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End of the month

January 1st, 2009 at 12:05 am

Well my numbers are in and compared to last year I did much worst. My income dropped about $6k since I quit the part time job and all my expenses were too high

Total Income $30,816.86

Expense Categories
Automobile $1,620.29
Bank Charges/Finance $126.72
Bills $36.00
Cash Withdrawal $35.00
Cellular Services $745.83
Charitable Donations $225.00
Clothing $3,323.76
Dining Out $701.58
Education $1,166.69
Entertainment $55.00
Gifts $609.02
Groceries $2,037.73
Healthcare $5,386.66
Hobbies/Leisure $134.96
Household $815.28
Hurricane Supplies $100.14
Auto Insurance $895.47
Internet $481.39
Job Expense $31.78
Leisure $9.00
Loan $1,130.33
Misc. $7,019.17
Personal Care $1,529.21
Phone/Wireless $43.47
Services/Memberships $172.00
Snack $15.10
Taxes $4,619.09
Travel/Vacation $440.19
Utilities $2,118.12
Expense - Unassigned $2,260.76
Total Expense $37,884.74

Auto Loan -$2,136.12
Grand Total -$9,204.00

Total cash on hand $3678.02

2 Responses to “End of the month”

  1. disneysteve Says:

    Do you know what Misc. is or is that just money you can't account for? It is interesting because Misc. is almost exactly how much your expenses exceeded your income. And what's the difference between Misc. and Unassigned?

    Also, just curious. What's the difference between Entertainment and Leisure?

  2. Amber Says:

    No difference between Entertainment and Leisure. Misc consist of things like me lending my family money, paying my mom's cell phone bill every month, tips, postage, new cell phone, ink for printer...just stuff I normally do not buy
    And unassigned looks like transfers to saving accounts but I can't come up with why it's not showing hmmmm I need to look into this thanks DS for pointing that out

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