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Wednesday Rambling

September 18th, 2019 at 07:31 pm

I had so much to do today after work, I ended up not going to bible study and then it was canceled.

When I got home, I swept 🧹 the patio. I’m trying to keep it clean, there’s a tree 🌳 I need cut down, that thing drops so many leaves 🍁 it drives me nuts. Anyway after sweeping the patio, I fired up the grill. Seasoned my potatoes 🥔 with red and green bell peppers 🌶 , onion, a little olive oil and ranch salad dressing. Then placed them on the grill.

Next I took two chicken breast and cut them in half making four, and marinated in zesty Italian dressing. While the potatoes were on the grill I got my cardio in 🚶🏾‍♀️.
Came back and threw the chicken on.

When I tell you everything was absolutely delicious 😋, I impressed myself. The potatoes were to die for. Lol. I’m liking the whole grilling thing.

After that, I washed my hair 💇🏽 I have an event after work tomorrow and wanted my hair to be half way decent.

The plan was to come home and clean the guest bathroom but SO came by to help me put the desk out. Long story short, I hadn’t bought the containers to pack things in so the desk is still here. I wish I knew someone who needed one. We sat out side, first time ever in 8 years, just chatting.

In financial news, went to Walmart and stuck with my list, potatoes 🥔 and peppers. I almost bought a vacuum but it rang up incorrectly, $30+ when it should have been $15. The worker couldn’t get the price to change and needed to call a manager, I decided it wasn’t a must and left it. I realized, I had no money left in my house envelope, therefore I would have had to take the money from my fun envelope. Next week I wanted to do a little shopping 🛍 , looking for a mirror for the hallway, so it was not worth me spending the $15. I’ll rework the next pay period budget to add the $15. I’m proud of myself for this.

I got the electric ⚡️ bill today and it actually decreased, by $9, yay. I’d been turning off the lights 💡 that we’re not in use, started grilling vs using the oven to cook, line drying my clothes vs the dryer and turning the AC off at night. I started this about midway through my billing cycle, I think if I’d started earlier I would have saved more. We’ll see next month.

The water bill also decreased by I think $20. Now I’m waiting on the internet bill to decrease.

Other than that, that’s all I have to report.

Sinking Funds and Other Stuff

September 10th, 2019 at 01:55 am

So apparently SO mother had allowed the insurances on the vehicles to lapse since May, so he’s been driving around with no insurance since May (personal and commercial vehicles). Her license had been suspended since July, so she’s been driving with no insurance and a suspended license, with the grandson in the car. WTF!

If this is not a wake up call for him to takeover the business and everything else then I don’t know what is. Actually I do know, I’m so glad I’m not apart of that dysfunction. I’m not sure WTF he won’t put his foot down with this woman. But hey

In financial news, I checked the sinking fund for the car, and realized that I’m close to $1,000, just about $400 away. Initially the account was set up for car repairs, and insurance. But I pay my insurance monthly, and knock on wood there hasn’t been any repairs needed.

I need an oil change and normally I’d use this account, but since I have more than enough in my cash envelopes ✉️ I’ll use the money from there.

Seeing this account grow, has made me feel really good. One, because in the past, I’ve always used a CC to repair the car and now there’s cash. And two, I realize I can actually save cash for a new to me car. As you all know, my Camry has about 255k miles on it. She runs great! But I know it’s just a matter of time. My goal now is to save about $5-8k for my next Camry.

Next, I splurged on household items and took the money from home repairs, this sucks but now I’m back on track. I need to know that this account is not for home decor but repairs. I was going to get the accordions for the window, but will wait until hurricane season is over. I have the plywood and right now rates are sure to be higher. I’ll still get the quotes so that I know where I stand, and can save for them.

I must say, I have a sinking fund for everything, but I love it! I love the idea of saving just a little to have a lot later and paying cash 💰 for things. Patience surely is a virtue

Cutting Expenses

September 8th, 2019 at 04:18 pm

Well today was great, I finally tackled the pillows I was making for the patio and they turned out great. I have to get a few pots to plant a a few flowers to tie things in. Next it’s the spare bedroom. I told the SO it’s time to come and get the rest of his things, 30-days is more than enough time.

For dinner, I took the left over chicken and made chicken pot pie, this will be my lunch and dinner for the next few days.

I also unplugged a few more items in the house, one being the Keurig, I don’t even drink coffee, if the SO don’t take it I’m selling it. Signed up for auto pay, knocking $10 off my internet bill. I’m going to save up and buy a wifi tower so I don’t have to rent AT&T’s 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

I’m desperately trying to figure out how to cut expenses.

Pay Day

August 9th, 2019 at 02:09 am

Pay day was today and this is what happened

* Saved over half of September mortgage payment
* Reduced CC10 by only $15
* Added to my retirement savings
* Added funds to the sinking funds
* Set funds aside for auto pay bills (e.g. water, car insurance, cellphone)
* Paid half of the astronomical cable bill that is due on 8/17 🙄, and
* Paid tithes

Most of this check went towards saving, and I’m happy with that. I’m anticipating a reduction in my electric bill with the SO gone but not so much with the water, since I’ve been pressure cleaning.

I noticed I won’t be saving much with SO gone on the cable as I thought. Why? Well when we split the bill it was $85-89 per month, now with just the internet it is $70. So my savings is really, approximately $200 a year 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄. I’ve got to look for cheaper, internet service.

Lastly I’m going back to meal prepping


August 8th, 2019 at 02:21 am

I’m so loving my time at home by myself. Yesterday I ended up working late but coming home to a nice quiet house with no dishes 🍽 in the sink does something to me.

Not having to get home and cook dinner 🥘 after working all day, was awesome, for dinner it was a sub 🥪 for me.

I feel as though my stress level has decreased. I’ll admit I think about the SO, because I honestly feel bad for him, all I can do is pray for him. If he doesn’t get a handle on his life, finances and future, he’s going to find himself in a jam. He told a friend of mine, my prayer sister, that everything I told him was the truth, that he couldn’t argue with me, because it was nothing but the truth that I told him. He mentioned to her that he has taken on the role of his dad and that he knew he needed to talk to his mom, and have a tough conversation. I honestly don’t believe he will but like I said, he needs to do things for himself and not me. He’s going to find himself a homeless man in his retirement years screwing around with the mom and the kids, put the oxygen on yourself first.

In reference to money, things are trucking along. Ive managed to bump my savings, I still can’t help but be angry with the money I spent for legal fees but hey.

One thing I can say, is God bless sinking funds. I always tried saving everything in one account, but that doesn’t work for me. Saving for what I want has become a natural high for me. Christmas will be here soon and I have funds for Christmas. Lol I don’t have to run around, using credit cards.

The car fund is finally up (knock on wood) where if something happens, and it’s usually $500 I now have the cash to repair vs tapping into the EF. Hopefully, I can get this baby going to where I’m saving for a car vs the EF.

I’m also halfway there with funding my recertification for HR that’s due in January, and even with this, the job may reimburse me. It’s exciting times for me.

Family - my attorney notified me that the bank has been subpoenaed , we should know something that mid August.

I feel like things can only go up, I’m enjoying life right now and I know if it wasn’t for God and his amazing grace, I wouldn’t not be able to get through this mess.

I’m truly happy

Updated To Do List

August 4th, 2019 at 06:42 pm

Below were a list of things I needed to do today, I actually added three additional items

Today’s things to do
1. Balance checking/saving accounts🏦 ✅
2. Review last month’s spending ✅
3. Review this month’s spending
4. Update cash 💰 envelopes ✉️ ✅
5. Pressure clean patio ✅
6. Make throw pillows
7. Grocery shop
8. Wash two loads today ✅
9. Wash hair ✅
10. Clean bathroom ✅
11. Set up Ring Doorbell ✅

For the most part I got most things on the list done today. My spending for last month was terrible, my dining out and personal (hair care) was well over. This month, I’m watching this baby, I got lazy and need to get back to my personal finances and accountability .

While I was cleaning 🧹 the patio, SO came out and helped. I was able to replace (he bought the paneling) about 10 panels on the fence. I need to replace another 15, about $1.50 a panel, but it beats replacing the entire fence, plus it’s something I can do myself. The patio is definitely coming along. Next weekend I’ll do one more pressure cleaning before painting the following week. It’s perfect timing because we are going into the fall and I love to be outdoors.

I hope he didn’t think by helping that I’m changing my mind, this is something he should have done a long time ago.

I also bought a Ring video doorbell (with motion), they were $69 vs the normal $100 at Best Buy with a free Google dot. Since the SO is leaving, I wanted a camera for the house. This will come out of the home repair/upgrade funds.

I also sold an item on Poshmark, a dress, I made $7.05, this went to the EF account.

SO packed some things, I understand it’s going to take a few weeks to move everything but I’m not sure why he’s coming back tonight. He’d mention he was taking some things to his mom, and would be back. I didn’t say anything because I want this move to go smoothly but when he gets back, I’ll let him know I’m ready for bed and it’s time for him to go.

Miscellaneous Stuff

July 28th, 2019 at 03:30 am

Yesterday I really needed to get moving and work on the next budget period, but I was so enjoying the quiet time and I was just exhausted from the workweek.

Things I need to do/done

✔️ Update the budget for next pay period
✔️ Update/fill my cash envelopes
✔️ Balance CC10
✔️ Update student loan accounts
✔️ Change direct deposits to include the pay increase.
Update my planner for August

Checked my net worth and found that it increased by .01% that’s $1953.94 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. It’s progress, just wish that it was more. I know I’ll get there once I’m able to tackle the student loan debt.

I made adjustments so that I am saving more of my pay increases. Typically I’d spend this money by increasing my way of living that include shopping and dining, but not this time. I split the increase among retirement, saving and debt. These three things are my priority.

Today I’m going to wash 🧼 my car 🚗 she’s filthy. I’ve asked the SO for quite some time and he just hasn’t, so I’m going out before it gets too hot to do it.

Slow Mortgage Payment

July 27th, 2019 at 02:56 am

Though the mortgage is not a priority right now, I can’t help but feel defeated.

Since closing, I’ve paid extra, not much, but I wanted to get into the habit of doing so. Any way today while checking balances, I noticed that, finally the principal has been knocked down by a $1,000 lol.

Now I know why it takes forever for some to pay off a home. I mean, I know that the first few years you’re paying primarily the interest, it just me, when viewing my statement, that if I continue like this, I’ll be paying a mortgage into my late 70s.

Goal is to have this baby paid off in at least 10 years. Right now I’m rebuilding my savings, EF, once that’s done I can start back tackling the credit card again and the student loans. I really do believe, I can have everything gone in 10 years

Pay Day and Savings

July 26th, 2019 at 04:48 am

Today was pay day, and it feels good to cut a check for everything that’s due between now and August 9, pay day. It’s such a breeze, I don’t feel anxious/anxiety about paying bills.

I’ll be updating my sidebar with new totals but I realize I’m living below my means. I’m saving about 20% of my take home pay. Though most of it goes to sinking funds, I do add to my Fidelity retirement account, and it’s still saving. I’m actually in shock, I’ve never really save that much of my income. I would save, $20 - $50 here and there. Once I get rid of CC10 and the student loans, I should be able to bump the saving percentage to at least 50%.

Yesterday was SO birthday. I spent $16, I did get him flowers and a card. We were going to go out for dinner, he eats free on his birthday, but my stomach was so upset, we didn’t go. So now we’ll pick another day. He was shocked that I bought him two dozens of roses 🌹 since “I’m so cheap” as he says. Well I didn’t tell him but, the flowers were buy one get one free, no need in leaving the flowers. Lol. Now I’ll admit I was a little annoyed about the card, $5. I can’t believe that greeting cards are so expensive. He was funny, he looked at the back, I told him, it didn’t come from the dollar store but next time it will. Lol

So as we sat around discussing my frugality and laughing, his mother came up. She did not have the funds to make payroll again yesterday, so I guess he had to scrounge around to do so, that means he did not get paid. I changed the subject. I’m over the lady, and the fact that he won’t address the issue and take over the business. As I’ve previously told him, I’m not going into 2019 with you and your mom BS, I don’t care what the two of them got going on. He’d better have my rent money, that is $850 a month. He’s been paying it, and I’ve been happy. I’m going to hold to stick to my guns, because if he does not have my money on August 1, he’ll be out August 2. He can go live with his momma

Bumping the EF

July 16th, 2019 at 12:43 am

Yesterday I walked over four miles and today I am paying for it, my legs are killing me.

The tenant made his rent payment so I’ll be adding the last $850 to my EF. That will bring the total to $4,226. I still have to add another, hmm 🤔 I’d say about $200 to this as well. This is also the last month that SO will pay the mortgage and I can add the $965 bringing the total to over $5,000. I’m so thankful that I was able to build this back up as quickly as I did.

I checked my cash envelopes ✉️ and have $60 left over 😁. I just kept the money in the envelopes. I did budget $115 this budget cycle for hair care but I’m reducing this to $40 and putting the rest towards the EF. I got my hair cut so I can try and do things myself.

It’s a Struggle but Also a Progress

July 7th, 2019 at 04:58 pm

Washed and colored my hair, saved myself $60. I do have to go in on Wednesday for a relaxer and and cut 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄. Wish I could do this myself but oh well.

Today was a no spend day. I’ve actually had seven (7) no spend days this month. I did buy one item that was not necessary, a float for the pool, I already had one, so I took it back. Got my $3 back.

The best thing I could have done was create sinking funds. I was invited to a birthday party for an old friend, who I love dearly. Even though we don’t talk regularly I would not have missed her party. Anyway, I had the money in the sinking fund to get her a gift, one of my favorite wines.

Also last week, I had the funds for my oil change 😃. Now it’s time to renew my professional membership, cost is $200, I’ll submit for a refund on the job, but if I’m not issued the refund I at least have the money.

Without these sinking funds I would have used a credit card. I’m so proud of myself.

I spent my afternoon balancing my accounts. One thing I noticed on the Vanguard account is an in and out, something called Swipe, what does that mean? Also, SO opened his retirement account, right now it’s $20 a week and we will gradually increase.

My net worth has decreased a little, I can’t wait until I’m able to see a positive number vs a negative one.

It’s a struggle some days but I do see the progress.