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Saturday Update

November 24th, 2019 at 04:56 am

My Friday night’s ritual, usually consists of a shower, review my cash envelopes and balance them, then get excited when I come in under budget, lol. I do this every Friday. I love tracking my spending. Even though I’m still trending to come in under budget by next pay date, Friday, I get a big kick out of where I am with my spending each week.

This week wasn’t too bad, when it came to spending. I did cave in and buy a soda and dined our yesterday.

Yesterday’s spending
$31.98 oil change
$17 dining out (lunch and dinner)
$6.66 personal care
$4.24 cleaning supplies
$65 Gift ( fruit basket for someone who is wrapping up chemotherapy)

So far this month, I’ve had 18 no spend days and managed to drink much more water this week.

Using my planner 📒 have been very helpful, with tracking habits.

Today I lounged around, didn’t leave for a thing. Watched a little news, finished reading “Debt Free Forever” and started “The Uncommon Millionaire.” What I’ve found is that the financial books I am reading are the same for the most part; however, I always learn something.

Electric Bill is In and It’s Down

November 16th, 2019 at 10:36 am

I love having the ability to track my electric bill daily, it helps me to manage my usage.

Yesterday was closing and I was at $69, I figured by time the bill generated today it would be about $72. Well I logged in and the amount due was $71.84. Yay!

On average I think the bill was about $130 a month. When SO other left, it was August and that bill was $158.67, the bill has consistently decreased since he left. I’ve seen about a 45% decrease. Honestly all my bills have decreased since he left, water, electricity, cable even my food and household items purchased have decreased. Though we lived somewhat like roommates, he cost me money. Honestly, though we remain friends, I’m glad he’s gone. That’s a different story.

I can’t wait to see the bill next month. I’m in Florida so we don’t have much of a winter ❄️; however, there are days in that it’s nice and cool and I can open my windows vs using the AC.

I’m considering a timer ⏱ for my water heater. Unfortunately, after I YouTubed how to install, I think I’ll feel more comfortable with an electrician installing vs. myself. I’m also considering a smart thermostat for the home.

Escrow Update

November 15th, 2019 at 05:06 pm

I had this escrow thing all screwed up. My analysis was completed and there will not be a no refund. Apparently I’m required to keep a certain amount in this account. 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

My mortgage did decrease by $3, however.

I balanced my cash envelopes and under budget in all categories, that’s a win.

Friday and It’s Pay Day

November 15th, 2019 at 10:19 am

Today is pay day, and I can’t wait to Stuff my cash envelopes.

I’ve created the budget for this pay period; however, my cash envelopes are pretty healthy so I’m sure I’ll be returning some cash back to the bank and adding the extra to the EF. I’m staying focus. Refunding my EF, tackling the CC the student loans, in that order.

I woke up at 3 am, checked my accounts and the direct deposits hit. I paid the following
$951.10 mortgage
$200 extra on CC10 💳
$50 plot
$195.51 tithes

I saved a total of $344, this include the EF, sinking funds and IRA. I was able to bump my IRA, doubling, my contribution. I decided anytime I get a raise or bonus I’m adding to the IRA.

I checked my electric bill, today is the last day in the billing cycle, my current usage is $69, by the end of the day, I’m anticipating my bill should be about $72. I’m so excited. My bill has never been this low. I’ve managed to knock my electric bill down by more than half since the SO has been gone.

Saving, Budget and Poshmark

November 13th, 2019 at 01:10 am

Took a look at the budget and I’m now able to bump my IRA contribution by an additional $25, it’s not much but hey it’s better than were I was, $0. This will bring the monthly contributions to $100.

I’ve also decided that any additional income, such as the consulting gig, I’ll take 10% of that earnings and add it to the IRA. The remaining will still go to the goal of savings six months of expenses for emergencies, once completed I’ll then tackling the CC and student loans. So long as I stay focus on this plan, I think everything will be good.

Next month I’m anticipating about $910 for the consulting. We’re adding a training so that’s the extra income.

Lastly, I sold an item on Poshmark, the buyer gave me five stars ⭐️, and I was able to cash out my $4.05. Selling on Poshmark is a very slow process but at least it’s extra cash for things I don’t want.

Sunday Updates

November 10th, 2019 at 05:40 pm

My ending EF balance December of 2018 was $8197.69 my goal is to not only get back to this balance but surpass it.

As you all know, I had the emergency legal fee of $5,000. I was so close to hitting the 6 month savings goal and then boom 💥. I am thankful that I had the money to pay 💰 the lawyer.

I checked the EF and my balance is $5,559.87, I’m estimating by the end of December 2019 my ending balance would be about $6900. 🤞🏾

There’s so many things I want, and to do but I realize, I need to stay focus. Focus on one thing at a time is a must. First thing is, I need to keep socking money into the EF, the goal is to have 6 months of living expenses, that’s 12k. Plus a little extra, for legal fees, until this issue with my brother is resolved. I’ve been laid off 3xs and thankfully I had money saved. Right now the average time to find a job is about 6-8 months.

I’m still throwing extra at the CC, about $300-$400 a month, hopefully by March/April this baby will be gone.

Next, I know my car will need to be replaced, she has 259,000 miles on her. I love that car (Camry) and I pray she hangs around at least two more years but at so many miles I don’t know. The goal is to have about $5,000 saved, so that I can buy a car cash.

Lastly, it’s the student loans and the mortgage. If all goes well, and I hit my EF savings goals by February, pay off CC10 by March/April, I can pay an extra $400-$500 a month on the student loans , an extra $100 a month on the mortgage, and bump my retirement contributions. That’s the plan.

In other news. SO has been extremely sick. I personally think he didn’t go to the doctor because he has no insurance or the money. He finally broke down and went to the hospital 🏥 yesterday. I told him, if what he was experiencing wasn’t life threatening, that they would stabilize him and send him home 🏡. And that’s exactly what happened. The ER doctor 👨🏽‍⚕️believes he has an ulcer. I told him that as well. The stress he’s experiencing is off the charts.

Any way they gave him two prescriptions and told him to follow up with a gastroenterologist. The prescription was $200, I offered to pay. It’s the helping others in me. He opted against it. I went online and found a prescription discount drug card, with the card, the prescription dropped to $29.

I’m praying for his sake, he gets his life together.

Budget Review - October

November 3rd, 2019 at 11:36 pm

Finally reviewed the October budget. Here are the numbers

Monthly income $3901.18, about a $100 less than I had budgeted for.

* Gas was $50 less than budgeted
* Electricity was $9.31 less than budgeted
* Water was $11.32 less than budgeted
* Charitable donations were over by $74.02, this was the Boy Scout donation and a charity brunch. I definitely have to watch this
* Dining out was over by $34.00, this included a surprise dinner with friends
* Gifts were also over by $37, I’d forgotten about the Halloween costume for my great nephews
* Groceries were under by $21.81
* Cleaning supplies under by $12.93
* Car insurance upped by $4.14. I’m going to start paying this every six months for the discount
* Hair care jumped, I forgot to include my monthly hair cut, and a special event I attended. I was over in this category by $165

I met my savings goals for all accounts except for my personal checking.

I’m a little disappointed with the budget, the hair care ( I can kick myself for) , donations, gifts and eating out line items killed me.

Side Hustle = Exhausted

November 2nd, 2019 at 04:12 am

I came home and crashed. The consulting gig wore me out this week. I’ve got to figure out how to manage this or I’ll get discouraged. I sent my invoice off today, they have ten days to pay.

I’ve been using Google’s drive to track the hours worked with them, my mileage and tasks I’ve completed. I also created a shareable folder for the Company in that I will download items.

I decided the first few checks with them I’m going to save. I prayed about this and something keeps telling me to save the money.

When the legal stuff started, I had to literally deplete my savings, and though I’m not back to where I was initially, I’ve managed to bump it up, quite a bit. I’ve decided that extra cash, will go to putting the savings back to the $6,000 (three months of expenses) plus an extra two in case anything legal pops up, so $8k is the cut off. Once I’m there, I can start tackling the CC. I’m still paying extra but for those of you who follow me, my peace of mind means everything, slow and steady wins the race.

I haven’t heard from my attorney so I figure no news is good news. I really feel comfortable with her, and I’m not worried.

Other news, because I’ve been so busy with the consulting job, for two days I ate out. November was suppose to be no spend month 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄. I’m getting back on track.

Yesterday was pay day, and I always look forward to filling my cash 💰 envelopes ✉️ but I was so tired, I came home and crashed 💤.

SO stopped by to trim my hair and I was too tired to get up. I slept for about four hours. Now it’s midnight and I’m tackling the envelopes ✉️

I did speak with SO after I woke up for a few minutes. I thought when he came in, and spoke it sounded as if he was crying but honestly I was so exhausted I couldn’t move. When we spoke, after I woke up, he told me that when he looks in the mirror he’s disappointed in himself. I shared with him, the good thing is, you have the opportunity to make a change. I’m praying for him. I know he’s capable but fear holds him back. Other good news for him, is that he was so frustrated with the mother, she didn’t pay him again, that he told a client to make the checks payable to him. So there’s hope. I want to say that this woman hasn’t paid him in about two months. She’s actually gotten worst since he and I broke up.
I’m afraid he’s falling into depression

Cable Credit, Finally

October 30th, 2019 at 02:17 am

This has been a great week. First I got the consulting job, next I received the credit, finally, from At&t for the cable boxes, now I have a $6 credit. Now that the AT&T issue is resolved, I’ll sign back up for auto pay.

I adjusted the budget for next month, since I don’t have to pay anything for cable, super excited about this. $71 saved

Friday Nights Now = Budget Nights

October 25th, 2019 at 09:47 am

I absolutely hate interest. I paid over $500 this last billing cycle on CC10, only to be charged another $100+ in interest. All the more reason for me to get this credit card paid off.

It’s a process and I know I must be patient but I can’t wait for this sucker to be gone, so that I can start tackling my student loans. I’m thinking by April 2020, this card 💳 should be paid off.

I’m no longer gazelle intense for a number of reasons, SO is no longer here so I don’t get the extra $800+ a month. I still add to my EF because I think it’s crazy to only have $1,000 saved, and lastly, time is not on my side, I’m late to the party 🎉 so I continue to add to my 401(k). Yes by doing these things, it slows the process, but at least I’m comfortable, and I haven’t stopped paying down debt and saving. What I’ve accomplished so far, I’m happy with. The ability to go to events, stores etc and not spend anything is a huge accomplishment for me.

I honestly think, if I continue to budget, live a frugal lifestyle, I’ll be done with all debt, including my house 🏡 in seven years.

I can’t wait to get home this evening, to balance my cash envelopes, and review my budget. Lol, who would have thought my Friday nights of hanging out with friends, buying new outfits to do so, and spending tons of money would have turned into review the budget nights? I absolutely love it and look forward to it.

Budget Review

October 21st, 2019 at 11:56 pm

I like reviewing my budget before the month ends to see where I am and so far so good. Areas in that I’m over, I actually no why 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️

Categories in that I’m over are as follows
* Charitable donations - didn’t plan for the Boy Scout Fundraiser
* Gifts - only planned for my nephew and direct report’s birthday, totally forgot I buy the kids Halloween 🎃 costumes every year.
* Personal hair care - forgot to include my once a month haircut and color. I’ll adjust this.

Good news is that there were only three categories, I paid cash, and all other categories I either broke even or came well under 😀

Next month is a three paycheck month for me. The goal is to budget in such a way that I do not use any of the funds for the last pay check. If I do this, then I’ll meet my goal of three months of expenses saved (EF).

I’ll take this weekend to plan things out.

Other news, I finally scheduled my mammogram, I kept forgetting about this. I’ll get 200 points, with my insurance company that translates into money/gift cards 💰 💳.

Lastly, not money related but I’ve been binge watching Game of Thrones, pretty good

I’m excited about earning the points because I want an Apple Watch and will be able to use those points to get one 😀

Numbers Looking Pretty Good

October 19th, 2019 at 04:49 pm

Balanced my cash envelopes, and I did pretty good. I came in under budget for the most part

Category Budgeted Left
Groceries $80 $30
Auto $80 $50
Personal $130 $0
Fun $30 $30
Household $30 $27

As previously reported in another post, things are looking great. The electric bill was reduced by almost $60, the water bill came in at $45.68, this is the same as last month but down by $20 over all.

I’m going to cancel Netflix, I realize I don’t use it and that’s $14 I can throw at debt.

Savings is up, I’m about $1200 away from meeting my short term EF goal of 3 months worth of expenses saved. I can’t wait to hit the six month mark, then I’ll feel comfortable and can start throwing even more at debt.

Lastly, I received a notice that my taxes for the town in that I live in, has dropped

Things To Do Today

October 19th, 2019 at 01:04 pm

Today is going to be a little busy.
I have to review my spending, budget and update my cash envelopes.

Later I meet a few friends for a late lunch.

I also need to put a few loads 🧺 into the washer.

The item I sold on Poshmark, received 5 stars ⭐️ so I earned $4.05.

Lastly, AT&T finally sent me an email that they received their cable boxes. My account has yet to be credited. So I contacted them, apparently, the items were received and I’ll get a credit next month. I made sure I got in writing that my service would not be disrupted. I’m saving for a modem (?) internet box, so I can return their box to them. That will save me $10 a month.

Electric Bill Down!

October 18th, 2019 at 01:03 pm

I can’t believe it, my electric bill was $90.69, that’s a decrease of $59.10, or 61% decrease from my previous bill.

How did I do it? Unplugged the dryer, lights, washing machine, toaster, and Keurig when not in use. Turned the AC off when I left the house for hours, and line dried most of my clothes.

I’m just so excited about this.

Today was pay day, I paid the mortgage, the electric bill ⚡️ , added an extra $25 to the EF, took care of my tithes

I’m awaiting on both the cell phone and CC10 invoices.

Flu Shot, Laundry and Other Stuff

October 13th, 2019 at 04:03 am

Went to my local grocer and got my $10 gift card for getting the flu shot. My arm is sore, it usually is when ever I get the shot, hopefully it won’t last long.

Wednesday I’m traveling to Atlanta for work, during this time I plan on speaking with my boss, the CEO, regarding training me to take her place. She’s extremely dissatisfied with the individual she has had in mind. She’s mentioned several times that she thought I could run the place. Even if I’m not tapped, the training would be great.

I just finished updating my planner, I’ve been using it consistently for a few weeks, particularly for work and it’s been working great. I’ve bought planners in the past but I never really found planner peace. I’m planning on treating myself to an Erin Condren Life Planner for Christmas 🎄. I’ve heard and read that this is the Mercedes of planners, so we will see.

Right now I have a load of clothes in the washer 🧺, next I have take care of the towels and sheets. I’ve notice my electric bill decreasing since I’ve been line drying everything. I checked my electric account and my bill is projected to be $92, that’s about a 57% decrease. So exciting.

Other than that I have nothing else to report.

Sinking Funds

October 5th, 2019 at 03:33 pm

To renew my HR certification with SHRM I think it’s about $400, I started saving for it in June and I’m almost at my savings goal, with just under $75 to go. Hopefully my employer will reimburse me, fingers crossed. If this happens, I’ll continue to save and use the money towards the convention that I’ve always wanted to attend.

I have my sinking funds and was wondering when I should stop contributing to them. But after reviewing I don’t know. The home repair fund, I want at least $10k in that account. One, I know eventually the roof will need to be repaired, it’s well over ten years old as well as the AC. I also have some miscellaneous items that I’m holding out on as long as possible such as the refrigerator, cabinets and washer.

The car fund, I’ll just keep adding to that the $25 per pay period, my car is a 2002 Camry with well over 250,000 miles. She runs great, but I would like a nice cushion to be able to buy a car cash, once its time. Hopefully she’ll hang on for two more years at least. I think I need to bump the contributions amount to about $40 or $50.

Next there is the HOA, there’s really no cap, my HOA is $2,220 a year. I deposit $88.80 per pay check, when ever I hit a balance of $370 I make two payments. So I’ll never have a cushion in this account and don’t think I need to. Right now I’m paid through the end of the year. Once I get the new coupon book, in December what ever is in this account, I’ll pay as many months as possible.

Gifts I can cap at $250. I figure $25 per person for gifts such as birthdays and showers. When I’d initially set this up I only counted one graduation and a few birthdays but I got hit with baby showers and weddings etc. Right now I have one birthday coming up and that’s it for the rest of the year. Thank goodness.

Sorority I’m capping at $300. Though I’m no longer an active member, I do like to attend a few events and meet up with my line sisters from time to time. This is more of a social account.

And Christmas, well that’s an ongoing account. I have my three great nephews and mom to buy for. And my holiday game night. So this worked out pretty good.

Just typing this out, put things more into perspective. The home repair, EF and car repair/replacement funds are the most important accounts with much higher caps.

September Update

October 2nd, 2019 at 12:38 am

September updates

The following categories decreased:
* Cable by 28%
* Dining out $71%
* Groceries 54%
* Household 94%
* Personal care 82%

Net worth didn’t decrease by much, still negative, but at least there was a reduction.

Overall on my committed expenses (e.g loan, mortgage) I came in under budgeted by $1,103.74 or 14%.

Odd report shows only $50 added to retirement, I need to double check this.

March Madness

April 7th, 2019 at 04:39 am

Finally back on track. I took a week’s hiatus, things were super busy at work and this last week has been crazy.

First, the SO cousin’s wedding was beautiful, but his mom act a plum fool because she was sitting at the wrong table and had to move 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄

The next day at 6 am we took my mom to the hospital 🏥 she had an allergic reaction to something. Then at 11 am we took the SO grandson to the hospital for a possible seizure, all in one day.
Mid week the SO was attacked by bees 🐝 while working and his face looked like the elephant 🐘 man 🤦🏽‍♀️🙄. Thank goodness the Benadryl worked.

All this coupled with a work week from hell, open enrollment, employee relationship issues etc.

Today I finally took a look at my budget, last month was okay. I’m annoyed that I had to stop the snowball temporarily.
So last month...
* Paid only $409.18 to CC9
* Saved $506 of income ( this include the dividend of $4.04)
* I had a few items I went over budget in, not too bad
Tomorrow I’ll take a look at my habit tracker, to see how things went

Budget Update

April 4th, 2019 at 09:28 am

Revisited my budget and this is a tough month. I signed up for something last year, that I really didn’t want to do but hey, it’s done now. I’m just ticked off at myself and the fact that I won’t be adding anything extra to the CC 💳, other than about $70.

Other news, I’m really glad that I’ve socked away for birthdays and other things that require gift buying, that I may have forgotten. We had a wedding this past weekend, and we (SO) split the gift, $25 each. I took my portion from my fun envelope but transferred the money from the birthday sinking fund right back. Lol, what’s weird is I forgot about the account and was upset I had to spend the money, I thought how could you not budget for this. Then I realize I had actually saved for it. Duh 🙄 It feels so good to not use CCs 💳 and to save for things.

Last night I came home my car window won’t go up, it appears as though there’s something with the rubber, it’s off track blocking the window to go up 🙄. Murphy always seem to appear when things are going great.

Lastly, the weekend was crazy, mom went to the hospital, allergic reaction and the SO grand baby went as well, all in the same day. Plus I started feeling like crap 🤢. Thankfully everyone is home and I’m feeling better.