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One Big Mess

August 11th, 2018 at 08:15 am

I have to keep reminding myself that this mess I’m in is only temporary.

First in financial news. My goal is to have CC6 paid off by the end of October. My 90 days on the new job is up this month and we are to revisit my salary. I’ll be asking for a raise. Since I’ve been there I have done the following:
* Save the company close to 50k
* Updated and rewrote outdated policies, about 12
* Update a number of HR forms
* Started the online implementation of our HRIS
* Put processes in place to streamline our onboarding process,and
* Revamped the new hire orientation
Not to mention all the other miscellaneous stuff.

Regarding spending, I’ve been off the grid. Eating out a lot more and spending more. Yesterday was the first check of the month, so I plan on getting back on track.

We finally got a date for next month regarding the sale of the house, I pray all goes well.

Now relationship news. As you all know, I’m sick of my SO. Every day there’s some BS with him. Well this week the child support office hit his account and his daughter’s because he was late paying.

Long story short last month, or month before, I can’t remember, he mailed off his money order payment. Well they didn’t get it. He was told the following month to wait and see if the money order clears, by the child support office. I said pay it,because it’s late and it makes no sense what you were told. Well he didn’t listen to me, and they took all his money and the money he in his daughter’s (16 yo) bank account.

Now he’s running around here mad because they touch his “baby’s” account.
I’m more like WTF!
1. All your portion of the bills are late, you take your time paying them but when it comes to your daughter’s money you make sure you’re doing what needs to be done to correct. Meanwhile my &);::/- is late!
2. If you had been saving, when the money order wasn’t received you could have paid the damn bill
3. Take the business over from your mom, she’s mismanaging and aren’t you sick and tired of not wanting to hurt her feelings 🙄 dude she’s not paying you. What’s the purpose of working and not getting paid?

Only good thing about this is, that I told him there is no way in hell I can or would marry him. He’d have us in the poor house.
Not to mention, he can’t even buy a diamond for the ring that’s now starting to change colors, lol just pathetic. All I can do is laugh to keep from crying, thinking about how much time, and energy I’ve wasted with this guy. Two years later and I still have a joke of a ring smh, unbelievable.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the ring, I’m just making a point. I’d be happy with a $20 gold band, vs a $1200 band with a fake diamond that is changing colors, if he had his crap together.

Only thing keeps me trucking is I know this is temporary, debt is slowly declining, and this house will be sold then I can pay off my debt and get my own place.