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Day III and Still no Spending

July 31st, 2006 at 11:02 pm

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am on day 3 and have not spenta coin. I am so happy, now I am adding another buck to the challenge

New total: $347.13

End Of the Month totals are in

July 31st, 2006 at 06:58 pm

Today is July 31 and I must say I think I did pretty good this month, here are my totals:

Total income $1829.58

Bank Charges: $133.00 my mistakes Frown
Interest Paid (cc) $77.33
Fixed Bills:$118.98
Charitable Donations:$21.00
Clothing $9.50 Smile
Dining Out $43.81 Wink
Groceries:$207.31 ;( I did not use coupons
Healthcare/insurance: $221.65
Household Cleaning/laundry:$18.70
Hurricane Supplies:$9.88
Job exp (non Reimburse) $5.99
Leisure: $8.24
Misc: 30.54 this is way down
Personal Care $43.36
Sales Tax: $9.52
Federal Income tax: 164.32
Medicare: $25.64
SS $109.66
Total: 1482.58

Income VS Spending Difference: +$397.08
So some things I went over but a lot of things were cut. Atleast I have funds saved Smile

Darn !!

July 31st, 2006 at 06:33 pm

Well because I have poor crdit I have to pay HSBC a $69.00 annual fee ;( The balance on this card was 0 dollars now I just upped my CC balance. It's not due until the 20th So I will wait until the 16th to pay it off. I can't wait until I am debt free and my score is up so I do not have to worry about these silly cards

Day Off

July 31st, 2006 at 06:29 pm

I decided to call in sick today, I needed abreak. those lazy girls on the job drives me crazy and besides I needed to clean up today and wash clothes. I am glad I took the day off, I am not lossing any pay because I have a ton of vaction and sick days

Day II, No Spend day

July 31st, 2006 at 01:36 am

Today is day number 2 and I did not spend a thing; I did not even buy my Sunday paper. But my mom ask for a $1.00 for Sunday school, I almost said but since it was for church I went ahead and gave it to her. lol I have to laugh because I am getting to be really cheap,oops frugal, I hate spending or giving it away.

Added a $1.00 for the challenge since I did not spend any money
New total: $346.14

Finally, the bank put a stop to her nonsense

July 30th, 2006 at 03:40 am

My friend that is. I am sure I have complained about her before, well the bank seized or deactivated her debit card in which she used on regularly bases for money she obviously did not have. She was bouncing so many checks...well not really checks, but when ever you use your debit card without the funds the bank allows you to complete the transaction and charges you a fee. I told her sooner or later they were going to close her account and that she needed to make some serious sacrifices to get ahead...only because I know. But she did not listen; this is the same friend who bought sandals last week. But here is the kicker she has a business account with no funds and then used that debit card to complete her transaction, what she doesnít realize is the bank will file charges against a her person who knowingly and deliberately writes bad checks in her case uses her debit card. In FL if the amount is equal to or greater than $500.00 it is considered a felony. She thinks they did this because she has defaulted on car loan. She doesnít realize the money she has spent on fees; it could have been used for some thing else like paying her bills. She will never get ahead this way

Oops, I forgot I told her once before and not again that she needed to keep her business separate from her personal life because once you cross that line if you owe money through your business the other party can come after your assets, the little she has
Guess we all have to live and learn and she will sooner or later

Day I , no spending

July 30th, 2006 at 03:08 am

Today was the first day that I have a no spend day so I am adding $1.00 to the challenge

New total:$345.14

Wow what a day

July 30th, 2006 at 03:04 am

Wow did my day start out terrible, first the guys came really early to start our roof and being up late last night was know help. Then I went to library and the DVD I wanted was still not returned (12 days late) Then I was unable to wash clothes because I line dry and since the guys were out doing the roof they had stuff every where. Next I took a nap before heading off to work; I was unable to iron because the outlet was not working so I had to decide on something else. Next I used the little girlís room and was washing my hands (I did not have my glasses on) but I heard this water dripping sound...the toilet over flowed. Then I went into the other bathroom turned on the show and that toilet start to back up. Ok now it is getting close for me to go to work, go by dadís to take shower, he's not home; next off to my sisterís theyíre not home, go by my auntís, guess what she is not home go over to my friends my mom house she's not home luckily as I was about to pull off my showed up and I was able to shower. As I am leaving and half way home I realize I can not see...left my glasses darn. So now you know what kind of day I had

Looking forward to a no spend week

July 29th, 2006 at 04:17 am

Jumping on the ban wagon, I decided that this will be a no spend week. That means the only money I will be spending are things that are a necessity such as: water bill, light, cc debt, etc. So today I spent a ton of money today, a total of $100.98

$57.33 Groceries
$15.00 gas
$16.26 Personal care
$10.00 Dry Cleaning
$00.87 Household Cleaning
$1.52 Sales tax

Since I have decided all week what I make for dinner, there will be no need to run to the store and pick any extras. One more mental note I need to keep my coupons with me at all times

Oops almost forgot added $.87 to the challenge brining my new total to $344.14


July 28th, 2006 at 10:17 pm

Can you believe it my boss actually did the time sheets today and that means we will be paid on Tuesday versus Wednesday of Thursday so I am happy. He is notorious for bad moods and doing the time sheets late

$20.00 Challenge

July 27th, 2006 at 09:05 pm

Well I just added an additional $2.69 to the challenge brining my total to $343.26 Smile

Give me my $.88

July 27th, 2006 at 09:01 pm

Today was payday from the part-time job and I made $234.88 after taxes. But went to the bank to cash my check and was given only the $234.00 well I did not notice because I was really only being concerned with the dollar amount received well I was short the .88 so I wnet back before I got too far. My dad could not understand why I went back, well it's my money and I want it...I work too hard.I explain to him if everyone let the bank get away with .88 they would make lots of money. Not oonly that it is the principal once I rolled hcanged and cashed it in and they wrote me for .4 cents i was bout 8 at the time, but I will never forget it

No Spend Day

July 27th, 2006 at 03:07 pm

This is a first in a while I had a no pend day yesterday so I added $1 to the challenge
New total 340.57

Not my day

July 26th, 2006 at 11:38 pm

This is not my day, 1st my co-worker is driving me crazy, 2nd my dad and his tenant, now someone hit my car and left. The damage is not bad and I do drive an old 89 Camry but it is the point. Can you believe it. When I had the 01 Camry before the accident, some one hit the back of my all happened at work and we are not allowed to park in the front. Good thing my car is old and I plan on getting rid of it once it gives out, which will be soon. You better believe if happens when I get a new car all H&**&^ is going to break loose

Everyone is driving me crazy

July 26th, 2006 at 11:05 pm

Now my dad is on my list of people who are driving me bonkers. He always want me to be the clean up woman so to speak. He has allowed this woman to move into the house with out any deposit or rent, then I just found out he has not switched over the electric. Now he is one of those people that when you speak to him it is like talking to the wall, he always does this crap and then I have to go behind him and clean up the mess. This was the same thing with the last tenant
Now August will be two months and no rent

My co-worker drives me crazy

July 26th, 2006 at 06:22 pm

I am sure you guys has heard me say this more than once. But right before lunch I finally said to her " Can I ask you a question, what sense does it make to answer the line when I ma sitting right here, reaching over me, what if you need the computer to schedule or cancel the appointment" Well then she got upset so I said well now you know how I feel when you are constantly standing over me, please find something to do

Free Lunch

July 26th, 2006 at 06:14 pm

I guess my attempt a few weeks back to give blood piad off, because we were all given a coupon for free and and milkshake at Chic fil-a, well i used mine today and had lunc on the house. I am so happu especially since I only have 8.69 to last me until tomorrow

Just Plain 'Ol Lazy

July 26th, 2006 at 02:59 pm

I work with a girl who is soooo lazy I do not know why she is here. She walks back and forward all day long and adding paper to the copier. I mean be for real. Then she goes this is going to be a long day there is nothing to do Frown Dhe drives me bonkers. I have filed, called patients did laundry all in the last 2 hours and all she has done was place paper in the copier

Debt Validation part II

July 26th, 2006 at 04:14 am

Well I disputed 2 medical bills on my credit report which was validated, any way I tried several times to contact the company in order to pay and guess what no response. So I mailed a letter certified mail of course requesting that they validate the debt (step 2 of the validation process) now they have 30 days to respond if not I send a copy of my letter along with the return receipt from the post office and the CRA has to remove it. Now I know they received the letter because I got my return recepit today. So we will see