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I can't believe it

December 1st, 2011 at 03:09 am

I can not believe it. First I made a special trip on my way home from class to Best Buy in order to earn 225 points just for walking in, and of course my ShopKick is not working properly Frown

Next, I go to my dad who has told me since October that he was not interested in changing his Medicare part D prescription drug plan (which I advised him to since his meds were not covered under his currently plan) but low and behold 7 days before enrollment period ends and my second day back to work after a week vacation, he wants to change his plan. Arrrrggghhh Frown

Then I make an attempt tp pay my Target bill online and was told I was only allowed two payments with in a seven day period, what! Now I have been using my Target card to earn the 5% discount and as soon as I get home I pay the bill. Well, looks like I have done so twice this week Frown Good thing my minimum payment isn't due until the 6th so I was able to schedule a payment.

Finally on a good note, I still had about $11 left in my account before payday so I added this amount to my challenge/EF. In addition, I paid bills today and every bill due with the exception of one, I over estimated the total amount due Smile so I added another $115 to my challenge/EF. Also I packed lunch, had breakfast at home as well as dinner so $6 added to my challenge.

I had class tonight, so I did not make it to the gym and I am not adding $2 the challenge, this was a good reason not to head to the gym but I'll be back tomorrow.

Total saved $132

It feels good

November 30th, 2011 at 03:15 am

It feels good to be back on track to financial freedom.

Today I went to Target and collected over 200 points using ShopKick, hoping to earn enough Best Buy points for BF Christmas gift.

Then I bought the following
Personal care product:3.99 less $1.00c= $2.99
-Personal care product:$.92 less $1.00c= $.08 for me Smile
-Target savings using cc (paid once I got home): $.50
Total savings $2.50

$20 Challenge update
-$6 no dining out
-$1 gym
-$1 Study
Total $8.50

All in all I added $10.50 to my challenge Big Grin

Today's saving

November 29th, 2011 at 02:52 am

I saved a buck today using a coupon for Chinet plates, I also studied so a dollar was added to the challenge and I went to the gym and added a dollar to the challenge as well. All in all $3 saved.


November 28th, 2011 at 08:05 pm

Today is my last day off before returning to work and I must say I have been a lazy bum all day. The only thing I can say is that I have done some studying, that's it.

I am really enjoying this day, really Big Grin


November 28th, 2011 at 01:32 am

Okay I am new to the couponing the thing. But I think I did okay for the first time.

CVS purchases
Old Spice Body Wash $3.49
Old Spice Body Wash $3.49
Dawn Antibacterial Soap $.99
Total $7.97
Less Coupons $4.99
Total $2.98

My Blue Rewards

November 27th, 2011 at 03:43 pm

I have completed 3 out 4 Lifestyle Improvement Program through BCBS bringing my total to $150 in gift cards Smile
I'll complete the fourth phase between today and tomorrow to earn an additional $50 whooo hoo.

We're planning a trip in January so $200 in gift cards will be nice

Happy Saturday

November 27th, 2011 at 04:17 am

Well today I tried to mend a friendship between two friends, I am friends with both women who are not speaking to each other but I have learned to stay out of it. So with that said no more bringing folks together. I'll just remain friends with both.

On a different note my brother gave me $300 to get my mom a tv for Christmas, I was trying to find the best deal for the best buck but ended up spending $295, so I earned five bucks on the deal. So $5 was added to my challenge/EF--I do think I got a really good deal on the TV

I also studied today for a little while and added a $1 to my challenge/EF. Total added today to the challenge $6

On a different note, the BF ask if I wanted to head out to breakfast, we're both in the hole so I said to him "I have no money" his response. "Me either" so then I respond "We shouldn't be going" In the end, I cooked breakfast at home for both us saving over $30.

I picked up my 3 free picture collages from Walgreens and I must say they look great. I was able to get three free, I had the BF sign up as well as my sister. Lol I know some would say I am cheap but I am saving money.

I have a $10 GC from VS, I hope I am able to find a $10 night gown or even one for $12. They usually have them on clearance it will be a great Christmas gift for my cousin or BF daughter.


November 26th, 2011 at 03:30 pm

Well this is a continuation from a previous post. As you all know my BF accounts were frozen for over $80k. As I mentioned before he has an attorney that I think he should have fired a year ago, see he is paying child support for two kids one which he has custody for.

Long story short his attorney finally called back, and guess what? She admitted to him that she does not handle cases (family) such as his. WTH! Was all I could say. However, she will refer him to some one in her office. Are you serious? I said to him I would file a complaint with the Florida Bar Association. A year later, suspended license (she advised him to payless only to find out this was not agreed upon in court so he was in contempt) and over $82k later you realize you don't handle such cases.

I told him when he hired her to go with some one else, but no.
I did advise him not to use anyone in her office


November 26th, 2011 at 04:24 am

Whew I almost missed out on $10 from ING. ING is offering $10 if you paid 5 bills via there bill pay center, so I paid the two additional bills I needed and $10 should be credited to my account by December 31st. Of course once I receive my $10 I'll deposit it to my challenge/EF

BCBS Rewards

November 26th, 2011 at 02:01 am

I completed my BCBS PHA survey and blood screening, all at no cost to me so I will be receiving two $50 gift cards Smile We are planning a trip in January so the money will be used for our trip. I have two more surveys to complete which will give me two $50 gift cards bringing my total to $200 yay!

Nothing like free money

One thing I hate

November 25th, 2011 at 06:54 pm

One thing I hate is an unsupportive individual. I am back at blogging which helps me keep track of my finances here, no one knows I blog about my finances and I'd like to keep it that way

In addition, I collect points from miscellaneous sites such as: MyPoints and ShopKicks. Once I accumulate enough points, I cash them in for gift cards which I use as gifts. Well the BF and I were out and about and of course I was trying to collect points so that I can get a gift card for his daughter for Christmas. Well long story short he was very annoyed that I wanted him to drop me off at the mall entrance while he parks so that I may collect 300 points and I ended up not going to the entrance.

This really irritates me, yes I have not discuss my financial position with him but he knows this year we're both financially strapped. After I explain to him that right now I have enough points for a five dollar gift card, it's black Friday and you can earn 3x as many points and that I am very close to a $25 GC it was almost if he was "so embarrass" that I was doing so.

Well I have decided that he and I will no longer go shopping together, because as long as I'm saving I will collect points where ever I am and if he is embarrass then we won't go together.


November 25th, 2011 at 02:38 pm

Wondering why is it when I am making some sort of headway Murphy always step in? As you all know, I am trying to sock away enough cash in my EF before I start paying down my CC debt and I am so close to reaching my goal before the end of the year and now I need a car battery Frown

I have a car fund which will cover about $40 of the cost of the battery but the difference will come out of my EF. I really do not want to touch any of that money unless I lose my job or become sick, but I understand that a car battery is a must.

Still feeling sad though Frown

I have figured it out

November 25th, 2011 at 08:54 am

Whew, I figured out what to get my BF for Christmas. He mentioned he wants a radio for his car, $60 at Best Buy, also a wet/dry vac $20 at Wal*Mart so all in all his gifts will be under $100.

Also I am racking up points with ShopKicks hopefully I'll have enough points for a $25 GC for Christmas

Happy Thanksgiving

November 25th, 2011 at 02:49 am

Woke up feeling very thankful for the following:
-another day
-a job
-back on track to financial freedom
-a roof over my head
-food on the table
-many more things

Just wanted to say yes I am thankful and hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving

One down and a few to go

November 24th, 2011 at 10:13 pm

Thanks to Trying Hard, I ordered my free photo collage from using the coupon code RGIFT2U. It is a great Christmas gift for my BF so I saved $3.99 which will be added to my challenge/EF

So that's one of his gifts and a few more to go, he wants the Sean 8 NCIS and a dry/wet vac and that's it.

I know that I am back on track

November 23rd, 2011 at 11:53 pm

I know over the last few years I'll post "I'm trying this blogging thing again" and nothing. But as I sit here I realized that yes I am back on track. I have blogged every day now for a little over a week Big Grin In addition, I am so stuck on saving this, not spending that, that I know I am definitely back at it this time.

With that said, I have socked away over a $100 to my challenge in a week, created a price list, and just finish clipping my coupons and creating a spread sheet to keep track of all my coupons Big Grin

Tomorrow, I will get the newspaper from my BF mom, because she doesn't clip coupons and the only thing she reads in the paper is the obituaries. So once the paper is in my hand I will sock away $1.50 (cost of paper, had I bought it) to my challenge EF.

I'm not into extreme couponing, I don't find the need to stock up on items I do not use, but I do want to save money if I can.

Further more I am watching the news and all these people are lined up already for Black Friday, personally I do not want to be in that mess spending money I do not have. So, I will wait for my gift cards from MyPoints and get Christmas gifts then.

I refuse to go overboard this year, or use my CC.


November 23rd, 2011 at 09:35 pm

You know sometimes my mom thinks my BF is her BF. She is retired, home all day and says to me when I got home that she forgot to buy stuffing. Being that I am on a budget and she gets food stamps, I say "I wish I had known prior to coming home but I am not going back out, because my mechanic is coming to check out my car which is acting up." Her response, "Call BF and tell him to go" First of all his money is not your money, secondly he is at work until late, third you get food stamps and fourth you have been home all day not doing a thing. Not to mention his account has just been wiped clean (she isn't aware but its not her business either).

So I respond saying, "Well BF will not be home until late." Her response, "Well I guess we won't have stuffing" Really? You're that lazy and cheap? The reason why I say cheap is because she always mention that my "BF must make enough money" I can't stand when others count someone else money.

Sorry I just had to vent


November 23rd, 2011 at 06:36 pm

Okay as I left my doctor's appoinment I headed to Wal*Mart. I pick up some items and was shocked that the tv converter was $19.98, after standing in line which seemed like eternity I got a refund.

Headed to my car, loaded, drove off and realised my cell phone was left in the shopping cart. Thank goodness I wasn't too far away before I realized I left my phone, upon my return it was still there, whew!

Next, on the list, enter cost of items on my price list--check, all done.

Off to a good start

November 23rd, 2011 at 03:48 pm

Woke up this morning and was unable to have breakfast because I have a doctor's appointment at 11 which I had to fast for. I wish I knew ahead of times, I would have scheduled earlier because I am starving.

As I prepared myself to head out to my appointment, I was trying to figure out where I could grab a bite to eat, but then it dawned me...pack your lunch! So I packed a banana, juice and P&B sandwich, now I can add $2 to my challenge.

Next I was changing purses and found $8, yay! So this was added to my challenge as well. As you know I gave my BF everything I thought I had in my purse last night.

Today's total so far $10

Back on track

November 23rd, 2011 at 05:12 am

It has been since forever since I have blogged, but I must say since this week and I have blogged consistently I have also saved consistently. Since November 14th I have socked away $137.34 and the week is not even over yet.

Yes I lost $20, gave my BF close to $50 but either way you cut it I saved more than I have in a week in a very long time.

I also created my price list. I created a spread sheet with the list of stores I frequent, which include the most common items I buy and the cost of each item at each store. Yes this will be time consuming but once completed, well worth it.

In addition, I will be clipping coupons and socking away what I save on coupons. Now I don't want to be a coupon fanatic but I do want to be able to get a good deal on items I need.

I have done it in the past (paid down debt while saving) so I know that it can be done.


November 23rd, 2011 at 02:07 am

Okay my BF came over and said that both his business and personal accounts are -$42,000. So we call the bank and the state's child support office has froze his accounts.
He is so upset that he almost came to tears. Last year he hired an attorney who I think he should have fired last year, but that's a different story. He hired the attorney to handle the monetary portion of his case and in my opinion she hasn't done a thing

He has custody of one daughter and is paying child support for two, when the mother calls for anything and I mean anything he breaks his neck to get it, which drives me crazy. I'm not saying he is a good dad because we date, I'm saying he is a great dad because I have witness all that he does. He is at every game, teacher parent conference, dance etc. In addition to providing any extra funds that the kid's mother may need. My ex is my ex because he was such a loser and a dead beat dad.

Knowing that his accounts are cleaned out I gave him what I had in my purse which was close to $50. It was tough and maybe selfish on my part but I couldn't help but think to myself "shoot" this was to last me until next week but all in all if the shoe was on the other foot I know with no doubt he would do the same.

I'm in the money

November 22nd, 2011 at 05:59 pm

Ran errands with my dad who gave me $15 so I added the $15 to my challenge/EF. Also in the mail I got a $10 gift card if I use my Victoria Secret card, so I'll buy a $10 Christmas gift for my self like a clearance night gown/t-shirt. Macy's also sent me a bunch of coupons which I'll use for holiday gifts.

So far this has been a great day. Oops I almost forgot $4 was added to the challenge/EF for having breakfast/lunch at home Smile

Pinecone Banner

November 22nd, 2011 at 04:27 am

I am currently looking for a Pinecone banner to sign up, I was a member but when I lost my job I became depressed and stop taking the surveys and now I would like to sign back up. So if anyone see a link please email me at

Ona different note I did a little bit of studying so I added a buck to my challenge/EF. Total today $7, I'm thinking I may reach my $1000 goal after all


November 22nd, 2011 at 12:17 am

Thank goodness, I am off the rest of the week plus Monday. I am so happy, and to top it off my dentist office called to cancel my appointment. Yay! I really didn't have the funds anyway.

Today I had homemade breakfast, I skipped lunch because I was so busy, but I did have my lunch for dinner. Therefore $6 was added to my challenge/EF.

In addition, I received my mileage check from November, finally, so I added this to my checking account. This is a plus because being home for the rest of the week means I won't spend a thing and will have a nice amount to add to my challenge/ EF by the end of the pay period.

Since I won't be working I also calculated my mileage for November which totaled about $366 , I'll use this for the BF Christmas gift, not all of it of course. I really need a job where I am not doing too much traveling

Short week

November 21st, 2011 at 04:22 am

I am so happy this is a short week as well as next week. I know I am going to pay for it when I return but, I'm exhausted. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but I am extremely tired. When conducting site visits I must drive an hour each way ( 2 hours on the road not fun) and those two hours really cost me a lot of missed work. But I am not complaining, thank you God for my job, there are many who do not have one

On a more positive note, I may have about $90 extra to add to my challenge/EF by the end of this pay period. In addition, as of this past week ending on Saturday, I have deposited over 100 dollars to my challenge/EF, imagine if I had started earlier. I am really happy about this, my goal is to save $1000 for the challenge by December 31st, and given that I started mid November and I am more than likely will be a little over half way to my goal by the end of December, I am really proud of myself.

For me, blogging keeps me accountable, and I am glad to be back

Won't happen

November 20th, 2011 at 11:42 pm

Well after I forgot about my $20 which was lost I decided to enroll in the reward program with BCBS. I scheduled my wellness checkup which is free, once the results are in I will complete an online survey which will give me a $50 visa gift card, in addition to the $50 for having the exam. Next I tried registering for the other surveys and for some reason my member number is not being recognized so tomorrow I will call BCBS and get this straighten out, if not I will miss out on $100 gift card.

I'm hoping to have the $200 in gift cards by my birthday, we're planning a trip to Alabama and I would like to use these fund for the trip.

I almost got upset but I decided I will not let this get me down, its a minor set back that will be fixed tomorrow and I can take the last two surveys for my $50 gift card.

Not a good day

November 20th, 2011 at 10:17 pm

First I misplaced/lost $20. This money was to last me until the weekend. I original started out with a little over $80, I went to get my hair done and the cost was $25, I went to Publix and spent $10 after that I have no idea what happened all I know is I was $20 short.

Next, I washed my clothes, hung them on the line and it started to rain Frown so I had to rewash them and go to the laundry mat to dry them, costing me $1.50. I'm not adding this to the challenge because it was out of my control.

Well I think I'll mope over my $20 for another 10 or so minutes and then move on.

On a good note I did collect 25 points using the ShopKick app, I'm hoping to get enough point by my birthday to pay for my hotel room for our trip.

In the end, I am still blogging which is a good thing

$42 dinner

November 20th, 2011 at 10:47 am

Yep, dinner came to $42. Thank goodness there were left overs. The BF and went to dinner last night, it was my turn to treat, the money came out of my fun account so I don't feel too bad but yet and still I feel like this was a waste, so $42 added to my challenge/emergency fund.

Even though, the money spent was monies set aside for things like this, I feel like I wasted $42. I think since I have started back blogging about my finances, well matter fact I know, I hate wasting money. Period!

I know I should not judge

November 20th, 2011 at 10:18 am

Yesterday I handed out turkeys and canned goods and at first I thought, this is great. But unfortunately as time went on by, I found myself getting annoyed and disgusted. There were people coming back in line who had already received their food items, no thank you, clearly folks high on drugs who maybe selling the items for drugs, people complaining about why don't we have this or that, and what was most heartbreaking was seeing the food thrown on the side of the road as I walked to my car. I thought this was suppose to be a humbling experience and yet I left feeling angry.

There were families who clearly lived in the same household who had 3-4 turkeys and boxes of canned goods and yet another family who came in wheel chairs who left with only a turkey. It really sadden me, and I know I shouldn't judge, but why do I feel this way?

Broke down

November 19th, 2011 at 03:20 am

I almost did not blog today but thought no I will continue with my goal. I broke down and bought dinner last night, about $6 but I haven't added it to the challenge as of yet, I was over charged. Later I will add the matched amount to my challenge. But as of today I did not eat out so $6 was added the challenge.

Tomorrow I will be volunteering handing out turkeys, this should be fun.

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