I second guess my decisions but this one I had no problem with and I do believe that it is God's will and I have made the right decision. I also got my unemployment check today to I transferred next month's car payment to my EF
Oh and my biopsy came back with very mild dysplasia nothing to worry about so I follow up with the doc in 6months
All in all I feel really good and excited about school


April 5th, 2009 at 03:53 am

Sorry I haven't been around too much but I finally joined facebook and now I'm addicted, lol but so much has gone on.
I went and did a one day gig at the Area Agency on Aging and the woman really wants me to intern. I also got a call back from a job that I applied and interviewed with about a month ago. But now that I have decided to finish school I think that is the best thing to do and hold off on unemployment atleast until graduation in August
I found 4 pennies on Thursday and picked them up with out even thinking about it then found at two yesterday and was only able to retrieve one because as soon as I was going to pick up the other a woman walked over and stepped right on it Frown
hmmm let's see I had another interview at the hospital for a part time position and the guy was so nice he have me a bunch of numbers for leads on possible internships for the summer. Well guess what one worked out and I will be interning at the hospital for the summer Smile I am so excited because this is where I would like to work in the long run. Well that is it for now