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What do you think?

February 19th, 2006 at 03:58 pm

Lord knows I have made some very bad decisions when it came to credit (living well over my means or like the Jones) However, now that I have found websites like this one, I use them to my advantage more… like a form of therapy. I thought about entering Debtors Anonymous, but these sites are much better. I guess I can hide behind the computer and know one knows who I am. I use to think “ blah” when it came to therapy but now I know it helps especially when you have a group of people some just like you, some better off than you, but it feels so good to get advice from everyone and the words of encouragement are AWESOME.

My mother who is great at saving never really taught me to save it wasn’t until I was much older and then she started yelling “ you need to save your money’’ I wish she had taken the time when I was younger to encourage me to save …but know need to dwell on the past. So thank you in advance for all your support

While surfing the net I found this site, as you all know I am trying very hard to clean up my act when it comes to my finances. Please check this out and let me know what you all think:


2 Responses to “What do you think?”

  1. Princessperky Says:

    interesting, I would never do it right though.. course I have looked at my cxheckbook to make a budget, it only takes about 30 minutes for me to 'categorize' at the end of the month, after all I know the names of my utilities (duke power. aquasource, ect) and the stores (food lion is food, target is splurge) but hey if it works and you will stick with it go for it!

  2. carol Says:

    I sorely wish my mom and/or dad had taken the time to sit down with me when I was young and teach me how to budget and save. To this day, even though my dad has long passed away, I am still somewhat sore that he never gave me any more that 25 cents for an allowance. Yes, $300 a month as a small town local church pastor was not much, and my mom's medical bills were sky high, but I look back and wish he had taken the time to do that. I spent over 30 years working jobs, spending money, and never knowing anything about saving. Only now, as I just hit the big 5, and with 2 boys growing up fast, have I finally gotten it together not only for myself about budgeting and saving, but more importantly, I am getting it through to my boys about budgeting and saving. They each get a monthly allowance of $8.50, and are starting to understand that they may spend up to 1/2 of their allowance, but the other 1/2 has to go into a special savings jar(clear) with their names on it, not to be spent. Period.
    They have been made to understand that when they each reach a savings of $25.00, then I will take that to a local nearby bank and open each one of them their own personal savings account. They further understand that if they faithfully contribuite at least $2.00, up to 1/2 of their monthly allowance each and every month, all the way up to December, then Mom with reward them with $15.00 cash bonus each. My youngest son, who has been a total spendthrift for the last 3 years, is suddenly getting serious and excited about saving, and is not about to be outdone by his older brother. LOL.

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