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Nice day

July 28th, 2008 at 04:03 am

I live about 5 minutes away from the beach and haven't been since I was about 13 or so. About a month ago I bought a beach sticker and have only been once so I decided to go today and I loved it. I hated to leave. I had my beach umbrella, my cooler with lunch, tons of magazines and a book as well as my iPod, oh I forgot I bought a boogie board so that I can float (since I can't swim) The weather was great and I will be heading back next weekend

lost and found

July 27th, 2008 at 06:02 am

Well I have not been blogging much and for that reason have been spending a little more. Anyhow, I returned my Mac so $964 was credited back to my CC. My boss gave me $20 so I added that to my EF.
On a different note I received an email from ING about lost money sitting there waiting to be claimed. Now I check this a few years ago and found money for my BIL and a friend’s sister so I decided to check again for myself and guess what there was $58 available to me from an saving account that I had with Albertson’s when I worked there
Then I started checking out my family members, my uncle’s wife $651, my SIL, my brother and cousin all had unclaimed funds. Can you believe it
Here is the link for any one who wants to check…good luck

Text is and Link is

Warning long post

July 20th, 2008 at 08:24 pm

First Friday was payday and I was able to sock away the following:
$25 IRA
$400 to EF ($20 was saved on the DirecTV bill for referring a friend)
$50 towards the challenge
On a different note, my mom is not speaking to me because I told my sister what her in-laws said. My mom who asked me not to say anything was very upset but I was compelled to let my sister know, besides anything I tell her she repeats. Anyhow she (my sister) moved into her apartment which I told her to get a two bedroom and she ended up with a 3 so that her loser son can move in, well her and my BIL are now separated and her son is no longer living with her. He cussed her so badly and threaten to kill her (I must say that this is the second time he has done this) He is such a loser; he won't work and is on probation for theft. You would think that she would stop getting him out of trouble but that is definitely not an option. Now she is stuck with this three bedroom apartment that she can not afford and still owes me $40 that I can kiss good bye. I said to her since you haven't been in the place for a week, speak with the leasing office and try to get a smaller place; her response "no I like it here" I know she is holding on just in case my nephew needs a place to stay. I am sorry I love him but he would not be living with me not after threatening me twice. There are too many kids who actually follow through with their threats. Now her second son the one who was diagnosed with schizophrenia is practically living with this girl and her mother who wants him to marry this girl so that she can get her papers (green card or visa, I don't know) he has stopped taking his meds and I have tried as well as my sister to tell him to come from over there, and go home but a hard head makes a soft you know what. He too is no longer working thanks to his loser brother (he actually got him a job where he was working) who cussed out the manager . Unbelievable

Haven't been around much

July 14th, 2008 at 12:07 am

I have not been blogging lately, so busy with this accounting class. My first test I failed (60 points out of 100) so I have been really studying. Financial accounting I was told was much harder than managerial but I beg to differ. Anyhow, I decided to return my Mac computer, I really don't like it and it is going to cost me way too much to add windows. Too bad I can't trust my sister to pay me monthly. Maybe when this laptop crash I will be able to buy another Mac and upgrade with windows as well. I paid $1000 on the cc to get it down and once I return the Mac it will be at a zero balance.

I have a confession

July 8th, 2008 at 04:08 am

I have a crush on one of our patient's. Problem is how do I approach him(guess I am old school). I do know he is single with no kids and self employed, problem is he is about 10 years older than I am but that is about it and really isn't a promble. Oh well I guess the real problem is how do I approach him?
On a diffrerent note, I did not eat out today so $4 went to the cc

Back at it

July 7th, 2008 at 04:11 am

I haven't been keeping up with my savings since I did not have a computer but I was able to add $21 to my EF. Friday a patient gave everyone a $10 tip and my dad gave me $11. I haven't been adding to my challenge at all. Hopefully I can sell this computer and get some of my money back in order to pay down my cc. On a different note I am really enjoying my Ipod, I can't believe I haven't saved up for one before it is wonderful

Listed the MAC for Sale

July 6th, 2008 at 01:01 am

My sister wants to by the Dell from me for a $100 a month (hmmmmm) big mistake I am sure. So I listed my Mac for $100 less than what I purchased it for because I really can't afford it in addition I do not like it. I know it's because I am use to the PC. Every one that I have spoken to have nothing but great things to say but I just don't like
I got this email from a guy who wants to buy it but I am not going for this either pay me cash or pay me through paypal and I will ship, see below and let me know what you think?
Thank you very much for your swift response and for telling me the
item is still available.I am satisfied with the conditions has you
have stated in the ad.

I have a schedule already,for i need to attend an important seminar in
Iowa so i wont be able to come to check it at your place.Since i am ok
with the condition,i will be sending you a business check that will
cover the amount of the item and the moving funds.You are to take your
money for the item from the check after cleared in your bank within
2-3 days and have the rest sent to the mover via western union money transfer.For your
inconvenience,i will add $100 with the payment to be your running
around fee.I'm always a busy man and i will not like to miss this
item.The info of the mover will be sent to you after the check is

Get back to me with your name and address where the check will be addressed to,including your contact phone number.

Have a nice weekend


July 4th, 2008 at 08:29 pm

I had purchased an HP computer from Bestbuy and about 27 days after my purchase I was unable to connect to the Internet (via express card or wi-fi). So I had taken my computer in and was told that if the work would take more than 30 minutes I would have to pay $50. The technician of course worked on it for more than 30 minutes. Prior to me taking in my laptop I spoke with Verizon trying to trouble shoot the issue and was told that the express card was fine (and it worked on other computers, as well ) and to take in the laptop to Bestbuy. After being told that it would be about an hour I went back to Bestbuy (after a number of calls ) and the tech was on the line with Verizon trying to connect and was still unable to. So he asked that I leave it for a few more hours so I went home. I never received a call from the tech so I called him and was informed that there may be a problem with the actual drivers (which I told him before he even started) for the computer and it needed to be sent to HP for repair which would take 3-5 weeks. Next I called them up about two days later requesting my express card so that I can use it on another computer, of course they could not find it about 45 minutes later a tech called and said I could pick up. Now two weeks has passed and I am thinking my computer has been sent out for tech support with HP in the mean time because of my dissappointment I decide to buy a Mac, a friend of mine said to contat Bestbuy and ask for a referrence number so that I can contact HP myself and check the status. So I call Bestbuy and am told your computer never went out. Now I am furious because no one called and said a word. In addition I am being told that it is a software issue and it will cost me $130 for them to restore my computer. After I declined and ask for the tech's boss and his boss as well as his boss and finally getting the district manager's name I am told by the tech he did not have a number. So I say to him I will hold until you get one after about 10 minutes he comes back and offer me another computer at the same price. I just find it strange that if it was a software issue why am I getting a brand new computer. In addition, I forgot to mention when I first took my computer in the tech was advising me to take it home if I had done that my 30 days would have been up for the manufactors warranty. Further more when I went to pick up the exchange the technician could not find the computer (unbelievable) but I was able to get it
In the end I got a new computer which I no longer needed because I ordered a Mac, this should have been taken care by Bestbuy immediately. I am still going to contact the district. Once I get my new express card to use with the Mac I am definately selling this Dell no need in having two laptops

Mac came in today

July 2nd, 2008 at 11:19 pm

My Mac came in today and I am not liking it. I guess it's because I am so use to my PC and I had no idea that there was not a slot for an air card which means if I wanted to get one that uses an air card I would have to shell out almost $2000 which will not happen. However, I am able to connect and what I do like is the fact that no matter what page I am working on spell check is working Smile I am a terrible speller. Tonight when I get home I will install MSMoney and get all up to date

Life with out a PC

July 2nd, 2008 at 03:51 am

Life with out my laptop has been tough, I mean I do miss the internet but the problem is I am unable to input my data into my MSMoney software which is a huge set back for me. Right now I am unsure of my balances, I mean I know that there are funds availbale but it is a matter of how much. I have been using the cc recently and am unable to really know what is going on.
Anyhow Bestbuy said it will be up to 5 weeks before I get my new laptop back, which I plan on selling on Ebay since I have since ordered a MAC (too many problems with PC) In the end I could have simply replaced the LCD screen on the one that burned out(about $200+ labor) oh well.
Today was payday and I paid my car payment, $200 on the cc(not nearly as much as I owe) cell phone bill, mom's cell phone, water bill. Atleast I was able to add $130 to my EF and $10 to my vacation accout as well as $25 to my IRA
well just wanted to catch up with every one I do have a ton of other things to post but I need to get some ore studying in (account test)
I forgot a light buld went off and I hooked up my old laptop whose LCD burned out and hooked it up to my old moniter Smile so I am able to check emails and accounts