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First Holiday Gift Card

November 3rd, 2014 at 12:47 am

I notice that over the years, I have always spent money on my BF kids during Christmas, but as of last year no more.

I would buy for his his kids, my nieces, nephews and God-daughter. I often thought what a waste of money. He can add my name to the gifts he buys and vice versesa. He never bought for my nieces and nephews so I'm okay with it. Nor did he buy for my parents, I often bought for his. It's crazy what I would spend during the holidays, but times are changing and as Dave Ramsey says, " I want to live live like no else so that later I can live like no one else."

I earned enough points to purchase a $25 Macy's gift card for my niece and a $25 Toys R Us gift card for my nephew. Two down and three to go.

I'll cash in my Humana points for a Target gift card to but my God-daughter, and two other nephews their gifts and then I am done.