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It has been awhile

February 3rd, 2008 at 11:54 pm

I have not posted in awhile so this is a long one. First of all my part-time job finally found some one for Sundays so now I am off 1 day a week Smile Bad news is that my boss still has not paid me my vacation pay from last year, so I will be reminding him on Monday.

I was able to up my challenge a little being that I am only depositing extra cash to it and everything else is going to the cc.

Since I am now off on Sundays and am single and lonely, I decided to do something once a week on Sundays for myself. So today I went to the fair walked around a little and came home, it felt good to get out of the house. My brother actually gave me the ticket so I did not pay to get in ($15) the only thing I did was buy a drink because it was so hot and had my handwriting analyze which I thought was fun. Next week I will go to the movies since I have two free passes

Now I want to look at last month's spending Frown not too good. My grocery bill is still way to high. School started so I had some high expense in this category
Internet service is high because I paid February's in January
Automobile : Car Payment $144.39
Automobile : Gasoline $116.61
Automobile : Maintenance $134.21
Automobile : Registration $36.75
Bank Charges : Finance Charges $5.72
Bills : Cable/Satellite Television $68.14
Bills : Cellular $73.37
Bills : Electricity $133.88
Bills : Online/Internet Service $121.80
Bills : Telephone $39.43
Bills : Water & Sewer $46.79
Charitable Donations $40.00
Clothing $53.69
Dining Out $67.43
Education : Books $33.25
Education : Supplies $2.59
Education : Tuition $831.12
Expense Categories
Gifts $29.69
Grand Total -$3,513.41
Groceries $201.54
Healthcare : Dental $196.65
Healthcare : Eyecare $7.00
Healthcare : Physician $30.00
Healthcare : Prescriptions $15.00
Household : House Cleaning $8.63
Household : Laundry $9.99
Household : supplies $10.16
Income - Unassigned $0.00
Income Categories
Insurance : Automobile $58.14
Leisure : Entertaining $29.59
Leisure : Movies & Video Rentals $12.09
Leisure : Newspaper $2.25
Miscellaneous $245.23
Facial Supplies $6.99
Feminine Products $17.08
Personal Care : Hair $135.00
Personal Care : Hair Supply $10.18
Sales Tax $16.95
School Supplies $2.66
Snack $1.37
Spending by category
Subcategory Total
Federal Income Tax $289.65
Medicare Tax $43.30
Social Security Tax $185.10
Total Expense Categories $3,513.41
Total Income Categories $0.00

10 Responses to “It has been awhile”

  1. nance Says:

    Your cable and cell phone bills seem high. Can you lower them? You have some expensive hair costs going too.

  2. Amber Says:

    I get my hair done once a week at $35 a week, it's a treat to myself, being african american this is almost a must than a need. Unfortunately I live at home and the agreement was for me to pay the statellite bill Frown which only basic service and this is very high...I really need to look into changing and once the contrat is up on the cellphone I will be switching. You are right though nance

  3. Aleta Says:

    You are very detailed in your categories and that's great. I think that everyone has items on their list that could be lower.

    I have a timeshare and people would say that is a waste and yet to me, it has been worth every penny. You can't replace memories and the emenities are so much more than a hotel can offer. Also, we eat in a lot and that saves us alot of money also.

  4. scfr Says:

    Nice to hear how you've been doing, Amber! I had been wondering how you were, so was happy to see your comments on my blog yesterday!

    Are there categories you are targeting for cutting back other than groceries? I can understand how hard it must be to cut back on the groceries ... Not easy to bake bread from scratch when you are going to school and working 2 jobs. Smile
    As far as the internet, cell, cable/satellite bills, is there any chance they could be bundled for a discount?

  5. MariRDH Says:

    I wish I lived close to you, Amber. I'd hang out with you on Sundays! Smile
    Have you seen the website? I go there on occasion to get ideas how to care for my daughter's hair. My latest trial is Wen Conditioning Cleanser which seems really nice for her curls.

  6. Nic Says:

    Amber, you're so detailed I'm in awe! Smile

  7. Amber Says:

    Scfr, I definately need to trim back my cellphone bill. I have diffrent carriers for the cell phone/internet, I use verizon broadband with my laptop and it is great because of school but once I am finish that will be it. But I am thinking maybe I could bundle the cell, home phone and satellite...I will give at&t a call tomorrow
    Thanks guys for the idea, i don't know why I did not think about it

  8. Amber Says:

    oops I forgot, my secret to detailed spending is MS Money

  9. Ryan Says:

    Hi Amber. If you aren't familiar with the website, you should check it out. It's got tons of finance, debt reduction and frugal living tips and has helped me cut my spending greatly. Good luck!


  10. George Says:


    I have some financial blogs and I want to exchange links with your blog. Please let me know if you are interested. Waiting for your reply.

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