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Short end of the stick

April 27th, 2012 at 06:59 am

I'm not sure but I'll know after I balance all the accounts the end of the month, but it seems like I am getting the short end of the stick.
Seems like I am spending more money than the BF on the home. We agreed that we would split everything but for some reason I don't think he is giving me enough or maybe I am spending too much.

The month ends pretty much on Friday for me, I'll pay out all bills and would receive my last check. He gave me $200 but I still think something is wrong. We will see

On a different note his daughter is driving me crazy, she is 17 and yet has a mind of a 8 year old. For starters she will not clean up behind herself, which drives me nuts, since I am a neat freak. She is scared to sleep in the dark, so all the lights are on as well as the tv, and she is afraid to stay home by herself. Ridiculous!

We will definitely sit down and talk things out after I review the books


April 14th, 2012 at 11:08 am

$256.85 is the amount I owe on my car, thank God. But I won't be able to pay it off this month as planned because I need a new bed Frown
I'll be financing a bed today because I do not want to take the money out of my EF. You see, what I have saved is enough to cover two months rent in case something happens. My goal is to have at least 6-8 months worth of expenses saved.

Here is the plan, finance a bed at Badcock for $800, sell the bed we currently have for $500 and use that money towards the payments of the new bed.

So if all goes well I can have the purchase of the new bed paid off by next month with very little interest.

On a different note, yesterday was pay day and I wasn't able to save anything Frown but at least I have about $300 in disposable funds until next pay day and if call goes well, I should be able to sock half of it away

Next week is my Mother's birthday and I thought about calling her but to be honest I really don't want to, and honestly I probably won't

That's it in a nut shell


April 11th, 2012 at 12:38 am

My Neice has been calling giving me an upto date account on my mother's health, not that I care to know, but wish her the best. Anyhow she says she'll keep calling until I speak to my mom, which I do not plan on doing. I advised her not to waste her time.
She says she knows my mom wants to speak to me because she'll say things like " I would ask Amber but she's not talking to me". I simply remind my Neice she is the one who said "Not to talk to her as long as I'm living" and to my knowledge I'm still living.

On a different note I gave my sister $10 last week, she has harassed me every other week for money and no matter how many times or different ways I have said I don't have it, she still calls and harasses me. Ugh!

Now onto me, my dad gave me $50 yesterday so I added this amount to my EF /Challenge. My boss has not signed off on my request for mileage, so my car isn't paid off yet

Next we went looking for beds because the one given to us has caused me some serious medical conditions. It's in pretty good shape, my bf finds its okay, I want to sell it on Craigslist and use the money towards the new mattress, but the BF wants to give it away.

At the cost of mattresses I think his idea is crazy, yes it was given to us but we really can't afford $900+ for a mattress.

Back pain

April 6th, 2012 at 01:51 am

OMG! Who would have thought a bed could cause so much pain. Okay we moved into the new place and was left everything, dining room table, sofa, TVs, a bed etc.
Anyhow since we moved in I have been having back pain. At first I thought because we have been moving things. Well long story short and $400 dollars later, I realized it is the bed.
My copayment for each doctor visit is $50, and now therapy is $50 a visit twice a week. Yikes!

Well I thought could it be the bed? So I slept on the couch and realized I felt better. I ended up buying a topper for $79 and it helped but I was still somewhat sore. So the bf bought a piece of plywood and I almost died. So I ended up back on the couch.

Now the plywood is gone so we will see how tonight goes, but I have never experienced such pain.
Lesson learned, not everything given to you is the best, and choose your beds wisely or you'll end up spending an arm and a leg.
Fingers crossed that the topper does it and we don't have to buy a bed

What would you do?

April 1st, 2012 at 12:58 pm

Okay I am a little torn. I can either pay my car off this month or pay off 1 CC or pay another CC almost half way down.
Now of course the CC interest is a lot more than the car but atleast the car would be paid off

Just wondering what you guys would do?