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Well I am still alive

February 29th, 2008 at 01:25 am

I am still alive, I know it has been a while but I have been so busy with my accounting class. I actually got an 89 on the second testt Smile so I am really excited. And you guys will be proud I managed to pay off another cc ($475) and add to my challenge and not eat out for two days. I think this is great especially since I have not been blogging for a while
New total for the challenge $7454.54

Busy and sick as a dog

February 17th, 2008 at 07:29 am

I have been so busy with this accounting class that I forgot about everything else.
As you all know this is my third time taking this class Frown but it looks like I just may pass it this time. I got a 100 on both quizzes and 80% on the test in addition to 8 extra credit points. But as far as my planning in health care class goes, I bombed that test I had no idea what was on it; I guess I have been too focused on the accounting.

Anyhow I have not been adding to my challenge, I guess because I have not been blogging like I usually do and that means additional wasteful spending. I don't know what it is but if I am not blogging and making myself accountable I am spending

And this weekend I was hit with the flu. Friday two of my co-workers called out sick and one went home early and by lunch time my throat was so sore and red, by time I got home I was sick as a dog. I had some expired Theraflu and took my chances (I do not recommend this to anyone) but by Saturday morning I was feeling a little better. But low and behold it struck again this time by my chest was included and I was all congested so I got up want to CVS with my windows up and no a/c on, thinking if I sweat enough it may help . This was not a bright idea because by time I got home I felt like I had a hang over. Anyhow I bought everything you can think of for the flu including more Theraflu which is a God's sent because after I made it home, and slept for hours I felt better to go to work. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal

It has been awhile

February 3rd, 2008 at 11:54 pm

I have not posted in awhile so this is a long one. First of all my part-time job finally found some one for Sundays so now I am off 1 day a week Smile Bad news is that my boss still has not paid me my vacation pay from last year, so I will be reminding him on Monday.

I was able to up my challenge a little being that I am only depositing extra cash to it and everything else is going to the cc.

Since I am now off on Sundays and am single and lonely, I decided to do something once a week on Sundays for myself. So today I went to the fair walked around a little and came home, it felt good to get out of the house. My brother actually gave me the ticket so I did not pay to get in ($15) the only thing I did was buy a drink because it was so hot and had my handwriting analyze which I thought was fun. Next week I will go to the movies since I have two free passes

Now I want to look at last month's spending Frown not too good. My grocery bill is still way to high. School started so I had some high expense in this category
Internet service is high because I paid February's in January
Automobile : Car Payment $144.39
Automobile : Gasoline $116.61
Automobile : Maintenance $134.21
Automobile : Registration $36.75
Bank Charges : Finance Charges $5.72
Bills : Cable/Satellite Television $68.14
Bills : Cellular $73.37
Bills : Electricity $133.88
Bills : Online/Internet Service $121.80
Bills : Telephone $39.43
Bills : Water & Sewer $46.79
Charitable Donations $40.00
Clothing $53.69
Dining Out $67.43
Education : Books $33.25
Education : Supplies $2.59
Education : Tuition $831.12
Expense Categories
Gifts $29.69
Grand Total -$3,513.41
Groceries $201.54
Healthcare : Dental $196.65
Healthcare : Eyecare $7.00
Healthcare : Physician $30.00
Healthcare : Prescriptions $15.00
Household : House Cleaning $8.63
Household : Laundry $9.99
Household : supplies $10.16
Income - Unassigned $0.00
Income Categories
Insurance : Automobile $58.14
Leisure : Entertaining $29.59
Leisure : Movies & Video Rentals $12.09
Leisure : Newspaper $2.25
Miscellaneous $245.23
Facial Supplies $6.99
Feminine Products $17.08
Personal Care : Hair $135.00
Personal Care : Hair Supply $10.18
Sales Tax $16.95
School Supplies $2.66
Snack $1.37
Spending by category
Subcategory Total
Federal Income Tax $289.65
Medicare Tax $43.30
Social Security Tax $185.10
Total Expense Categories $3,513.41
Total Income Categories $0.00