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Busy and sick as a dog

February 17th, 2008 at 07:29 am

I have been so busy with this accounting class that I forgot about everything else.
As you all know this is my third time taking this class Frown but it looks like I just may pass it this time. I got a 100 on both quizzes and 80% on the test in addition to 8 extra credit points. But as far as my planning in health care class goes, I bombed that test I had no idea what was on it; I guess I have been too focused on the accounting.

Anyhow I have not been adding to my challenge, I guess because I have not been blogging like I usually do and that means additional wasteful spending. I don't know what it is but if I am not blogging and making myself accountable I am spending

And this weekend I was hit with the flu. Friday two of my co-workers called out sick and one went home early and by lunch time my throat was so sore and red, by time I got home I was sick as a dog. I had some expired Theraflu and took my chances (I do not recommend this to anyone) but by Saturday morning I was feeling a little better. But low and behold it struck again this time by my chest was included and I was all congested so I got up want to CVS with my windows up and no a/c on, thinking if I sweat enough it may help . This was not a bright idea because by time I got home I felt like I had a hang over. Anyhow I bought everything you can think of for the flu including more Theraflu which is a God's sent because after I made it home, and slept for hours I felt better to go to work. Hopefully by tomorrow I will be back to normal

11 Responses to “Busy and sick as a dog”

  1. Lost in debt Says:

    Sounds like an awful weekend, hope you feel better by Monday. Accounting is a tough subject, but I loved it.

  2. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    If you aren't all better by Monday morning please take yourself to a clinic/doc's office and get some help. I always try to stick it out if I can but if you're on your own you are going to need to take extra good care of you!!

    Does your school have a clinic/nurse's office associated with it that you could visit?

  3. koppur Says:

    Sorry you feel so icky. Get well soon!!!

  4. scfr Says:

    Drink lots of water and get lots of rest!!!
    Congrats on the accounting class so far, and good luck on the other.

  5. Aleta Says:

    Hope that you feel better Amber. While I'm asking, I thought that Health Care was your major. Why are you doing accounting and healthcare? That seems like a very heavy load. Maybe accounting is your ideal field since you seem to do well in school on your tests. Again, I hope that you feel a lot better. Rest, drink a lot of fluids, and stay away as much as possible from people who are sick.

  6. Nic Says:

    Yikes! Get well soon.

  7. MariRDH Says:

    Feel better, Amber! I miss your posts. Smile
    BTW, I had a really hard time with my accounting class when I was going for my BA. It is great that you are doing so well in there now. Never underestimate talking to your professors and keeping them abreast of how hard you are trying. I can't tell you how many times just letting them know that I was studying x hours a night and going to tutoring, "what else do you suggest?" helped me to pass a class! The profs really appreciate you talking to them and asking for help.

  8. HelpMeFriend Says:

    Hope you feel better.
    I too feel that if I am putting all of my expenses down for you to see, that I may spend less.
    Get well soon.

  9. reflectionite Says:

    hope you get better soon sweetie! relax and try not to let anything bother you (even if you have loads of study and work to do... all in good time! just focus on rest at the moment)
    it is true that i also spend more when i am not blogging here.

  10. Amber Says:

    Thanks every one for the well wishes, I am actually feeling much better today. My throat is a little itchy but nothing that can't be taken care of in a few days
    Aleta, I am a health administration major which is similar to a business degree. A lot of my classes are geared towards business
    I miss you guys Smile

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