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Saving, Budget and Poshmark

November 12th, 2019 at 05:10 pm

Took a look at the budget and I’m now able to bump my IRA contribution by an additional $25, it’s not much but hey it’s better than were I was, $0. This will bring the monthly contributions to $100.

I’ve also decided that any additional income, such as the consulting gig, I’ll take 10% of that earnings and add it to the IRA. The remaining will still go to the goal of savings six months of expenses for emergencies, once completed I’ll then tackling the CC and student loans. So long as I stay focus on this plan, I think everything will be good.

Next month I’m anticipating about $910 for the consulting. We’re adding a training so that’s the extra income.

Lastly, I sold an item on Poshmark, the buyer gave me five stars ⭐️, and I was able to cash out my $4.05. Selling on Poshmark is a very slow process but at least it’s extra cash for things I don’t want.

Sunday Updates

November 10th, 2019 at 09:40 am

My ending EF balance December of 2018 was $8197.69 my goal is to not only get back to this balance but surpass it.

As you all know, I had the emergency legal fee of $5,000. I was so close to hitting the 6 month savings goal and then boom 💥. I am thankful that I had the money to pay 💰 the lawyer.

I checked the EF and my balance is $5,559.87, I’m estimating by the end of December 2019 my ending balance would be about $6900. 🤞🏾

There’s so many things I want, and to do but I realize, I need to stay focus. Focus on one thing at a time is a must. First thing is, I need to keep socking money into the EF, the goal is to have 6 months of living expenses, that’s 12k. Plus a little extra, for legal fees, until this issue with my brother is resolved. I’ve been laid off 3xs and thankfully I had money saved. Right now the average time to find a job is about 6-8 months.

I’m still throwing extra at the CC, about $300-$400 a month, hopefully by March/April this baby will be gone.

Next, I know my car will need to be replaced, she has 259,000 miles on her. I love that car (Camry) and I pray she hangs around at least two more years but at so many miles I don’t know. The goal is to have about $5,000 saved, so that I can buy a car cash.

Lastly, it’s the student loans and the mortgage. If all goes well, and I hit my EF savings goals by February, pay off CC10 by March/April, I can pay an extra $400-$500 a month on the student loans , an extra $100 a month on the mortgage, and bump my retirement contributions. That’s the plan.

In other news. SO has been extremely sick. I personally think he didn’t go to the doctor because he has no insurance or the money. He finally broke down and went to the hospital 🏥 yesterday. I told him, if what he was experiencing wasn’t life threatening, that they would stabilize him and send him home 🏡. And that’s exactly what happened. The ER doctor 👨🏽‍⚕️believes he has an ulcer. I told him that as well. The stress he’s experiencing is off the charts.

Any way they gave him two prescriptions and told him to follow up with a gastroenterologist. The prescription was $200, I offered to pay. It’s the helping others in me. He opted against it. I went online and found a prescription discount drug card, with the card, the prescription dropped to $29.

I’m praying for his sake, he gets his life together.

Friday Nights Now = Budget Nights

October 25th, 2019 at 02:47 am

I absolutely hate interest. I paid over $500 this last billing cycle on CC10, only to be charged another $100+ in interest. All the more reason for me to get this credit card paid off.

It’s a process and I know I must be patient but I can’t wait for this sucker to be gone, so that I can start tackling my student loans. I’m thinking by April 2020, this card 💳 should be paid off.

I’m no longer gazelle intense for a number of reasons, SO is no longer here so I don’t get the extra $800+ a month. I still add to my EF because I think it’s crazy to only have $1,000 saved, and lastly, time is not on my side, I’m late to the party 🎉 so I continue to add to my 401(k). Yes by doing these things, it slows the process, but at least I’m comfortable, and I haven’t stopped paying down debt and saving. What I’ve accomplished so far, I’m happy with. The ability to go to events, stores etc and not spend anything is a huge accomplishment for me.

I honestly think, if I continue to budget, live a frugal lifestyle, I’ll be done with all debt, including my house 🏡 in seven years.

I can’t wait to get home this evening, to balance my cash envelopes, and review my budget. Lol, who would have thought my Friday nights of hanging out with friends, buying new outfits to do so, and spending tons of money would have turned into review the budget nights? I absolutely love it and look forward to it.

Save, Because You Never Know

October 8th, 2019 at 01:26 am

SO called Sunday and asked if I wanted to go to Sweet Tomatoes 🍅, he had a coupon. One thing I noticed he made “jokes” about it (having a coupon) but for some reason I think the “jokes” about saving took the onus off of him that he needs to be intentional with his money.

Living with his mom and her dysfunctional lifestyle has opened his eyes, he’s mentioned that, not to mention that he’s lost a ton of weight, so it’s obvious. It’s sad because is lack of response and spine, is going to be the death of him. I’ve heard of momma’s boys but this relationship is extreme. He’ll lose everything not to “upset” this woman.

Other news, I went for a walk Saturday, Sunday and Monday, had plenty water these days, my goal was to not have one soda 🥤 this week, epic fail 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. I had one on Monday, it’s better than three.

I’ve been slacking with going to church ⛪️ and I don’t know why. I just don’t want to go. I pray daily but I haven’t been in the mood, hopefully this changes soon.

I’ve decided to put a cap on the sinking funds. EF $12,000, this is six months of living expenses. Car $6,000, I want to be able to buy a decent use car when the time comes. $10,000 for the home repair fund (roof and AC is about 10 years old), $150 for gifts; $500 professional development/certifications; $5,000 HSA, this is my average deductible.

This is a ton of money and I’m sure things will happen for me to have to dip into the funds, like an emergency or car repair but at least I have a goal, and if I add a little at a time like I’ve been doing, I’ll reach them.

My debt free goal is seven years (December 2026). This include the house.
It’s going to be tough but I think it’s doable. I’ve managed to cut expenses, and not inflate my lifestyle when I received a raise. I noticed that since I’ve buckled down, I’ve become extremely frugal.

It’s true, that once you do something long enough it becomes a habit. I absolutely hate spending money. There are so many things that I say I need, but my priority is saving and paying down debt. For example, I give myself $15 a week for fun to spend, I’ve managed to hold onto these $15 for four weeks, hence, I currently have $60 in my fun envelope. It was so funny, I went into Home Goods just browsing, found the exact color curtains I wanted for the spare bedroom, the cost with tax would have been $30, almost half of my cash in my envelope, can you believe I said no? The old me would have bought those curtains.

So as I’m typing this blog, I hear water dripping. I go in the spare bathroom, nothing. Then it sounds as though it’s the AC. I feel cold anyway, turn the temperature up to shut the unit off and boom, as soon as the unit is off, water starts to run out 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️. Thank goodness SO friend is a licensed AC repair guy. I’ll call him tomorrow to come out. He’s less expensive and get the job done. I’m thinking the hose outside is backed up.

Moral of the story, save because you never know.

January Snapshot

February 2nd, 2019 at 08:26 pm

January review
* Saved a total of $582.69
* Paid an extra $1079.93 on CC9
* Had 15 no spend days
* Lost one pound - I have to do better
* Almost finish book 1 for the year, I have to do better
• Paid an extra $100 on the house


November 24th, 2018 at 07:55 pm

I can’t wait to close. My landlord is a pain in my 🤬

She’s cheap and is always complaining geesh. She’s upset because she has to pay to get documents notarized to sell the place and go to a UPS store to ship over night. The title company was closed Friday. So she’s pissed, cut me a break. I just want her gone. Well we have to close before the end of the month and they need the information early enough to review and knowing her she probably signed in the wrong spot 🙄🤦🏾‍♀️.

I’ve repaired things in this place that technically she should have but because I have dealing with her I fixed. It’s small stuff but hey. Can’t wait to close Monday.

Today and yesterday I cleaned. I threw out so much junk, that it’s ridiculous. I got annoyed about all the money I spent and wasted, looking at that stuff. The kitchen looks great though and I can actually walk in my walk-in closet, and the bathroom is clean. I got rid of the clothes hanging in there.

I also went through, five drawers either tossing or posting items for sell. Tomorrow I’m trashing an old file cabinet. I literally have not opened it in about 6 years. So I’m shredding and tossing.

All these stuff animals the SO gave me for Valentine’s Day is going in the trash. I’m too old for stuff animals, I always hated those things.

I’m so thankful that I do not have to move, and thankful that the closing motivated me to trash junk. I’ve decided that from here until the new year, I’m tossing crap, decluttering my life.

Interest Rates Sucks

November 14th, 2018 at 04:14 am

Ugh interest🙄. Received a new invoice for CC7 that included an interest payment of $80+ , I went ahead and paid it off. I hate when you pay a bill another comes with the interest.

Looked at my student loans, ugh and what I’ve found is that in order for the balance not to increase and kill me I need to pay an extra $200 a month on interest, this will stop the balance from increasing, breaking even until I pay off the last two CCs. Now that the other cards are paid off, I can do that and still pay bills and add to EF. I hate interest 😡.

I’m opening up a separate checking account for the mortgage, and HOA. Though I haven’t closed yet, I want to jump start on socking away for this. Closing looks like December, that will give me 60-days to put things away and have two months saved.

Yesterday I woke up and the cable was off. Smh. I lost it, I called my SO told him I wanted him out. Told him that I can’t keep doing this, that it was mentally, physically and emotionally draining. I told him that I don’t need nor want his bad financial habits to cause me to lose my house and that he needed to go.

Came home after work, and the cable was on but it doesn’t negate the fact that he pays everything late, every three months the cable is off, and he does the bare minimum. I want him gone!

This weekend I’ll be looking for a part time gig, since the holidays are rolling around, this should be easy. Plus I should be taking on another department, that will give me a raise of about $12k, fingers crossed

That’s it have a good one everyone


November 2nd, 2018 at 01:23 am

Good morning all!

The house the debacle is over, I received my check and paid off CC6, CC8 and CC7 will be paid off today.

I decided to purchase the villa that I’m in. The landlord agreed to $140K, and the place appraised at $150K. The good news is by me purchasing the rent/mortgage will be cut in half. The extra money saved, I’ll put half towards EF and the other towards the remaining debt.

I still have the 8k saved so if anything comes up with the home that’s where I’ll dip into. I don’t include this amount in the sidebar.

We are also expecting to relinquish a high level employee, her duties will be split amongst managers so, I should be getting another raise. Upward of about $10k - $12k

One Big Mess

August 11th, 2018 at 01:15 am

I have to keep reminding myself that this mess I’m in is only temporary.

First in financial news. My goal is to have CC6 paid off by the end of October. My 90 days on the new job is up this month and we are to revisit my salary. I’ll be asking for a raise. Since I’ve been there I have done the following:
* Save the company close to 50k
* Updated and rewrote outdated policies, about 12
* Update a number of HR forms
* Started the online implementation of our HRIS
* Put processes in place to streamline our onboarding process,and
* Revamped the new hire orientation
Not to mention all the other miscellaneous stuff.

Regarding spending, I’ve been off the grid. Eating out a lot more and spending more. Yesterday was the first check of the month, so I plan on getting back on track.

We finally got a date for next month regarding the sale of the house, I pray all goes well.

Now relationship news. As you all know, I’m sick of my SO. Every day there’s some BS with him. Well this week the child support office hit his account and his daughter’s because he was late paying.

Long story short last month, or month before, I can’t remember, he mailed off his money order payment. Well they didn’t get it. He was told the following month to wait and see if the money order clears, by the child support office. I said pay it,because it’s late and it makes no sense what you were told. Well he didn’t listen to me, and they took all his money and the money he in his daughter’s (16 yo) bank account.

Now he’s running around here mad because they touch his “baby’s” account.
I’m more like WTF!
1. All your portion of the bills are late, you take your time paying them but when it comes to your daughter’s money you make sure you’re doing what needs to be done to correct. Meanwhile my &);::/- is late!
2. If you had been saving, when the money order wasn’t received you could have paid the damn bill
3. Take the business over from your mom, she’s mismanaging and aren’t you sick and tired of not wanting to hurt her feelings 🙄 dude she’s not paying you. What’s the purpose of working and not getting paid?

Only good thing about this is, that I told him there is no way in hell I can or would marry him. He’d have us in the poor house.
Not to mention, he can’t even buy a diamond for the ring that’s now starting to change colors, lol just pathetic. All I can do is laugh to keep from crying, thinking about how much time, and energy I’ve wasted with this guy. Two years later and I still have a joke of a ring smh, unbelievable.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not about the ring, I’m just making a point. I’d be happy with a $20 gold band, vs a $1200 band with a fake diamond that is changing colors, if he had his crap together.

Only thing keeps me trucking is I know this is temporary, debt is slowly declining, and this house will be sold then I can pay off my debt and get my own place.

CC5 Is Officially Gone!

July 27th, 2018 at 06:04 pm

Wow I did it!

This credit card 💳 was driving me crazy, I paid it off. CC5 is officially gone! It feels so good to know that I’ve paid this card off. It makes up for the dental payment.

What’s so funny was, I stopped by my mom after paying off the CC to check my mail. There’s an offer from Macy’s. upping my CC balance, thanks but no thanks. Just two years ago, they reduced it. My debt to income was too high. But now that I’m paying things off, they’re increasing it. I’ll pass.

Thanks for tips everyone, I am going to reach out to my dentist to find out if there is a discount. He typically discounts things for me so I’ll see.

Someone asked in a previous post if the SO could help, the answer is no. He never has any money for anything. Can’t wait to get him out.

We got another court date for September 11th regarding the house, thank God.

Always Something

July 13th, 2018 at 03:42 am

Always something. I was really hoping to knock 🥊 CC5 out today.

But, I had to budget for contact lens ($150). I wear my glasses 👓 90% of the time but with those special occasions I like to have my contacts. Many reasons why I’ve started a medical fund. I also have to pick up my meds, that’s $27.99. So about a $180 on healthcare that could have went to debt. I know I shouldn’t complain because any other time I would have to use the CC 💳.

I was able to pay at least half the balance on CC5 bringing the total to $225, yay. I’m still on track to have four credit cards 💳 paid off this year.

One thing I’m feeling good about, well a couple:
* Today was pay day and all bills for the month are paid, in advance mind you
* Extra was paid on the credit card 💳
* I cash flowed health expenses
* I was able to also save
* And I love my new job

Though I’ve been on the job just over a month, I’ve been able to make some traction, and my boss is amazing.

In other news, I see things getting worst with the SO and his daughter being pregnant. He’s making things happen and of course it frustrates me because as usual things are late here at the house. What frustrates me is, he’ll make sure the money is available for her but when it comes to the house it’s a different story. I just have to keep reminding myself that one, I’m paying down debt, two once the house sells I can move on, three this is just a minor setback.

Live and learn