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Paperless billing arrrrrrrrrgh

May 27th, 2008 at 03:55 am

This is why I like to receive my bill. I have finally decided to cancel my home phone service and simply increase the minutes on my cell phone saving me about $30 a month. Any how I log on to AT & T and notice that there were charges for a long distance service called Nickel Value Plan for a total of $9.76, because I never called long distance and my bill was the same for months (over a year) I never questioned the amount of the bill I simply paid the amount due. But when I went to cancel I notice this charge, I am POD'd I have to go through all the statement that are available online and try to get a refund. I can retrieve some statements back to May 07, it is my own fault. I don't know what possessed me to stop checking my bill when I was notified of the paperless billing. I know how these guys are, I once had a creit of about $90 because they screwed up. Being lazy I guess

2 Responses to “Paperless billing arrrrrrrrrgh”

  1. reflectionite Says:

    yeah i like to get my bills in the mail too. i know its bad for the environment but still...

  2. Aleta Says:

    I still like my bills from the mail because something could happen where I didn't have access to the internet. My computer had a problem a few weeks ago and I just about panicked because we even make tax deposits on line. I just use it for most of my financials.

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