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Ready for 2023

December 31st, 2022 at 10:25 am

Closing out the year in a not so good of a shape. 


I added both the kitchen remodel and shutters to my credit cards, brining my balance to just over $7k. One card, Home Depot, is interest free until December 2023. Shutters still isn’t complete, I have a call to company. Once complete it will be another $3k, remaining balance. 


I didn’t hit my EF savings goals of $5k, I just made $4k, new balance is $18k. Goal for next year to get to $27k. 


My bank account was hacked for about $18k but I got the money back and changed my account number. 


Since starting this new job I’ve been all over the place with my finances, no budgets no savings etc. I’m feeling overwhelmed. I’ve been looking for work. I hate I didn’t continue with the consulting. 


I took the least expensive route in redoing my kitchen, hired a friend. Though it looks okay, it is costing me more. One cabinet isn’t on properly, crown molding not added, under mount sink is hitting against the pipe, drawers are on wrong, it’s just been a mess but I’ll make do with what I have. Kitchen needed to be done because the under sink had collapsed due to water damage and other cabinets were falling apart. 


I’ve still been paying on my student loans but not as aggressively as I’d like. 


I am so ready for 2023