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Just a few

February 24th, 2012 at 10:14 pm

Just a few more items and I am done. Came home today and my mother being the lovely woman (scarcasim) she is had some of my things on my bed that was in the storage room.

But the funny thing is she only gave me my items that she doesn't use. For example, my craft stuff but she kept the crockpot.

I know two wrongs don't make a right but I was so pissed that the items that I knew she uses and I was going to leave, I loaded into my car. For example, my crockpot, the cooler. The other stuff I trashed.

I can't understand for the life of me what is wrong with her and unfortunately I recognize the signs in myself as well. There is this mean, selfish spirit and I pray I do not turn into that person she is.

It's one of the reasons I do not have kids, I don't want to be mean and hateful.

My BF said to me, when I was telling him about all this nonsense is that he realizes that my mother pushes people away. I thought hmmm, yes she does and because no one says anything she thinks it's okay, but it's hurtful

In the end, the end is almost here. For hers and my sake I hope both of us can move on without regrets.


February 22nd, 2012 at 12:17 am

I haven't given up on saving but I've been so busy. A ton of money was spent on household supplies for the new place (i.e. paper towels, toilet paper, shower curtains, trash bins).

I did receive my tax refund and was able to sock away $1000 into the EF

The date to move in is next Wednesday, but I must say, I have moved 95% of my items. I'll be done Friday.

Looking up

February 16th, 2012 at 04:07 pm

Things appear to be looking up. I have moved a lot of things to the new place and will take more over tonight and this weekend.

I am still adding to my challenge and paying down CC1 Smile

I received a notice that my tax return will be deposited tomorrow so I'm paying off CC1 and will start on number 2, the remaining funds will be deposited to the EF account.

I used my ShopKick points for a $25 gift card and purchased an ironing board and shower mat. Since I saved $25, I'm adding it to the EF

Now I'm waiting on the $200 gift card from BCBS in order to pay my cell phone bill and Internet bill.

I called ING today because I have yet to receive my $114 refund for a check that was not cleared and was told it should have been deposited a few days ago. Now I'm waiting on a response.

In the end, the BF dad offered to buy a drive up store for him. Long story short, the store belongs to his uncle and is up for auction since the taxes were not paid. Also, the year before last my BF dad paid the taxes with an agreement that if he wasn't paid back the store was his. In the mean time my BF and friends cleaned the place out but the uncle never reopened it. I say go for it. It would be a great investment because the store is always busy when it was open.

That's it in a nutshell


February 12th, 2012 at 08:33 pm

Whoooo I sympathize with anyone who moves, it is a lot of work. I woke up this morning and said I was taking my shoes and most of my clothes to the new place.

I notice that the minute I came out of my room with boxes, my mother who was talking to my uncle, stop dead in her tracks. But I didn't say anything I just kept loading my car up.

Next the BF came by and he had a newspaper but she, my mother, refuse to look at it because she feels like, I think, I'm going to be mad. All I can say is oh boy. I think she thinks I am hiding the paper because last week she did not get it but actually we bought one, never read it and have been driving around with it in my car all week. My mind has been on a number of things (i.e. work, the move, saving money, 2nd job)

Anyhow now I'm ready to leave with my things and when I go outside my mother is sitting in her car with the radio blasting, crying. I did not say one word I got in my car, went to my new place, unpacked came back home, washed a few load and washed my hair.

Now I don't know if she is sad about me moving, mind you she told me to get the $@Frown) out!, sad about something else, in pain or what because her last words to me were "Don't say anything to me, as long as you live don't say anything to me and when you get back, get the ($@;: out my house!" But I am doing just that.

Unfortunately I have a lot of hate for my mother and I'm glad I'm able to admit to that, I think it's part of the healing process but I do think I need a little bit of therapy and plan on seeking a therapist once I move. There a lot of things I'm willing to admit and I think it's making me better

Got the keys

February 11th, 2012 at 10:29 pm

Okay I picked up the keys today to the new place. I must admit I'm really nervouse. But I've cleaned the master bedroom and bath, wiped down the kitchen counters and cabinets, swept and moped the guest bedroom. I've put away the culinary and made the bed in the master bed room, so when I move in ally I gave to do us shower and get into bed Smile

Tomorrow I will take all my shoes and clothing hanging in the closet, as well as my purses, and belts. Since we are expecting a cold front I'm going to hold off on the sweaters.

I'm really glad we got the keys early it makes the move do much easier.

I plan in having my BF brother-in-law who is a pastor come by and bless the home before we move in.

So that's it in a nutshell.


February 11th, 2012 at 05:11 am

...the Heat won so I am adding $1 to the $20 Challenge/EF Smile

God works in mysterious ways

February 11th, 2012 at 02:35 am

Okay I was a little nervous about withdrawing the $950 for the deposit on the new place, I really didn't want to empty my EF that I worked so hard to build up since November. Actually I was trying to wait closer to the date to move in and when my tax return was to be deposited but I said to Hell with it and took the money out .

I'm glad I did, for one my landlord/friend was really happy. Two, I got my keys early so I'm able to clean the place and clean out my storage early. Lastly, I was able to talk to my friend about keeping the electric and water in her name that way I wouldn't have to pay a deposit.

The reason why I said God works in mysterious ways is that, I receieved my mileage check today ($290) and deposited it right into my savings. Usually it takes close to two weeks for me to receive my check but this time just a few days Big Grin so rather than my EF being more than less than half of what I started with this year its about half that amount and once my tax return is deposited I will be a little bit over than what I started with.

Unfortunately it will take me a little longer to pay off CC1 but that's okay

On a different note my crazy mother had my sister to call me to ask if I paid the electric and water bill. My sister was like "y'all need to stop that" I said to her she needs to stop because I'm in the next room from my mother and she is the idiot for making the phone call.
Thank God I'm getting from out of here

Not so bad

February 10th, 2012 at 01:41 am

Today wasn't a bad day, I went to Target to earn my ShopKick points. Hopefully by the end of the week I'll have enought points to earn a $25 gift card which I plan on buying some paper towels, soap etc. with the gift card.

My coworker gave me three brand new shaving cream because she no longer has hair since her chemo, and she also gave me a small thing of unopened butter. I figured, total this stuff would have cost me about $12 so I'm going add $6 to my challenge/EF and the other $6 to my challenge/cc account.

Currently I'm still waiting on my BCBS gift card ($200), I plan on paying my cable and cell phone with this and adding what I would have paid to my challenge/EF. But right now I'm in wait mode.

$20 Challenge

February 9th, 2012 at 07:09 pm

Today I packed my breakfast and lunch, and I already have dinner prepared so $6 will be added to my $20 challenge
-$3 challenge/EF
-$3 challenge/CC

I am really proud of myself, one not giving up on my saving, two- controlling my spending, even when I'm tempted and three- knocking down my CC Smile

I cannot wait

February 8th, 2012 at 02:12 pm

To move that is. My mother is an evil and spiteful woman. She walks around the table so she doesn't pass me by or she'll hold onto her dress so that the tail of it doesn't accidentally hit me. For real? She is really a sick woman

Then my sister comes by and ask me again for money, really? What has changed since Saturday to Tuesday? Nothing! I'm sorry I do not have any money that I can afford to lose at this time. I think she asked again because my BF was there and probably was hoping he would have provided it to her but we have had a discussion about him spending money foolishly.

On a different note I think my BF will have the new job, the gentle who he spoke with wife called back and asked for a written estimate. Roughly the job will be about $1775, with $700 of it being our take home pay Smile perfect for the move. Oh BF does landscaping.

Today I added $3 to my Challenge/EF and another $3 was paid on CC1 brining that total down to $144.35. I can't wait until this is paid off.


February 7th, 2012 at 11:36 pm

Went to Target to pick up a few things and to earn some ShopKick points Smile I used my Target Visa Card to save 5% which was about $.64 saved and then went straight to guest services to pay my bill Big Grin which was $13

It's funny a few years ago I would have charged this amount along with others while accumulating debt not worrying about paying the bill until the bill came. Wow, it feels so good to be on a different path

I almost forgot, I added the $.64 to my challenge EF as soon as I got in the car, lol

Taxes complete

February 7th, 2012 at 03:17 pm

Just hit the send button for my taxes which will be received in perfect time. The money I socked away for a rainy day will be used towards moving but yet replaced with my taxes. I felt sad that I'll be spending the money towards moving but happy it will be replaced.

Please say a prayer and keep your fingers crossed, BF did an estimate for a job of about $2000, the gentleman stated he needed to discuss it with his wife. I figured if he got the money we could pay the rent up for two months.

Now I'm just in wait mode.

January's spending

February 7th, 2012 at 03:50 am

Finally reviewed the numbers for January, and I spent way too much money. I have got to cut back with the upcoming move.
Here it is:

Registration & Renewal $58.35
Auto Unassigned $3.50
Total Auto $61.85

Bank Fees
Interest Paid $137.47
Total Bank Fees $137.47

Cable $135.00
Cell $132.50
Internet $50.31
Cash Withdrawal $20.00
Clothing $70.39
Dining Out $48.62
Gym $42.50
Gasoline $105.53
Gifts $105.68
Groceries $164.99

Dental $100.00
Eye Care $20.87
Total Healthcare $120.87

Cleaning Supplies $1.49
Furnishings $23.96
Pool supplies $9.40
Household Unassigned $32.56
Total Household $67.41

Auto Insurance $203.06 (Jan/Feb)
Total Insurance $203.06

Miscellaneous $36.20

Personal Care
Facial $1.97
Feminine Products $9.20
Hair Care $75.69
Personal Care Unassigned $7.27
Total Personal Care $94.13

Federal Tax $266.12
Medicare Tax $41.48
Sales Tax $28.25
SS Tax $120.14
Total Taxes $455.99

Travel/Vacation $162.46
Total Travel/Vacation $162.46

Water & Sewage $65.33
Electric $140.09
Total Utilities $205.42

Expense Unassigned $30.64

This is it in a nutshell, unfortunately my contract with At&t won't expire until next year; however, I know once I move the electric and cable bill will go down at least by half. Also most of my health care spending was actually refunded to me from my employer so that was a plus.

Actually after reviewing the numbers, my dollar amounts when it comes to spending (i.e. dining out, clothes) is much less than previous months prior to me returning to the blogs and since my mother isn't talking to me I've definitely saved some money


February 7th, 2012 at 01:03 am

I called BCBS to check the status on my $200 gift card and was told I should receive between this week and next week. Apparently, the GC will be going out this week, whew. I was planning on using the money to buy a living set, but I'll pay my cell phone bill and the cable bill and place the money saved into my EF account.
Furniture at this time is not a must.

Now I'm just waiting on ING to issue a refund for the check I trashed.

We got in

February 7th, 2012 at 12:51 am

We met with HOA today and was approved to move in, so it's officially I will be out of here on March 1st.

I must admit I am a little nervous, but with the grace of God I'm sure everything will be okay.

I plan on looking for a part time job, maybe one or two days a week but we'll see

$20 Challenge

February 6th, 2012 at 06:22 pm

I have been watching every dollar but not necessarily adding to my challenge. So I'm getting back on track to adding to my challenge. So the Miami Heat and the NY Giants won yesterday so $2 was added to the challenge.


February 5th, 2012 at 12:03 pm

Today is going to be a busy Sunday. First I'm heading to the storage and will clean out two boxes. Next, I plan on making it to spin class, then I will wash and vacuum my car, do my laundry at the same time, review my January spending, watch the Heat game and finally head to Duffy's for the Super Bowl. Whew, I'm tired from simply typing all this. Lol

Hopefully I will complete everything on my agenda, happy Sunday


February 4th, 2012 at 11:55 pm

Everyone knows I'm in the process of moving and yet it seems like they just don't care. My sister was given $5 a few weeks ago, she asked for more and now today she calls me up for $20. I can't afford to spend any money foolishly, yes I have $20 but I can't afford to lend it to you and not get it back. She is known for borrowing money and not paying you back, and with about a month left before I move I can't afford to give her $20. So my response was no.

Next my nephew who damaged my dad's door and window was arrested today. Why? Well he decided to beat up his pregnant girl friend. I hope they throw the book at him. He is suppose to go to court tomorrow and I'm sure my sister will make her way down there (the courthouse). The girl friend told my sister he called her asking her to come to court. She would be one IDIOT if she goes to that courthouse but to each it's own.

On a financial point of view, I slipped a little bit. I went out a few times for breakfast but I'm back to business today. I must say I have been tempted to spend money on clothing but have resisted.

Things moving so fast

February 2nd, 2012 at 10:49 am

Okay I received a call from the HOA to come in for an interview on Monday, I have my fingers crossed but I am still very nervous. See change scares me; eventhough, I have lived on my own in the past and did very well, I'm still nervous.

Next, I went ahead and paid $100 on CC1, I was a little nervous because I really don't want to spend any money since I plan on moving. I know it sounds crazy, I'd rather have no debt, or less debt when I move but I'm still nervous about it. The funds spent came from a personal account which I use for things like my hair, nails etc. so I pretty much cleaned that account out. I still have $ in the EF but that will decrease once I move as well. On a good note, I now have $144 left to go on CC1 Smile before I can tackle CC2.

Moving right along, as I was at my dad's yesterday, my BF stopped by the house and my mother gave him the "low down" per se on why we're not speaking. He says the story she gave was pretty much the same as I told him; however, what annoyed me is he told her about the interview I had coming. I know it's silly but I'd prefer she knows absolutely nothing about me. She told him she wanted her house key, which hurt a little but at the end of the day is fine with me. I guess she doesn't trust me. If that's the case when her cd becomes due this month, she can have it, I'm done paying the taxes on it.

Now onto to my dad, I received a call from my brother who rents the efficiency my dad has to say that my nephew (my sister's) child had just broken his window out and the door. You see this kid is bad news, my sister has allowed him to be rude and disrespectful, and now at 27 he is out of control. Long story short, I'm not in jail because if he had hurt my dad I know I would have been, dad decided not to have him arrested and my brother fixed the window and door temporarily.