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December 1st, 2019 at 03:43 pm

December is here, I can’t believe it.

Yesterday was a relaxing day, with a little activity. I switched out my fall decor for the Christmas decor, I’ll be finishing up decorating my Christmas tree 🎄 today.
I also did a little holiday cleaning, have to finish this up today.
The red decor will stay up until Valentine’s Day.

This morning I finished up my monthly consulting report for my side hustle, and created the invoice. This month I’m billing for $1300, $400 will go towards the training and I will make a total of $900. This is an extra $100 on top of my normal consulting services. The trainer charged me $400, I charged $500. I’m also going to let the owners know, that I’m interested in other opportunities in case they know of any other small businesses that will be needing my services. I also told my friend who is an accountant, he’s the one who got me the gig.

I’ll say this, I’m glad I got the laptop for the side gig, it really helped me out today.

Later today, I’ll review my November budget.

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday.