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Checking in Sharing an Update

August 27th, 2021 at 10:47 pm


Whew it’s been awhile but I wanted to check in. 


As you all know, I quit my job, very toxic work environment. After I left most of my team quit.


Well I took a job about two weeks ago, my gut told me not to but fear had me to do it. Everyone was nice but the job itself I just couldn’t do. It was very antiquated and well below my skill set and I struggled. So I resigned. 


The very day I resigned, I landed a job paying $5000 a month as a consultant and the other consulting gig I had want me to clock 40 hours a week even if it means to watch videos at $2000 a week, so that’s $13,000 a month, gross. 


I also landed a content writing gig that pays me in gift cards for every article I write, $80 so I’ve written four so far. I choose Walmart because, I can not only buy groceries but other miscellaneous items as well without spending my own money. 


I’m so excited and thankful, that I thank God daily. This is the most money I’ve ever made and working less and less stress. 


Oops I also potentially have another gig paying about $50 an hour averting 20 hours a week to recruit. Waiting to hear back. 


I spoke with a friend who is an accountant to help me with setting up my business and that I can pay myself  via payroll, deducting my taxes and he will handle all my tax stuff, he’s doing this  for free. He is even giving me space in his office to use as my office for free. 

Oh and all gigs are remote 


God has truly blessed me and it that I’m thankful.